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  • Perfected Adept [2e Fan Conversion]

    Here is my take on the Perfected Adept, all comments are welcomed.

    Perfected Adept (2E Fan Conversion) – Mage: the Awakening 1e, pg. 349
    (See the Perfected Adept starting on Page 349 of the Mage: the Awakening 1st edition)

    History: (See the Perfected Adept starting on Page 349 of the Mage: the Awakening 1st edition)

    Parent Path or Order: Obrimos or Adamantine Arrow

    Nickname: Monks

    Background: (See the Perfected Adept starting on Page 349 of the Mage: the Awakening 1st edition)

    Appearance: (See the Perfected Adept starting on Page 349 of the Mage: the Awakening 1st edition)

    Prerequisites: Gnosis 2, Life 2, Prime 1, Medicine 2, Brawl 2, Athletics 2, and the Ardent Hand merit.

    Initiation: The perspective adept must display his dedication to perfecting his body and must pass a rigorous fitness test without the use of magic. He must also display his knowledge of at least one fighting style.

    Organization: (See the Perfected Adept starting on Page 349 of the Mage: the Awakening 1st edition)

    Theory: The body is a temple, keep it fit and clean and you will know happiness and fulfillment.

    Ruling Arcanum: Life

    Yantras: The weapon of the adepts primary fighting style, A display of martial prowess +1, Analyzing the targets Chi flow +1.

    Suggested Oblations: Rigorous martial arts practice, including sparring with other Perfected Adepts; feats of endurance, such as long-distance running, holding weights for long periods and exposure to the elements; exhibiting humility, such as serving another person for an hour by seeing to all his needs.

    Perfected Adepts must devote themselves to study of the Life Arcanum, along with basic principles from the Prime Arcanum. This dedication allows them to control their bodies and the Chi that flows through it. In addition, their bodies must be physically fit (Athletics 3+) by time they reach the third Attainment. With the fourth attainment and higher, they must also have established competency with the martial arts (Brawl 3+).

    First Attainment: Perfected Senses.
    Prerequisites: Initiate
    The Perfected Adept has learned to hone his senses to be better attuned to his environment, sensing things that others would overlook. By remaining still and concentrating on his surroundings he can sharpen one of his senses for near superhuman levels. This attainment is similarly to casting “Heighten Senses” adding his Life dots to his perception rolls, he may only have one sense enhanced by this ability at a time. To enhance a different sense take another activation and the original enhanced sense drops to normal. Each activation of this attainment takes an instant action and lasts as long as he concentrates. (Reach: Instant Casting)

    Second Attainment: Destroy Foreign Bodies.
    Prerequisites: Gnosis 2, Life 2
    The Perfected Adept is able to control every aspect of his body and this includes his immune system. Upon obtaining this attainment he is able to purge his body of disease as if casting “Purge Illness”. Subtract his dot in Life from the severity level of the disease and if it is greater than the severity level his body destroys the disease before it can take effect, if it is less than the severity level lower the severity level by the Life dots. This is an instant action. (Reach: Instant Casting)
    Optional Arcanum: Forces 2
    The perfected Adept learn to push his body to the limits, allowing him to run just a little faster, jump a little higher and exert himself just a little longer. This attainment is similar to “Kinetic Efficiency” and the Adept gains a bonus on rolls to resist fatigue equal to Potency. Actions are less strenuous when moving so efficiently. He also Add the caster’s Forces dots to the total distance (in yards) covered on a jump, to the subject’s swimming and running Speed, and to any climbing rolls. Each activation of this attainment takes an instant action and lasts for 1 hour. (Reaches: Instant Casting, Advanced Duration)

