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  • Making Anunnaki and servants

    I just though a thread sharing our ideas for Annunaki could be cool.

    Lord of the Rotting Sky, also known as Disonicis

    Disonicis is the unreality of a alternate earth where the clouds as we know them have been replaced by replaced by the endless rotting corpses of floating massive horrors, which although undead still feed on floating microorganisms.

    Every once in a while a blister on this horrors bursts and thick red blood with fuzzy green spots rains down on the those below and the ecosystem of this earth has evolved around this cycle.

    There are humans on this world, but they have far stronger stomachs and actually enjoy feasting on the "rain".

    They offer they're dead the sky gods as they seem them by floating their dead as offerings of food.

    If the Rotting Clouds eat the body it's seen as a good omen, but body falls to the grounds it's see as a terrorible omen.

    Disonicis sends his "human" servants to the Fallen world in the form of Gulmoths and his Rotting Clouds to the Astral as Acamoths, via a Abyssal Verge near Whistler BC.

    The Prison of the Unreal, aka Gratis

    Gratis is a literally a Prison the size of the moon filled with countless alternate versions of from the Fallen World.

    Gratis does not release it's inhabitants except in exchange for the original person as an offering.

    Take the person you want to trade to it's Abyssal Verge in India, right to the Iris to an Abyssal Emination Realm, push the person through the Iris and Gratis releases a version of the person that is far more like what you wanted.

    What happens to such sacrifices, forever imprisoned in the Abyss is an existence cold and lonely surrounded by versions of yourself that hate for for being real even for a limited time.

    The darkest thing about these new versions of those who have been Sacrificed isn't that they twist the universe in unnatural ways, it's that they don't, they aren't Acamoths or Gulmoths, they humans, just with the desired attributes, making the sacrifice all the more tempting.

    Some Mages who know of Gratis belief that Gratis removes the reality of the Sacrifice turning them into Gulmoths and adds it to a preexisting Gulmoth making them human (stranger things if desired), before releasing them into the Fallen World.

    The Herd of a Billion Human Cattle, aka Lord of the Strix, Fraxx.

    This Anunnaki is a world where the Earth was merged with the Dark Place where Strix come from in a Apocalyptic event.

    Humanity was reduced to cattle for the Strix and their Vampire Slaves.

    Fraxx uses Acamoth servants to infect the thoughts of mortals who yearn to be vampires, Acamoth who secretly guide those mortals to the enterance to it's Emination Realm.

    The mortals who enter do leave the Emination, just not alive.

    Instead they come out as Vampires, but Vampires but Vampires that are wrong in some way, like a Vampire that drinks stomach acid instead of blood, or who turn to ice in sunlight.

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    The Silence

    The Silence is a being which exists within a small town called Wormwood. To understand the Silence, one must first understand this town - because this town does not exist in our world and in fact, probably never truly did.

    Wormwood is a city of Awakened Culture - a magocracy which is ruled by the heads of seven different schools which teach the fundamentals of magic to any who have the spark for it. It is a large town, cut off from the rest of world by a mystical fence made from powerful Prime Magic. The wards keep the city cut off from the rest of the world - because between the city and the rest of the world exists the Silence.

    Speaking of the Silence is a Taboo in Wormwood - yet somehow, every young child old enough to see the city walls knows of it's presence. They know the lurking eyes in the darkness, the chill of the vast power which lay beyond the border. They know the fear, madness, and power which threatens to engulf them. They know the monsters that lie in the shadows of the outer forest and never to go past the border if you ever wish to be heard of again. Some people see the vision of the herald there if they get too close - it's a warning never to continue.

    What they don't know is that their protection is failing.. It's the crowds, you see - Wormwood is suffering from an overpopulation and it's pushing people towards the border. The closer they get to the border, the closer they are to the Silence - and when you stay to long near that border you begin to hear - Just enough for the whisper of Silence to break through those perfect Walls of Truth. Just enough to let the people hear the beautiful sounds of Silence.

    They hear a world where everyone understands everyone - where no one speaks, but all listen. They hear a world like ours, where everything is within the palm of their hand with a touch of a finger. Some even hear the Supernal. They hear a siren's call of a beautiful ideal truth. And then that sound, beneath the silence, is drowned away in the cacophany of NOISE. BITTER NOISE. PRETTY NOISE. RAGTAG MASSES CLAMMERING LIKE UNINTELLIGBLEIDIOTSALLWANTINGSOMETHINGANDYETUNABLE TOARTICULATETHEIRDESIRESBECAUSENOONEEVERLISTENS. It's... it's MADDENING.

    They are drawn to the Silence because the NOISE destroys them once they've heard it - the sound of your talking, the sound of your breathing - the Silence will cut away even the sound of your heartbeat if it does not stop beating. They slay their targets in a way that removes all sound - not just what you say and hear but the background noise.

    Minions of the Silence

    For the most part, the Silence has an assortment of cultists - its unknown if there is any rhyme or reason to them, but they band together with unspoken words, gazes of understanding, and quiet motions of the hand. They hear each other on a level few people do. They speak - but only when concealing their allegiance to their god. All other times they do not even seem to breath. Cultists of the Silence are strangely intuitive if you stay quiet enough. It's not telepathy - though most liken it to it, and if the Cultists ever really had a conversation about their nature, they would likely simply tell you that they know how to listen; You have simply forgotten.

    While the majority of the Minions of the Silence are nameless individuals, one in particular is known to the city of Wormwood - a being called the Herald. The Herald was once a great mage - and perhaps still is. He is the one who built the wall between Wormwood and the Silence - the one who protected the city from being engulfed. In exchange for allowing him to build the wall, it is unspoken that the Herald would grant his freedom over to the Silence and forever after serve him. This arrangement changed the herald, making him a hideous, ciphelopodic entity to look upon but also granted him great power - though what ends to which the service of the Herald is used is unknown.

    Tools of the Servants of the Silence

    Wormwood has a population problem. As the city grows more and more each day, the people within it begin grow more and more fearful of the Silence forever taking their city and the people within. Taking advantage of this, the Cultists work arrangements with the beings which reside within the Silence. They make sacrifices of particularly noisy individuals, and from these sacrifices create both new gulmoth - as well as a type of gate. This gate - created from the unspoken and unheard agony and fear of the target - opens a wound in reality; a wound created between Wormwood and our world. It allows the residents of Wormwood to flee into a more populated, larger area - even if it's noisier and alien to them, it's still safer.

    It's said that if you enter into the space where a cultist is creating one of these gates, you enter into the presence of the Silence. Not directly of course - those mages from our World who encounter such a phenomena merely have the faintest -hint- of the Silence: An area where no sound can be heard. The experience is jarring to most, because it's not just quiet - Sound does not exist in the presence of the Silence and cannot exist. Most people cannot comprehend the idea of not hearing their own breath, even barely - nor are they prepared for when they leave the area and their mind does not tune such things out.