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Let the overpowered npcs hit the floor

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  • Let the overpowered npcs hit the floor

    hey guys how is it going? Hope u are all well and closer to the imperial misteryes.
    Im doing my night shift and since me and my friends are loser nerds who love to screw around with every gameline in the wod and ruin the concept of "intimate horror" we decided to...
    Make a list of every strongest characters ever printed and see how they hold up against each other!

    I know its silly and honestly is just for the lulz and to see how crazy and wild ww writers where when they made up such terryfing monster abominations.
    Dont lie to yourselves-at least once , every player or storyteller who saw some of the insane stats of elder npcs thought to himself how that particular monster would hold up* against an archmaster or an elder vampire.

    Here are the rules to enter the Gods tournament:

    -We are looking only for the strongest motherfuckers out there- blood potency 5+, at least 5 in one arcana, backgrounds like the Godfather or scarface, primal urge that would make other werewolves uncomfortable.. etc..
    We are talking about the stuff of nightmares, beings that could challenge a pack of hardened werewolves or be a pain in the ass to an entire consilium of mages, and that can easily outmatch newbies supernaturals.

    -doesnt matter if we are talking about 1st or 2nd edition, we will update the combatants to the 2nd edition eventually if necessary.

    -we will consider only the three major templates: werewolves, vampires and mages. Sorry mummies/demons/beast etc... not today.

    -every npc character ever printed is fair game, from ascended archmasters to metuselah or forsaken legends.

    -we will make an exception maybe on weird beings like werewolves who became spirits or mages that died and became ghosts keeping their arcana... maybe.

    -again, this is just stupid and for the lulz, kinda like the usual nerdy questions:"who would win between Goku and Superman?" We perfectly know something like this would never happen in a real game.

    -white rooms make no sense.

    So far, i was able to find some pretty wild npcs that surely can fit in the heavyweight division:


    -Zagreus, Dorjan and Prytania Hecate form the Immortal sinners book. Look them up.

    Zagreus is a daeva metuselah with the power to change the fate and destiny around him,

    Hecate is like a goddes with a cult around her, and besides her cruac 5 she knows every single cruac rite and has created some of her own.

    Dorjan is a fucking monster who literally can spy and control an entire City with his own discipline, and force a vinculum on anyone foolish enough to trespass his domain.


    Nemean from the core rulebook in the 1st edition. Need i say more? Our favourite tyrant and hierarch.

    The Grey Pope, from the unveiled boston book. A worthy opponent for the Nemean. A chessmaster that u will never see or hear, but will control everyone around himlike a puppetmaster. Space and mind 5 mean that he doesn ever need to leave his personal safe space. If u think u killed him, u probably just maimed some of his puppets.

    -Pallas, adamantine soldier from the adamantine Arrow book. She is a terryfing awakened killing machine. Her time 5 ,fate 5 combined with her martial skills mean that in a melee fight she would probably cut your head off even before the battle had started. Also i think its almost impossible to seriously ambush her or surprise her.
    Or she could simply become untouchable and let Fate itself crush you while she watches.

    -Cypelsus- Mastigos Archmage of the silver ladder. Gnosis 7,mind 6'". Need i say more? U can find him and fear him in the silver ladder book.


    If we are looking at a 2ndedition transposition, we are seriously looking at some of the strongest abominations ever printed in a ww book.

    Redstick-he is strong. Simply the strongest. The strongest Predator king. He literally is the Apex predator among the other apex predators. Primal
    Urge 9. Strenght 9, cons 8. Just run.
    He has killed so many forsaken wolves he is just bored and might start* looking for some idigam or elder supernatural to chew on. U can find him in war against the Pures.

    Edward miller, voice of shadows. From signs of the moon. An irraka hunter in darkness with primal urge 10. Well, if u ever wondered what an.unstoppable invisible killing machine looks like, here u are.

    Edward shattersong k'ruuk. Whats with the writers and the Edward-named overpowered NPCs?
    This son of a bitch might look old and scrapped,
    But he still has come aces up his sleeve.
    He belongs to the lodge of scars and has a shitton of gifts , he has* entire gift lists from.the.core.rulebook. he is in the splintered lodge book.

    Last but not least, a crazy wolfie who is chosen by mother luna itself to be her mad prophet .meet aisling tulane from signs of the moon.. i dont know about you guys but her weird combination of primal urge 10 and harmony 2 doesnt make me feel comfortable at all.

    Did i miss some of the worst monsters out there?

    have you ever used one.of these sacred monsters in your game?
    Do u have any suggestions, thought, opinion?

    Have a good powerplay day

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    Boston isn't really the place to look for these. The various chronicles and setting are actually pretty conservative in terms of the characters magic. Most famously, the Minister of the Ministry of Mammon was an adept living in a relatively small office building.