    Third Attainment: Body Temple
    Prerequisites: Gnosis 4, Life 3, Athletics 3
    At this level the Perfected Adept is able to control the various aspects of his body. By slowing down his breathing, each dot in Life halves the amount of oxygen he needs. Similarly by slowing down his heartrate he affects how fast foreign substances flows through his body, each dot in Life doubles the interval at which toxins affect him. By slowing down his metabolism he is able to sustain himself on less food, each dot in Life halves the amount of food needed and doubles the amount of time between deprivation or fatigue check. Additionally each dot in life halves the amount of time needed for natural to occur and adds +1 to his reflexes. The adept may also eliminate the scent that his body gives off. These effects are similar to “Body Control” and each activation of this attainment takes an instant action and lasts for 1 hour. (Reaches: Instant Casting, Advanced Duration)
    Optional Arcanum: Forces 3 & Prime 1
    If the Perfected Adept also has prime 1 then he can see the chi flow within himself and other around him. He gains the use of “Supernal Vision” with an indefinite duration, although it can only be used to analyze living creatures. In other words, he can take an extended action (one turn per roll) to view auras and scrutinize people to discern the strength of their chi (that is, how many Mana points they currently have in their pool), but can’t analyze place-based Resonance. Use the rules for scrutinizing beings, with a target number equal to the being’s Mana points to be able to determine the target’s total current points.
    With Forces 3 the Perfected Adept can wrap his hands, feet, knees, whatever body part he can use to strike a target (including a head butt) with a kinetic field, this is similar to “Kinetic Blow”. This does not extend to held weapons held by the adept. This takes an extended action and can knock the target prone. (Reaches: Kinetic Blow (Instant Cast, Knocked Down), Supernal Vision (Advanced Duration x2))

    Fourth Attainment: Chi Force
    Prerequisites: Gnosis 6, Life 4, Brawl 3
    The mage controls the flow of his chi, boosting one specific Physical Attribute, similar to the Life 3 “Honing the Form” spell. When this attainment is gained, the mage must choose a single Attribute (Strength, Dexterity or Stamina) that he wishes to concentrate upon in the perfection of his body. He cannot later choose a different Attribute.
    To gain the boost thereafter, the mage performs an instant action to channel his chi, and his Life dots are added to the chosen Attribute. The effect lasts for 1 hour per activation. (Reaches: Instant Casting, Advanced Duration)
    Optional Arcanum: Forces 4
    If the Perfected Adept also has forces 4 he can use his chi at a distance similarly to a “Telekinetic Strike”. This must be aimed and barriers will stop it. The concussive force of this the target to the ground. This attainment takes an instant action the Perfected Adept to focus his chi and inflict his Forces dots in damage. (Reaches: Instant Casting, Knocked Down)

    Fifth Attainment: Perfect Body
    Prerequisites: Gnosis 8, Life 5
    As with Chi Force, above, but the mage can now improves the other two Physical Attribute. He can even use both of these attainments at the same time, as long as he spends separate instant actions to activate the powers. (Reaches: Instant Casting, Advanced Duration, Additional Attribute)
    Optional Arcanum: Forces 5
    If the Perfected Adept also has forces 5 his Telekinetic Strike does Lethal damage. Also he is able to slow incoming projectiles (ie bullets, arrows, etc) reducing their damage by his Forces dots. This is similar to the “Velocity Control” but can only be used to slow incoming projectiles. This is an instant action that can be used reflexively. (Reaches: Instant Casting, Reflexive)

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    I too loved the Perfected Adept Legacy from 1E, but I noticed you have assigned a lot of reaches. From my understanding the Free Reaches are based on the Dot Level of the Attainment versus the Dot level of the spell.

    So, essentially a Forces 4 Spell that is a fifth dot attainment has 2 Free Reaches while a Forces 2 Spell that is a 2nd dot attainment has 1 Free Reach, which typically is assigned to Instant Casting unless otherwise noted in the attainment description indicating a larger amount of time to use the effect. Aside from that I like how the theme and feel of the legacy has been adapted into 2E.

    "Teamwork makes the dream work!"


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      I did the reaches correct I believe.

      First Attainment: Heighten Senses = 1 dot spell in a 1 dot attainment = 1 reach = Instant Casting.

      Second Attainment: Purge Illness = 2 dot spell in a 2 dot Attainment = 1 reach = Instant Casting.
      Second Attainment optional: Kinetic Efficiency = 1 dot spell in a 2 dot attainment = 2 reach = Instant Casting + Advanced Duration

      Third Attainment: Body Control = 2 dot spell in a 3 dot attainment = 2 reach = Instant Casting + Advanced Duration
      Third Attainment optional: Supernal Vision = 1 dot spell in a 3 dot attainment = 3 reach = Permanent (Advanced Duration x2) I could still do 1 reach here.
      Third Attainment optional: Kinetic Blow = 2 dot spell in a 3 dot attainment = 2 reach = Instant Casting + Knocked Down

      Fourth Attainment: Honing the Form = 3 dot spell in a 4 dot attainment = 2 reach = Instant Casting + Advanced Duration
      Fourth Attainment optional: Telekinetic Strike = 3 dot spell in a 4 dot attainment = 2 reach = Instant Casting + Knocked Down (this is an aimed spell)

      Fifth Attainment: Honing the Form = 3 dot spell in a 5 dot attainment = 3 reach = Instant Casting + Advanced Duration + Additional Attribute.
      Fifth Attainment optional: Velocity Control = 3 dot spell in a 5 dot attainment = 3 reach = Instant Casting + Reflexive

      I believe that is all correct..


