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  • Mysteries of St. Louis

    I'm trying to put together a game set in St. Louis, and am looking for ideas on Mysteries. So far, all I can really come up with is using the Gateway Arch as an actual gateway. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

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    Well the supposed exorcism preformed at St. Louis university back in 1949 was the inspiration for the film "the exorcist".

    Couple of good haunted places there if I recall.
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      St. Louis, as symbolized by the Arch, has long been seen as a gateway between the east and west as divided by the Mississippi River.
      ​The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers meet here, along with others, lending to the presence of powerful Ley Lines.
      ​In its early years the city existed in a sort of legal limbo, with out the ruling presence of a greater nation. Perhaps among its founders were several Nameless Mages who sought to escape the influence of the Pentacle.
      This was a major site of the Mound Builders.


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        Read up on the Louisiana Purchase Exposition i.e. St. Louis World's Fair of 1904. It was an immensely expensive undertaking that featured scientific and cultural exhibits from 60 nation's, and was visited by nearly 20 million people.

        The Exposition introduced new inventions to the common man such as automobiles, early fax machines, and aircraft. They also put on display Native Americans, tribespeople from the Philippines, and other 'exotics'.

        On the Awakened side of things, the Free Council would certainly have been interested in the modern discoveries displayed at the World's Fair. One could even surmise that the entire event was a Hegemony initiative; a grand exercise to reinforce an Us vs Them mentality on the American people, or the glory of national progress and imperialism.

        What legacies might still be left in St. Louis?


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          Out of curiosity I looked up St. Louis on the internet and saw a mention of numerous natural caves along the river. Maybe play it up as having a River Styx like connection, with the caves along the river being naturally occurring passages to the Lower Realms.
          ​Rivers and the after life were commonly connected in ancient cultures.


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            Cahokia was a major ancient city just outside St Louis sometime between 700 and 1400 AD. There were several other major mounds which may have been satellite cities in what would become St Louis, only one of which remains, the rest being razed in the construction of the city.