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    I like writing up content that's designed to be used at the game table, and it seems like people enjoy the stuff that I post! Now that the Chronicle I was running has ended, I want to write some slightly more ambitious stuff, like adventure seeds and mini-settings with a grab bag of different mechanics attached.

    Here are some things I've written already:

    Choir of Hashmallim (plus extra Summoning rules)
    Brotherhood of the Demon Wind
    Storm Keepers
    Rising Divines (fan legacy from 1E, Shadow Name experts)
    Ming (original, Sympathetic Name experts)

    Dharmakshetra (a Temenos realm including Goetia, a Grimoire, a Nameless Order, and a new dueling system. This is the type of stuff that I want to do more of!)
    Ravani (Mage-Demon hybrid template inspired by the Admonitoria)
    Expanded Duel Arcane (new systems, Conditions, and Merits to flesh out the Duel)

    I've also done some Promethean stuff that's representative of what I want to do:
    Kryptae and Se'irim (2E rules for animal and plant Pandorans)
    Sunny and the Kid (a pair of NPCs to be dropped into a game)
    Caucasian Eagle (an iconic Horror that preys on the Created)

    Now, I have some more ideas for things I want to write, mainly intended for Mage. I'd like to hear from you guys about what interests you and what you want to see more of. In terms of mechanics, do you want to see:
    • Artifacts, Grimoires, and other magic items
    • Awakened, Sleepwalker, and Sleeper NPCs
    • Ephemeral beings like Supernals and Abyssals
    • Legacies, Proximi Dynasties, and Nameless Orders
    • Something else?
    Some of these would be stand-alone, others would be components of a larger writeup like Dharmakshetra. I also have a few ideas for story seeds to be adapted by individual groups, and I want to hear what you'd like to see:
    • A sanctum or Atlantean temple written up as a haunted mansion/dungeon crawl scenario, complete with map
    • A social/mental scenario involving the Lex Magica and an impending execution in a politically unstable Consilium
    • An action scenario/mini-Dark Era on Wall Street during the 2008 financial collapse, featuring magical investigators, Pentacle infighting, and the Abyssal entity Anumerus as your 3rd or 4th biggest problem
    • A sandbox sketch of a rural community, its inhabitants, and its Mystery, with a focus on the status quo and what will happen as the PCs change it
    • A Grimoire of Grimoires-style writeup of a grimoire, its author, its spells, its unexpected impact, and how to drop it into a game
    • An Acamoth that blocks the Astral Path of its victims until they complete its warped trials, and the Scelesti that summoned it
    • Family drama between an Archmaster and a rogue subsoul brings the Imperial Mysteries to street level, with the PCs caught in the middle
    • Collection of named NPCs, especially other supernaturals and undefined Horrors, meant to populate a Mage game as friends and/or enemies
    What do you think? Are you dying to hear about any of those?

    2E Legacy Updates
    Brotherhood of the Demon Wind
    Choir of Hashmallim (plus extra Summoning content)
    Storm Keepers