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        You are right! I am going to steal this for my own use if that is ok.

        "Teamwork makes the dream work!"


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          Sure go for it


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            I love the work you've made I too chose mostly similar things in my own update, but you've missed out on a couple of important elements, primarily related to the fact that many of your spells are actually duration-primary while instead you've made them attainments as potency-primary. Here's what I would change:

            First Attainment: Good as it is, move Supernal Vision from Third Attainment (which has two optionals) to the First Attainment. Identical activaiton to Heighten senses

            Second Attainment: Kinetic Efficiency is Duration Primary, however not worthy of a ritual to activate, move that advanced duration to shifting the primary factor to potency, so you can take an Instant Action to boost your ability to sprint, jump, or swim for a few seconds. For more persistent effects, spells, or make it take a ritual to activate instead

            Third Attainment: Body Control is also Duration Primary, use that reach which is currently in Instant Casting to shift the Primary Factor to Potency. So your character needs to perform the ritual either daily (or weekly at Life 4) to get persistent Body Control benefits. Kinetic blow has similar problems, however it actually still works pretty well with only Potency 2-3, so I think you might be happy with it either as a short-combat length Attainment. However if you're caught in an ambush, you'll probably have wished that it was a ritual you could have activated earleir in the week, month, or year, so I'd consider changing that.

            Fourth Attainment: Once again, Duration-primary. Your reach is fine though, adding your Life dots isn't really that important compared to a simple +3, it's still capped by Gnosis-derived maximums, probably a waste to have Instant Casting though, so perhaps given that at this point your Gnosis is 6+ you change it to Potency Primary? To take advantage of the increased cap before needing the +2 reach option to exceed it.

            Fifth Attainment: Honing the Form works again. Though given the fourth attainment I'd consider something else instead. Not sure you can enhance previous attainments with higher attainments, though for the Lethal Damage with Telekinetic Strike. Unwritten reach option for Velocity Control sounds fine to me.

            You forgot most of your emulated spells are Duration-Primary.
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              In staying with the flavor of the Perfected Adept, they were not meant to buff themselves for weeks at a time. But I see what you are saying. I will give it a look through and see what I can do to try and keep the flavor and yet take the Primary spell factor into consideration.


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                It's quite similar to my own adaptation, but I went a bit more fighty and healy...

                Check my Exalted homebrew!


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                  Do any of you feel like posting your alternate attainments?

                  Hardwire99: Did you do any additional reworking after the comments posted above?
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                    **Automatic Activation: In most cases, a Legacy Attainment can be activated with an instant action and does not require dice rolls. Like a spell, the Attainment automatically acquires primary spell factor ranks (in Potency or Duration) equal to the mage’s dots in the Attainment’s highest prerequisite Arcanum.
                    For an attainment based on for example Body Control (primary factor of duration) this means that a mage with two dots in Life has two duration factors, a mage with Life three has three duration factors and so on.
                    **When required, the Attainment is also considered to have acquired additional spell factors that would incur a penalty (if cast as a spell) equal to the Attainment’s lowest prerequisite Arcanum (rounded down).
                    This means that an Adept with Life 2 has a potency of one on Body Control. An Adept with Life 4 has potency 2 and so on.
                    **Fixed Reach: Attainments do not use Reach in the usual way. In-stead, Attainments receive only the Paradox-free Reach for meeting and exceeding Arcanum requirements, and may not Reach further. They also use the Arcanum rating of their dot, not that of the user. For example, a two-dot spell that becomes a three-dot Attainment should be designed as if it automatically has +2 Reach, even if the user actually has four dots. This lack of dynamism is one of an Attainment’s disadvantages. To utilize a comparable power more flexibly, the mage should cast a spell instead. Most Attainments use one Reach for instant “casting”; those that don’t (being based on ritual spells) take one scene of preparation to use.

