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    Make sure to give your players a fighting chance, or at least a forewarning! No-selling their magic would be really nasty as a surprise.

    Until then, I appreciate the updates. I'm eager to know how your youngest group is doing.

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      The other Boston group had an interesting session, also focused on combat. The kids seemed to like it. I usually do a session recap for that group, so I'll post it here when I have it.


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        So I like the suggestion in the other thread where a Fate 4 mage can create a Chaos Mastery field in his sanctum that he is immune to through Warding Gesture.

        In this vein, I've decided to have this in place in the cave portion of Wendigo's sanctum with a Potency of 6. The way I picture this cave is a narrow crack in the basement that eventually widens into a corridor, which leads to a larger cavern no longer under the house. Wendigo's summoning circle is in one part of the cavern. His library is in another part. The cave could have an exit in the cliff side overlooking the Atlantic, but there has to be a practical way to keep the elements out of the cave since it is a library/sanctum.

        What cool effects and what kind of mechanics do you guys suggest for the Potency 6 Chaos Mastery. Will the Potency 6 mean 6 different events total or 6 different events to each character in the area? Or maybe 6 different events that could affect multiple intruders?

        Your suggestions are appreciated.
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          Considering the way AoE works, 6 total.


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            I think whatever events you plan for the "Chaos Mastery", they should feel ridiculously contrived. That would signify to your players that something is off, as opposed to thinking that you're personally messing with them. Did you ever see the "Final Destination" series?


            Without going into details, use every point of Potency on a chain of events ending with a threat. Employ Rube-Goldberg events. Tell your players of a potential danger, and when they try to address it, spring another danger at them and then have them to roll dice. An example in action: PC-1 slips on wet leaves and starts sliding towards a jagged pit. PC-2 tries to help, but steps into a hole and breaks their ankle. PC-3 tries to cast a spell, but a tool stand interrupts by falling at them in that moment. For extra humor, PC-1 gets snagged by a rock outcropping and is completely unhurt. If you want to turn the screw even further, after they figure out something is off describe every potential threat in detail - make them paranoid.

            You can make the cave into a workshop where Wendigo processes carcasses, makes traps and keeps Yantras. That would fill the place with jagged and noxious things to be wary of. Possible hazards include:
            • Slippery leaves make for a tripping hazard and may hide other threats.
            ​• A deep pit or well filled with human and animal bones.
            • Uneven footing and rock outcroppings carrying a risk of injury​.
            ​• A section of the roof collapsing.
            • Venomous animals, like spiders or snakes.
            ​• Hidden tripwires and bear traps.
            ​• Sharp, heavy or pointy equipment.
            ​• Tool racks that can spontanously collapse.
            ​• Containers with concentrated lye (for soap).
            • Ash and granulate materials getting blown in their faces.
            ​• Breakable jars with angry hornets.

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              Thanks. Any mechanical advice for the above ideas?


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                The cave contains pre-existing dangers. You can describe them to the players, or demand a perception check. Either way, if your players have time to make decisions, a threat is not part of the Spell.

                According to the Spell description, you should use standard rules for every hazard it causes. I'm afraid you'll have to consult the books for what options you like most. I tried to write down an algorithm of your options, but the sheer variety is killing me. To keep it simple, every time "Chaos Mastery" endangers a PC, they are forced to make an unexpected roll. This uses up 1 Potency of the Spell. You can reduce any of these rolls to a Chance Die using 1 extra Potency. For 1 Potency, you can also inflict Conditions on your PCs, without a roll. Best to do it as a punchline, after they successfully avoid a different threat. If something is only there to psych them out and they don't get to roll against it, no Potency is spent.

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                  This is what I settled on. Please critique if you have the time:

                  - Falling Stalactite (Dice Pool 10 - Defense, +2L)
                  - Roof section collapse (Dex + Athletics - 5 or Immobilized Tilt)
                  - Slippery limestone (Arm or Leg Wrack Tilt)
                  - Insect Cloud (Full Blinded Tilt)
                  - Deep (9 meter) well filled with human and animal bones (3B - [Dex + Athletics successes])

                  - Snake bite (Northern Copperhead - Chance die to avoid): 6 - (Stamina + Resolve - 6) -> Lethal damage per minute

                  I think this should be enough.

                  I'm also looking for a 3rd sanctum wide spell (the other is Wards & Signs). Any suggestions?


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                    It's pretty late for me, so I'll be brief:

                    Did you decide how to chain events together?

                    Do your PCs have Life to heal themselves of damage? If not, can they use Wendigo's equipment to make splints, stretchers and antidotes?

                    Make sure Tilts become relevant for further decision-making.

                    As for the third Sanctum Spell, what comes to my mind is:
                    Degrading the Form (Life ) Rules as written - you can reduce everyone's Physical Attribute of your choice.
                    Control Instincts (Life •) GM's call - you can bribe your players with Beats for making bad decisions.

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                    • Yes. One of the PCs has Life 3.

                      I'll likely figure out the chaining of events during play.

                      Thanks again for all your suggestions.