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  • Pitch me your campaign ideas

    I might be looking to run my first 2nd ed game sometime in the first few weeks. I love the system and the second, but a bit dry on inspiration for a big ideas as far as plots go.
    Looking at using London as a setting, because I love the idea of Runewalks as introduced in the Corebook.

    So pitch me your idea's for disasters, calamities, world shaking events, existential mysteries or other epic things that I can drop on old london town?

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    What degree of ideas are you looking for? Beginner's advice for stock 2E? Settings overhauls? Sample NPCs?

    Here are some good threads to mine for ideas:
    1001 Mage Story Hooks
    1001 Mysteries

    Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
    Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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      There was a setting book for 1E called Shadows of the UK (technically Werewolf was the primary focus but I believe there were a few bits about mages) you could mine for characters and setting ideas if you're stumped. That being said...

      - London is among the most surveilled cities in the world, so I imagine Panopticon is well represented among the local Seer population.

      - Merlin (of Camelot lore) is generally accepted in the setting to have been an Acanthus Silver Ladder turned Archmaster who Ascended. There are bound to be magically significant sites throughout the UK if you have players interested in exploring beyond the city.


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        Originally posted by Knowbody View Post
        - London is among the most surveilled cities in the world, so I imagine Panopticon is well represented among the local Seer population.
        On that note, look up SCORPION STARE:

        Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
        Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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          I set my game in the 1920s to get away from the convenience of modern technology. It is probably more pulpy than your standard Mage game, but it works really well. It features a lot of urban legends and Fortean conspiracy theories. I get a lot of inspiration from Call of Chtulhu's 1920's source book and from WotC's Dark Matter source book. Actually Charles Fort is actually an npc in the game, he is a sleeper who is constantly stumbling into things he doesn't understand in a "Perils of Pauline" sort of way.


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            Sadly, I don't know much of British lore besides what Hollywood and TV series have taught me. Anyway, from the core book we have:
            Countless portals thus countless places and planes. Some are safe, others hostile, others hidding mysteries, others want to devour our dimension. Just pick a word describing a theme you like and build around it. Is it an ExploreNewPlane (Narnia), an ExtraplannarInvasion (Strange things) or maybe a BalanceTheMultiverse (Doc Who?) story?. Merge the above and attach the runewalkers seed and you have a noir story.

            Mages exploring new alien territories; fun at first but discover that they can't stop visiting the same place again and again in runic patterns. If left without help, affected people die of exhaustion from walking for days from one portal to the next. The cause is a parasitic entity that wants to merge its plane with the material but its ritual is too powerful even for local masters. To stop it they must cause a less dangerous planar mayhem to get the attention of entities responsible for cosmic balance.


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              I've been trying to move up from street level stories and, inspired by some of Acrozatarim's plot hooks, went with a plot the players are being dragged into a war with the Cult of the Doomsday Clock that, in turn, is bringing them into conflict with the very foundations of the General and the Praetorian Ministry. And the consilium is severely corrupt and broken and just waiting for the players to poke around to let all the skeletons out of the closet and force someone into making a move.

              As a side thing there's also a hive of rampant Beasts controlled by something that could potentially end up attacking the consilium, depending on whether the players kick the nest too much, if they don't get interested in the politics.

              I hesitate to really get into too many specifics, as I know at least one player visits. But the various legacies and groups are sort of easy to mix into plots. Find one you like and you can scale their trouble to any level of danger, from street to cosmic. Part of the trick I've found is finding the right antagonist for the job. The players were too daunted by the reapers I introduced and seem to think the Doomsday Clockers were the right amount of power and mystery.


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                Merlin is a recognized and even celebrated Arch master who ascended in the UK, now the runes in the streets of London are referring to the return of the 'Once and Future King'.
                ​The Guardians are getting all excited about the coming of the Heromagus.
                ​The Guardians are getting all worked up about a possibly false Heromagus.
                ​As if to add fuel to the fire the runes predict events that must happen before his return, the Consillium is frozen as members argue whether or not to fulfil them only to discover that the Seers already have.
                ​Is the 'Once and Future King' an Exarch plot, or are the Seers being used as the dupes of Fate?
                ​Members of the Pentacle react by working to prevent the next prophesized event from happening, only now the runes are offering two separate possible futures; the 'Once and Future King' or something that smacks of the Abyss.
                ​Things just seem to be getting more confusing, the arguments more heated when the runes start giving hints about the path to Avalon.
                ​One group of Mages decide they are going to follow those hints and find Avalon in hopes of learning the truth, another takes violent action to prevent them from releasing a dangerous Abyssal untruth.
                Did I mention that the General's Minister uses the shadow name 'Mordred'?


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                  Free Council is having internal trouble. Awakened IRA members are trying to push the independence movement forward and this is going to pick fights. They are, for the moment, suggesting that they use nonviolent means. (Mind magic, being what it is, opens a lot of doors.) The consequences all seem to end in blood.

                  That actually works pretty well with the once and future king idea.

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