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Help with Custom Legacy built around the Three Fates

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    What about the Spell Factors? Do we look for a third opinion?

    Find my Homebrew Fangs of Mara 2ed update Here


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      I have updated the OP with the current write-up of the Legacy.


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        I'm baaack! Seriously, you're probably sick of me at this point. I'll just share my thoughts on your update in case you're not. Also, 21C Hermit is making their version of Legacy, so it will be fun to compare them.

        First Attainment

        Interconnections (Fate •)
        It's neat how you switched out a basic effect with an advanced one, while maintaining their balance. I'm surprised you didn't keep it as a second Attainment, though. By taking the +2R Special effect, you could have measured how the target affected the world - a complete karma scan. I'm pretty sure this Attainment slot should be taken by Serendipity (see below). Most Mages get their first and second Attainments at the same time, so it's not like you'd be losing out.

        Soul Marks (Death •)

        Second Attainment

        Serendipity (Fate •)
        Serendipity doesn't need Advanced Duration. It's a Spell that gives you data. If you need new data, you cast it again. You don't even need to cast it at a target - you just ask Destiny itself. I think you should swap it with Interconnections.

        Speak with the Dead (Death •)
        The base Spell is something a Thread Cutter casts at themselves. The Attainment has an offensive effect, so it should probably be Withstood (Composure?). Since it's essentially a different spell, I would make it Potency Primary and boost duration with Spell Factors. It would last a day with Death •• and a week with Death ••••. You might also want to limit the number of effects running at the same time to you Death rating. Imagine a Thread Cutter walking down the street poking people: "You're haunted and you're haunted! All of you over here are haunted too!" "How long will we be haunted?" "Seeeven daaays~~~".

        Third Attainment

        Exceptional Luck (Fate ••)
        OK. Although, does the Attainment not allow the use of Tilts and Conditions?

        Soul Armor (Death ••)
        Similar issue as Speak with the Dead. The Thread Cutter could protect thousands of people at once.

        Fourth Attainment

        Sworn Oaths (Fate •••)
        Similar issue as Speak with the Dead and Soul Armor. Also, with Fate •••• you can make two steps in Spell Factor tables. One step in Scale gives you two targets. Two steps in Scale give you four targets. No need to additionally limit it.

        Withering (Death ••••)

        Fifth Attainment

        Shared Fate (Fate •••)
        Similar issue as Speak with the Dead, Soul Armor and Sworn Oaths.

        Empty Presence (Death •••••)
        This Spell has Duration as a Primary Factor. Its Potency is 1 (3 with Spell Factors), which means everyone can Withstand it (with Spell Factors it doesn't work on people with Composure 3+, which could be cool). Also, you made it last a year, so you probably wanted to give it Advanced Duration, instead of Instant Casting. If you switched the Primary Factor to Potency, the Spell would last as long as your other Attainments and could affect all normal human beings. In theory that would take 1 Reach, but you can waive it as a Legacy boon. If that's too much, make it work only when Interconnections or Serendipity say it should. Also, limit the number of effects you can have running, or you could make a small village disappear.

        It took me until this point to realize Thread Cutters can't benefit from their Attainments. That's pretty cool. It means they consider messing with Fate an abuse of authority. Still, maybe you could let them use other Death Attainments on themselves. Communicating with Ghosts and protecting one's Soul are reasonable things for a Thread Cutter to want.

        Oh, and the 1st Ed Thread Cutters were associated with Moros. They're preoccupied with endings, after all. This meant they got Fate as an extra Ruling Arcanum. It's one kind of luck Acanthus don't have.
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        Find my Homebrew Fangs of Mara 2ed update Here


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          All good observations and I agree with the limit the number of each affect that you can have going at one time. I will think of the number that I would allow if i were to allow them into a game I was running. And never sick of hearing from you I asked for help and I appreciate everyone's help. I realize that in the 1e book they are Moros but I felt that they work better as Acanthus, so I will probably leave them as such.