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    Lets assume that a Vampire actually saves the life of a Mage for certain death. Then the Mage offers the Vampire a Boon / Gift in return. What would a Vampire would ask from a Mage in return? What would be an ideal gift?

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    Depends on the mage. I believe having Mental Shield with indefinite duration would be a godsend considering Dominate, Majesty and Nightmare, but that's a lot since it costs a Willpower dot for the mage.

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      Ahem, yes. So, would depend on the path or available arcana of the Mage in question. (also on how good a boon you want it to be)

      Fate - Luck (Exceptional Luck for a specific encounter, Red/Green Light for a year)
      Time - Depending on power level of Mage, possibly even shunting back to before vampirisation, or to a more recent choice to be undone, or a divination
      Death - Healing? Ability to interact with ghosts for a while? Assistance of ghosts for a thing.
      Matter - cool overloaded magical gear?
      Prime - cool overloaded magical gear?
      Forces - IMMUNITY TO FIRE!
      Spirit - Ability to interact with spirits for a while? Assistance of spirits for a thing.
      Life - Um. Well. Heal their puppy?
      Mind - Provide immunity to mind-affecting effects? Buff a mental stat for a while.
      Space - Teleport somewhere. Provide a safe space?


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        The problem is that the spell can't be active for more than one week without starting to deteriorate unless it's constantly updated (which sounds more like a service rather than a one time boon) or basically cost an XP for the mage to keep it going longer.
        But during that week you might even be immune to sunlight. (Doesn't help against Lethargic unlesd the mage has the right Arcana for dealing with that as well.)

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        Ordo Dracul Mystery: Coil of Smoke
        Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


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          I think a Mage can spare 1 XP for a Indefinite Spell if they really want to say "thank you".


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            Nothing. The vampire is smart enough to know that carrying around shards of Awakened magic can be used against him in a way that vamipre society isn't prepared to deal with. Awakend magic is a double edged sword


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              Howso, and why would the vampire have access to that kind of information?

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              Ordo Dracul Mystery: Coil of Smoke
              Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


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                If the vampire actually trusts the mage I'd go with immunity to fire/sunlight(the second is a strong maybe possible) or perhaps a pocket world that he has access to that is keyed to only him.
                Sure it would be nice to be able to have ghouls wake you up or what not, but it's also nice to be certain that outside of other magic to invade, you don't have to worry about anyone coming to stake you at your weakest. The safehouse burns down, is raided or blown up? None of it bothers the pocket dimension. Just exit when the fire is gone and rebuild. Should get a lot of use out of it until it's compromised.
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                  The problem with the pocket dimension gift is that that assumes you saved the life of a master of Space. Obviously not impossible but, just by sheer probability, not likely. Most mages have a maximum skill of being a disciple in one or two arcana. A decent number make it to adept, but that still doesn't get you a pocket dimension.

                  More realistically would be the request to become immune to fire. Most mages probably know at least one other mage that could cast such a spell if they weren't capable of doing it themselves. And if transferring your life debt to another mage is too onerous to him, then you can probably come up with something.

                  In fact, here's a quick list of useful spells mages could cast on a vampire. This list is based on the presumption that the mage is a disciple in the appropriate arcanum.

                  Death: Without a Trace, Soul Armor, Ghost Gate, Ghost shield
                  Fate: Monkey's Paw, Warding Gesture
                  Forces: FIRE SHIELD! Mwahahahaha!
                  Life: Web of Life
                  Matter: Alchemist's Touch, Aegis
                  Mind: One Mind Two Thoughts, Mental Shield, Augment Mind, Universal Language
                  Prime: Pierce Deception, Wards and Signs, Ephemeral Enchantment
                  Space: Ground Eater, The Outward and Inward Eye, Veil Sympathy, Ward,
                  Spirit: Exorcist's Eye, Ephemeral Shield, Gossamer Touch, Shadow Walk
                  Time: Constant Presence, Shield of Chronos, Acceleration

                  Technically a few of those spells aren't spells you'd cast on the vampire itself, but they'd still be useful. I didn't include co-location because of the need to reach, like, 5 or 6 times to have a visible, indefinite, keyed portal. That goes a bit further than just spending a willpower dot and dips well into a decent amount of mana usage. It's a life debt, but mages are still crafty and stingy.
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                    I would say that it depends on if the Vampire was the PC, the Mage was the PC or if both were the PC, As a ST you want to try and keep a hold of the reigns on really fantastic spells that are in favor of the PC because you do not want to upset the balance of your campaign. If it is an NPC that is receiving the Boon go hog wild and then let them be integral to the story as either a menace or an occasional powerful resource.


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                      ... A Vampire who saves the life of an Adept of Time could perhaps not unreasonably ask for them to save them from their condition with a persistent Rewrite History spell to retcon their Vampirism.

                      In terms of other, less world-shaking favors... Well if an indefinite spell is too much to ask for, then the Mage might be willing to perform a few short-term boons in keeping with their skillset.


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                        If I were a vampire who saved a Mage, I'd offer them a little of my vitae - to help them get on their feet, you know? Then I'd wait to see what the Mage decides to offer.

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                          Honestly, if the mage has a bit of Life and is brave (read foolish) enough, the mage could let the vampire use him as a miniature blood bank for a little while. He could heal the damage done and remove any condition stemming from blood loss, and the Kiss feels pleasurable enough so why not?



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                            Who is the PC in this scenario and what does the Mage have to work with?


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                              The PC is actually the leader of a Carthian Covenant and they saved a Death/Matter Mage from some Hunters. So in return the Mage offered the leader a gift or boon for this.