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Any resources for historical magic/occult traditions?

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  • Any resources for historical magic/occult traditions?

    I was wondering if anyone knew any books or websites for magic/occult traditions, for thematic purposes.

    Today I was browsing Chapters bookstore and came across The Occult, Witchcraft and Magic: An Illustrated History by Christopher Dell.

    I flipped through it and apparently it attempts to incorporates culturally appropriate art to different magical traditions. It also briefly introduces the reader to belief systems and practices surrounding a particular magic (be it Pagan, Wiccan, Mesopotamian, Voodoo, Latinoamerican Catholic/Voodoo, etc.) I thought this might be a more in-depth alternative to the Mage: Magical Traditions book, but I could not be certain.

    My goal is to saturate myself in magical traditions for the purposes of creating a more aware narrative. I've never been interested in magic or occult stuff before, so it feels kind of weird to push forward when I have such limited knowledge.

    Any help would be awesome, homies.


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    1E book Magical Traditions is good resources on number of Sleepers occult Traditions and how they would be used in Mage. With 2E rules you will need to convert them to Mystery Cult Intiation Merit for Nameless Order they would be in 2E setting, but it's fun to read.

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      Well, while it's not exactly superbly in-depth, the Mythology Dictionary is a good surface view.