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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    I didn't say it was impossible, simply that the level of paranoia in the Pentacle makes it very difficult. Like, unless your players are playing particularly credulous characters, they're not going to fall easily for the tricks of a Seer. In fact, as soon as the word Seer appears, violent paranoia tends to spike.

    Also, I think there's a difference between knowing Seer opponents and rivals, and really having a grasp of their characters.

    Unless I've missed a big change, that's not true. The SL book is pretty blunt that they view all Seers as traitors worthy of at best summary execution.
    Interesting, the Silver Ladder's Order book is one I have yet to read. The 2ed core book gave the impression the Ladder see them as wasted potential.

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      Originally posted by KaiserAfini View Post
      The 2ed core book gave the impression the Ladder see them as wasted potential.
      I hadn't really given it much thought but you're right, it does suggest a different approach.


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        I think the different views can be reconciled as simply differing views within the organisation, or popular views vs doctrine. Seers should still absolutely be considered the Diamond's worst enemies by SL doctrine and hardliners with that view would certainly exist, but the similarities between the two cults could still lead to individuals finding common ground. In fact, there's a subfaction in the SL book that considers it their duty to bring the Iron Pyramid into the Diamond as a fifth member cult.
        The much lesser focus on Oracles in 2e also erodes the idea that SL and Seers are servants of two warring factions in the Supernal and thus exclusively enemies unless you wish to straight up betray your masters. It's not removed completely, but now it makes a little more sense for individuals to be able to ignore that bit.

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