                    This means that as a two dot attainment Body Control only has one free reach and can’t gain any more. If that reach is spent on instant casting you only have a two turn duration (not very useful). If the free reach is used for advanced duration instead then a two dot Body Control attainment will last at least one day. It will last a week at Life three, one month at Life four, and one year at Life five. However it will take a scene to activate the attainment.
                    Let us convert the Perfected Adepts into 2e . . .

                    First attainment:
                    Analyze life (Life) (Primary Factor duration) (Free reach assigned to instant casting) (Potency factors equal to half Prime dots)
                    Optional Arcanum

                    Second Attainment:
                    Body Control (Life 2)
                    Primary Factor Duration
                    Free reach assigned to advanced duration: Activation time one scene, base duration one day improving with additional Life dots
                    Potency factors equal to half Life dots rounded down.
                    Optional Arcanum Kinetic Efficiency (Forces 1)
                    Primary Factor Duration
                    One free reach can be assigned to advanced duration, the other to instant activation.

                    Third Attainment:
                    Honing the Form (Life 3)
                    Primary Factor Duration
                    Free reach assigned to advanced duration: Activation time one scene, base duration one week.
                    Potency factors equal to half Life dots rounded down.
                    Optional Arcanum Kinetic Blow (Forces 2)
                    Primary factor Duration
                    Potency equal to half Forces dots.
                    With two free reach available one can be used for advanced duration and one can be used for instant activation.
                    Note: This attainment can only affect one attribute selected when first bought. The selection cannot be changed. Also the total attribute is limited to the characters gnosis derived maximum.

                    Fourth Attainment:
                    Honing the Form:
                    This attainment allows the third attainment to affect an additional physical attribute, although the second attribute must be boosted in a separate scene from the first. Like the first attribute the second attribute is boosted by the potency factor of the attainment (half Life dots round down) to a maximum of the Gnosis derived limits.
                    Optional arcana Telekinetic Strike (Forces 3) Primary factor Potency. Two free reach (one instant cast, one for the Knocked Down or Stunned Tilt)

                    Fifth Attainment:
                    Honing the Form:
                    This attainment allows the third attainment to affect the last physical attribute with the same limits as the fourth attainment.
                    Optional arcana Earthquake (Forces 5) Primary factor Potency. One free reach assigned to instant casting.
                    Or Levitation Forces 4 Primary factor Duration. Two free reach, one for controlling flight (as the second reach effect) one for instant casting.
                    (the Guardians of the Veil would not like either of these powers)

                    I hope I'm not making this a necro thread by now. I love the Perfected Adepts and love the work that Hardwire99 did. I reworked several attainments based on the Duration primary factor. This made several attainments last a week or more at a time but take a scene to activate. Also note that the Honing the Form buffs won't be more than a couple of attribute dots each and they can't make the attribute go above Gnosis limits. I really hope we get some official word on PA conversion at some point but until then looks like the fan base can cope . . .


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                      Another stab at Perfected Adepts. I hate to necro a thread but this was the place to put it.

                      The new Legacy rules are much more straight forward than first edition, and I love the Perfected Adepts. I’ve thought how to improve the attainments for this legacy (and I was bored). I basically cleaned up the work that Hardwire99 did above. I wanted to make the buffs from the attainments more practical and easier to use in combat. I also thought about how often the Adept would have to refresh each ability, so that all the Adept’s powers would be available most of the time. I worked hard to keep the attainments clean, according to the rules, as well as thematically consistent. Overall, I think that this set of attainments gives the Perfected Adepts the mobility, perception, defenses and the ability to hit like speeding freight trains, that will make them respected in any campaign.

                      First Attainment: Inner awareness/Outer grace
                      Prerequisites: Life 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, one dot or more in a martial art merit that can go up to five dots.
                      A warrior who can’t perceive a threat coming isn’t going to be a warrior for long. The Adept begins his training by heightening his senses. This awareness also allows his movements to become smoother, quicker and more efficient.
                      (Life) Heightened Senses – One reach used for advanced duration. One scene of meditation to activate ability. Heightened Senses lasts one day at Life two, one week at Life three, and so on as per the advanced duration chart. All Perception rolls are boosted by one at Life one, two at Life three, and three at Life five.

                      If the Adept also has Forces one or higher, he gains the Kinetic Efficiency effect. Reach is assigned to advanced duration, lasting per the advanced duration chart using Forces.

