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    Lots of very interesting ideas here, even though play & ST primarily Requiem. Never really toyed with it, but reading on the concept of "dead universes, inhabited by alien beings hungry for certain aspects of our own existence" definitely piqued my interest and i did conceive a critter out of this, the Face Stealers, entities that drain a person's form, memory & capabilities to then assume their place, while keeping the weakened and confused originals caged but well-feed, so they may preserve those identities, at least for a time. An awful paradox in that to live on as a person the Face Stealer must regularly confront the lie that makes its identity possible.

    Way i imagined them they were defined by this pathetic conundrum of desiring life & identity as a person more than anything, the hunger to be somebody, anybody, but the deeper they dig into this humanity, the more aware (and somewhat resentful) of the lie and monstrosity involved in its preservation they become. There were two little extras/twists to the dynamic too.

    - In truth, a Face Stealer may become "the mask" permanently through willpower sacrifice,but very few do due to the insecurities and doubts generated by their own condition (also, they do have a kernel of identity in Virtues & Vices of their own, what might generate some inner conflict with the identity taken and relate in no small part to the whole cycle of self-doubt so common to these beings). For those that do take that bold step, even the memory of once being something else is lost turning fully into that individual.

    - A ironic colateral of the Face Stealer's regular feeding is that their victims slowly becomes ever more like the creature in many ways, what also results in the possibility of a dying victim, if somehow self-aware or still strong-willed enough, to spend permanent willpower to become a Face Stealer itself, angry and hungry for consuming and undoing the face of its suffering to the point of denying its own existence for the sake of payback.