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Telekinesis with Space

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  • Telekinesis with Space

    I am surely not the first or the last to wonder if Space can be used to emulate telekinesis by continually deciding which vector an object occupies at a given time. In my first ever Mage game I even had a Mastigos NPC do this when cleaning up her library, because it felt intuitively right to me that this could be done.

    If my Mastigos players want to play with this, what do you think is the proper Practice? I was thinking Ruling, since you are ruling an object to occupy the vectors you want. This could however probably step on the toes of Teleportation which is doing the same thing and is not available until Adept level.

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    If you want something to move (as opposed to simply changing position) with Space you'd have to do something like Alter Direction. You could either have fine control be an extra Reach for Alter Direction, or design a new Patterning spell for telekinesis.

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      Yeah pretty sure it'd be pattering. Also keep in mind that you only continually rewrite it's position in space. So even if a book seems to levitate, gravity does still pull at it, increasing it's speed/kinetic energy. This could have unwanted side effects as soon as the spell ends.

      Edit: Actually a shielding spell while not able to move things telekinetically could presumably shield the location of an object from change, thus keeping it stuck midair. The downfall with gravity would of course still apply, this could make for a very very nasty "rocks fall everyone dies due to huge explosion due to accumulated kinetic energy" trap in conjunction with fate 2.
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        There's a home brew spell that allows you to manipulate objects from a distance (weaving spell, iirc). That is effectively telekinesis, though you'd have to use your own physical abilities instead of your magic. It's similar enough for me, though.


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          Technically, you can mimic a really crude form of telekinesis at 3 dots of Space by using Co-Location to switch objects around in Space inside very small areas. One of those areas could be in the air, thus the object you're trying to move is transposed into the air, as well as onto the ground, and could also be on another point on the ground in a different area. If you switch its location to the air, gravity takes over and it falls unless you've subsequently used another spell to prevent it from being affected by vectors. I actually think that the Shielding practice would only protect you from damage that could be induced by a vector, so you'd probably have to Fray the vector in order to keep the natural downward trajectory from taking hold if you wanted it to stay airborne.

          Although, maybe more simply, you could just Fray the vector that keeps a thing on the ground which wouldn't cause it to float, but would essentially negate the force of gravity on it. Perfecting the vector for it to move in some other direction (Should be possible, targets usually experience omnidirectional vectors in an atmospheric environment) could cause it to slide around. What Patterning lets you do is fine tune the vectors by changing them around in more complex ways, letting you plot out a course that would take multiple Fraying or Perfecting spells for whatever you're moving around.