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The Profane Urim

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  • The Profane Urim

    Has anyone incorporated any of these objects of great power in their game? They seem to be the most common of gifts Seers are granted by their patrons but I don't recall anyone mentioning any personal experiences had with them in games. I think there was one in the Broken Diamond game, from the stoner in the pylon, but I don't think it was tracked down before all hell broke loose.

    If you have, how did it work out? Did the players get their hands on it? What happened with it? What was the Seer response? I thought I read somewhere about an ochema being sent to retrieve one but that was another, more powerful and unique, artifact.

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    If you read Soul Cage there's a Seer who uses his Profane Urim pretty extensively, but the players never got their hands on it.


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      I've had my players interact with a Seer who was using one. Not a great deal to report, just that they're useful as a medium to get Pentacle and Seer magi talking to each other.