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Imbued Items, Artifacts, and other related Magical Knick-Knacks.

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  • Imbued Items, Artifacts, and other related Magical Knick-Knacks.

    I searched for a related thread about the topic but didn't see one at first blush. If I missed the obvious please feel free to close the thread. I'm uncertain about the creation of and making the stats for magical curios so I figured a thread where we can discuss and share items would be appropriate.

    In my current game I have a player that's joining for the upcoming story arc that wants to play a "spirit summoner" type character. After their awakening they returned from their watchtower (either Thyrsus or Acanthus they haven't decided yet) with a deck of cards that in character they have to figure out how to use. The deck is actually a set of fetishes? where the character can bind defeated troublemaker spirits and the player can trust in Fate to draw the appropriate card for the current situation and use the spirits influence/numina or summon the spirit itself.

    My problem is I've got no idea how to stat such an artifact or if I should even let them use such an item (it might be game breaking powerful). So any advice would be appreciated.

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    I had an Artifact with a similar effect to that in a game once. Most of what you want to do is under the Craft Fetish or Bind Spirit spells. You also might check out the Cartomancer merit from the 1E book Keys to the Supernal Tarot, which has a system for empowering your magic by drawing Fate-appropriate cards.

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      I believe Magical Traditions actually has a five dot merit that represents owning a number of talismans for one time use of spirits for particular tasks. You could look into that.


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        Werewolf: the Forsaken has more information on Fetishes. Generally a Fetish will have an equivalent dot level as an Imbued item with the same powers.

        Deck of Spirits (* * * *)

        This Artifact has two "modes". The first mode is the binding spell where a defeated spirit can be used to create a Fetish as per the Create Fetish spell, up to five spirits can be bound into the deck as separate Fetishes.

        The second mode randomly "draws" one of the Fetishes out of the deck (whether empty or not) and activates the power best for the current situation.

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