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  • Yantra Spell Specificity

    So we know that Yantras are not universal and can only be used if they are symbolically related to the spell in question. I was wondering what if we are dealing with the same spell but the targets are different?
    Example: My Thyrsus' Shadow Name is Nereid(sea nymph) and I took a merit to allow to use it as a yantra. I now cast a spell to allow me to control an animal. My question is; would my Shadow Name Yantra only kick in for aquatic creatures even if the same spell can be used to control terrestrial creatures?
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    A Yantra can only be used if the mage can symbolically relate it to the spell, which in my opinion, includes the target. I don't think a sea nymph has any real symbolic relation to land animals. It's basically up to the player to say why it's related and the ST to accept or reject it. In this specific example, I would not allow the Shadow Name merit based on what you've presented here.


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      Yeah, what projectmoon said. Shadow Names are especially so.

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        Although you could do it in a way that fits the myth. For instance if nereids have a charming power similar to sirens then singing to the animal could serve as the Persona Yantra for charming it.