                      Second Attainment: Aura Armor
                      Prerequisites: Gnosis 2, Life 2, Forces 2, two or more dots total in the chosen martial art.
                      This attainment allows the Adept to form a hybrid mage armor from both Life and Forces. The Adept uses Forces as general armor (with its protections against fire and electric damage) as well as gaining half his Life dots (round up) as a bonus to defense. The Adept also uses the higher of his Wits and Dexterity for calculating Defense. It still costs one mana to activate this hybrid mage armor for a scene. In all other ways this attainment behaves as any other mage armor would.

                      Third Attainment: Inner Discipline/Focused power
                      The Adept gains a far greater mastery of his body through rigorous discipline, mystical enlightenment and dedicated practice. This expresses itself outwardly in the lethal force he can bring to bear.
                      Prerequisites: Gnosis 4, Life 3, another two dots spent on Athletics and Brawl, three or more dots total in the chosen martial art.
                      (Life) Body Control – One reach assigned to advanced duration, second to switch primary factor to potency. One scene of meditation to activate the attainment. Body Control has potency equal to Life dots. Body Control lasts one day at Life three and one week at Life five.

                      If the Adept also has Forces three the Adept gains the Kinetic Blow effect with reach applied to advanced duration and switching primary factor to potency. This effect has potency equal to Forces dots, making the Adepts bare handed attacks into incredibly lethal weapons. The duration is one day at Forces three and one week at Forces five.

                      Fourth Attainment: Second Wind
                      At this level the Adept is aware of every breath he takes, and how it merges with his every movement. Breath, life, stillness and movement become one fluid state.
                      Prerequisites: Gnosis 6, Life 4, another two dots spent on Athletics and Brawl, four or more dots total in the chosen martial art.
                      (Life) Mend – One reach assigned to instant cast. The Adepts control of his body and mastery of Life is so strong, that he can mend his own wounds with a breath. The Adept can instantly heal two bashing or lethal wounds for every dot of Life he has. Since this is an attainment it can’t be countered with magic nor can disbelief affect it. Neither resistant nor aggravated wounds are affected by this attainment. The Adept can only heal himself with this ability.

                      If the Adept has Forces four, he can use Levitation on himself as a movement aid, with reach assigned to advanced duration, although he does not have to use it all the time. It takes one scene to activate the ability, which lasts one month at Forces four and one year at Forces five. The Adept can run up the sides of walls (a la matrix), fall off a skyscraper in Dubai and land with no apparent damage, float in the air while meditating and other cool effects. Since these are all effects of an attainment, sleeper witnesses have no effect, nor do these stunts cause breaking points.

                      Note that at Gnosis six the Adept can (and should) purchase Life and Forces to five each. At this point the first and fourth attainments (the Levitation effect) last a year each and should be considered to be perpetually active. The third and fifth attainment (when gained) will last a week each, becoming much easier to maintain.

                      Fifth Attainment: Purity of Form
                      Through dedicated practice the Adept has purified his form. His physical body, his motion, his martial arts are all one, whole, complete. His body responds effortlessly to his mystic will, gliding between motion and rest with unmatched grace and power that extends through his aura into the world around him.
                      Prerequisites: Gnosis 8, Life 5, two more dots in Athletics and Brawl, five dots total in the chosen martial art.
                      (Life) Honing the Form – Reach is assigned to advanced duration, switching the primary factor to potency and the ability to exceed normal attribute maximums for one mana. By spending a scene practicing forms the Adept can add his Life dots to one attribute. This boost lasts one week and costs one point of mana if the attribute (Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina) would be enhanced above the Adepts maximum. In this way the Adept can compensate for a weaker attribute or reroute power for an upcoming contest. The Adept can redistribute these dots to any physical attribute by spending another scene in practice, but they must all go to the same attribute.

                      With Forces five the Adept also gains the Turn Momentum effect (an expression of his pure martial arts forms). Reach is assigned to advanced duration, the ability to use Turn Momentum as a reflexive action, and the ability to turn objects that would normally be too fast for the Adept to turn (requires Time one). This ability is active for one week but is refreshed whenever the Adept refreshes his Purity of Form. This effect has potency equal to the Adepts Forces dots. The Adept can affect a size seven object with this attainment.


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                        I think most of the Wuxia tropes are covered, but I feel one is missing, an effect like the way of the Open Hand's Quivering Palm or even Pai Mei's Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Kinetic Blow is kind of like that, but hasn't the same kind of power.

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