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Beyond that West: Consilia Across the Fallen World

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  • Beyond that West: Consilia Across the Fallen World

    2e introduced us to Tucson and London, LA and Salamanca. Tokyo was a start, but what what might other Consilia (or mage societies) look like, and how might they function in places outside Western culture? Would the Vajrastra have a place in the Consilium of Mumbai, and does the Free Council govern Beijing's Awakened with a fatherly or iron hand? Let's hear your chronicles and ideas set in the wider, wilder Fallen World.

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    Mage society and its ruling forums are based on archetypes (Warrior, Priest, Teacher & Spy/Cop) with a chieftain and council of wise men making group decisions, I imagine this pattern would be pretty universal though details would change to reflect Sleeper society.
    For example:
    ​In Rome instead of a Hierarch they might have had two pro-consuls with the councilors treated like Senators, each with a vote.
    ​In China with its philosophy of the 'Mandate of Heaven' there might be one absolute ruler, the councilors replaced by ministers (Minister of War, Minister of Antiquities/Education & Minister of Security) who simply take their orders and see that it's done.
    ​Smaller more intimate groups might forgo the Hierarch all together, with the village wise ones making all decisions by common consensus.
    ​Another might forgo order, working off a cult of personality were influential individuals push their will by garnering overwhelming support.

    ​Look to Sleeper governments of the area, the Mage one will often shadow it. They may have Awakened but that is the world they grew up in.


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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 2ptTakrill - I like the idea of a Mandate of Heaven for Ancient China. Perhaps when the Abyss leaks or some other great catastrophe happens in the Consilium of Peking, the Hierarch is unseated. That could cause a lot of political turmoil because of the circular nature of the Mandate: An ambitious mage can dethrone the Hierarch, and then legitimize the power grab by claiming the Supernal Realms approved it. I do agree with you that Consilia often echo the culture and political beliefs of the Sleeper society it belongs to. Then again, isn't that the never-ending contention of 'As Above, So Below' vs 'As Below, So Above' that pervades Diamond and Free Council philosophies?


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        Remember that "ideal platonic Chinese ruler" was an absolute ruler, yes, but one who listened to people wiser than him, meditated upon their wisdom, and made calls based on that. And these wiser people were his councilors who were supposed to be much more than just "I tell you to do this, you do this". That's why quite a lot of chinese texts is made in a form of dialogue between a ruler asking a wise man how to deal with stuff.