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[2E] Paradox in Astral Space

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  • [2E] Paradox in Astral Space

    Wording on Paradox in Astral Space rules seems to confuse me. From what I understand, in 2E:
    1. ALL spells in Sleepers Oneiros are creating Paradox. Even those you have many Free Reaches for.
    2. On general, in Astral Space ( i.e. Oneiros of mages, Temenos, Anima Mundi ) Paradox is only when you go over your Free Reaches? There is no totally Paradox free zones in Astral?
    3. How about Oneiros of other supernatural beings on Paradox? For example, how would Paradox rules go in Oneiros of Promethean?
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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    3. How about Oneiros of other supernatural beings? For example, how would Paradox rules go in Oneiros of Promethean?
    Mages are the only major supernatural beings that have an Oneiros.

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      You sure?
      Because I'm reading Astral Realms right now and I can see the prohibition on Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings and Prometheans entering the Temenos.
      But nothing which says that only Mages and Sleepers have an Oneiros.


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        In general, magic works the same in the Astral as it does in the material, except for Mind spells which get -2 to Paradox dice pools, and mages never risk Paradox in their own Oneiros as long as the spell doesn't leave the Oneiros. I would treat a Sleeper Oneiros as always having one Sleeper witness present (+1 die in the Paradox pool and 9-again, I think). If you decide that other supernatural beings have an Oneiros (it's your setting, after all), then I would not do anything special for them as they are not affected by Quiescence. They can perceive and remember magic normally.


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          Dave Brookshaw, whose post Satchel linked to, is Mage 2nd Ed developer. We can safely assume everything he says is in the developer's Bible, even if it hasn't been published yet.

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