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  • The Sundered World - Wise plot hooks

    Hey folks,

    I specifically posted this here in the Mage forum because I'm more interested in seeing adventures of the Wise over the proto-Uratha in this time period.

    I like the time period conceptually, but this is an age without age without history, really. What kind of stories would you like to tell, in this time period? It would not only give you a chance to show off your ideas, but it would give others inspiration.

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    I have quite a few hooks, in mind. Expect me to post them soon once I've put together decent write-ups.

    "My Homebrew Hub"
    Age of Azar
    The Kingdom of Yamatai


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      Oh, no. Not without history. The stories of each household or settlement are going to be important to them. Reputation is a big deal to people, too.

      A spirit that eats stories, memory, or will would be terrifying for all concerned. A spirit that steals such things could be a weapon or a curse, depending on their relationship with it.

      A face stealer could replace a person. That's creepy no matter when you live.

      A serial killer or murderer could move from place to place and race his reputation. Recall that one group's murder could be another's feud or even heroic act.
      How he hides his deeds could be interesting, too. A serial killer could choose to mimic something lethal.
      A person who emulating the werewolves might actually collect trophies and display them. Creepy, but overt.
      Taking cues from a spirit could lead to a form of sacrifice to something at a hidden shrine.

      Folks getting downright angry because there's a thief about could make for some serious drama.

      These folks weren't stupid. They were human beings who lacked our paradigms. All of their hunters knew things about animal behavior that only the most dedicated of behaviorists are aware of today, for instance. Of course, the WoD being what it is, the world itself was actually quite different. The other places loomed close. The superstitions were attempts to codify the various rules needed to survive the presences of gods and devils and places that shouldn't be.

      Until they have enough leeway to find out, they would need to wait to test theories that could kill them. It isn't that they are stupid or foolish that leads them to their superstitions, but their care not to break what works and doom their people.

      A mapmaker would be an inquisitive and clever sort. The idea of drawing it on something might be novel, but the notion of learning the land wouldn't be. On the other hand, the land itself could change. Making the fixed image of place might actually require a certain form of magic, either rendering the map mutable to remain accurate or, through sympathy, rendering the bounds more fixed. Border skirmishes could actually involve shaping the earth for these folks. (or be believed to)

      Tracing the celestial bodies to use their power and insight would be troublesome in many of the same ways. Mapping the days and hours that matter would be critical. Knowing when to plant or not, as well. These things could be life or death in that world, so... yeah, they should take it seriously.

      Famine. Somebody angered some sort of harvest figure, so the earth refuses to give up its bounty in the region.
      Alternately, Somebody planted at the wrong time and the seeds got drowned. Bad luck, indeed, since it wrecked the year's grain harvest. Spice it up with local politics and feuds, and you've got some drama.
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        The community's forced migration to a new, unknown homeland.
        ​It doesn't have to be caused by something as big as an ice age, a severe drought, larger tribe or Godzilla sized threat would do.


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          Originally posted by 2ptTakrill View Post
          The community's forced migration to a new, unknown homeland.
          ​It doesn't have to be caused by something as big as an ice age, a severe drought, larger tribe or Godzilla sized threat would do.
          ​The tribe in Clan of the Cavebear by Jean Auel had to find a new cave when an earthquake collapsed theirs. In the Sundered World with spirits all about the initial settlement destruction could be due to angered spirits and the journey/quest for a new home for the survivors/refuges would be even more dangerous. After all of that, a new location is full of unknown new complications/adventures. I could easily see a complete campaign around an idea like this.


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            Most of the given plothooks in the Sundered World are for Mages. The coming of the General and Bull, the Tower of Babylon idigam.

            Something as simple as 'war' is a new idea and can easily draw circles into conflict. There's vampires, 'rifts' where Abyssals exist and flourish, every other supernatural. You could have artifacts that don't really fit or make sense and need research to understand or lead to further vaults of relics or traps.

            Despite their magic, any situation that can be easily rectified with modern conveniences, like cars, planes, telephones, Wikipedia and so forth are all burdensome in this age.
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