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  • [Mage: the Awakening 2nd Edition Actual Play] Boston Jubilee

    When I first became interested in Awakening 2e, I noticed that it had a severe lack of APs, whether to just read for fun or to get an idea of how the game plays. So I decided I would make my first Awakening 2e game into one, and here it is. The first session, anyway. Rather short, but we didn't have much time. Our next session will be a full one, on Sunday. The game is played via Discord chat with a dicebot, and it was pretty fun. Highly recommend it.

    Anyway, please enjoy Session 0.5 of Boston Jubilee, a Mage: the Awakening 2nd Edition Chronicle. It's set in Boston, in case you were wondering. Not much is drawn from Boston: Unveiled, according to the ST. Critique, comment, inquire, etc.

    Boston Jubilee
    A Mage: the Awakening 2nd Edition Chronicle
    Mewsocks: Storyteller
    TrafficHazard: Lupin
    CoolStory: Lucius
    swagdog: House
    (Compiled by TrafficHazard)

    Player Characters:
    A younger Mastigos searching desperately for meaning in magic. Not as poised as his Cabalmates. His life since coming to Boston has spiraled, but with his Awakening, things will change. Under the tutelage of the Mysterium, he hopes to find Truth in the Lie.
    Gnosis: 1
    Space: 3
    Mind: 2
    Time: 1
    Dedicated Tool: Brass Knuckles

    A slick Acanthus who makes sure the odds roll in his favor. Whether it’s at cards or at life, he’s determined to be the one steering his destiny. A Boston native, he’s all too used to the city’s underbelly. Surprisingly, a voice of reason. May be why he joined the Mysterium against the wishes of his Libertine mentor.
    Gnosis: 2
    Fate: 3
    Time: 2
    Spirit: 1
    Dedicated Tool: Crystal Dice

    A disillusioned academic aspiring to understand the Supernal. Armed with the fires of the Aether, this Londoner Obrimos has been sent by his mentor to Boston, with the hopes that his pupil will cast light on the city’s hidden Mysteries. A natural fit for the Mysterium.
    Gnosis: 2
    Prime: 3
    Forces: 2
    Mind: 1
    Dedicated Tool: A ring of petrified wood chased with silver.

    We all chose Mysterium on our own. Because it’s the best Order.

    Boston - 2017. Fall. Specifically November, 4th. It has all gone to shit, greater politics must be the work of Seers at this point. Boston was a tense powder keg, Seer and Pentacle relations tense and unsteady, easily breakable with a mere whispered word. Fragile spider webs tingle over the dilapidated casino. Why the hell were the Lamplighters here? Well, that was due to the ever whirling wheel of fate. A groan emitted from the floorboards beneath, another following it, more man than creaking foundations.
    Lamplighters, you are in the dark, bring forth your own light.

    Lupin strains his eyes, trying to pick out details in the near pitch black of the casino.
    "Lucius? You wanna do your thing, man?”

    Out of idle, wan stubbornness, irrespective of its capacity for actually functioning, House stands there in the dark next to a number of switches on a switch-board. He flicks one up and down, achieving nothing in particular as he does so. After a few seconds of this, he retrieves his cell phone and activates the flashlight function - it was a feeble, dim light in the darkness, but it was something until anything more substantial materialized.

    Lucius mumbles a few words of high speech and touches his sudden Cabalmates. "This is gonna make things a little easier for now. Now, why the hell are we here again?"

    Lucius casts mass Nightvision, and successfully dodges the Paradox from overreaching.

    Lupin takes in the surroundings with his newly enhanced vision, eyes sharp for any movement. "Ask House."

    "Ah..." House trails off as he is touched, quickly shutting off his cell phone flashlight with a flick of his finger and blinking as his eyes adjust to their new capacity to see through the dark. "Warn me before you do something like that," he says, but even as he does, the humor suffusing his tone and the small, but growing grin at the marvel of seeing in pitch black makes it clear he's happy Lucius has blessed him with that sight. As Lupin mentions his name, he checks his watch, and then raises his head arrogantly.
    "All in good time, gentlemen."

    Lucius looks in House's direction and shrugs, then activates his Mage Sight and looks around. "This city is getting better and better..."

    "It was probably in good time about an hour ago." Lupin mumbles, petulantly annoyed. He walks over to a moldy cardboard box and taps it with his foot, boredom warring with his nerves.

    "It would ruin the surprise. Don't be so impatient, Lupin, your face will get stuck that way.” House says as he activates his own Mage Sight. Lupin does the same.

    "Your face will get stuck a certain way." Lupin mutters.

    "Yes, yes, twisted into this permanently handsome mug, what a curse," House replies blithely.

    They head further into the casino, armed with Mage Sight and nightvision.

    Now they could see they witnessed the full gorey destruction that had happened. Blood and bone coated the slot machines, a man laid in twain without a head, another was bleeding out, pooling blood onto the ground as he groaned again. A magical anomaly of some sort was located at this place exactly 126.5 minutes ago, a sheen of Time stretched across the groaning man, shimmering to entrap him to Lucius's sight. The feeling of Force and Space stretched across the casino, pressuring the Lamplighters.

    Lucius and Lupin both recoil, trying not to vomit. Lucius turns away, and Lupin shuts his eyes and his Sight as he looks away.

    "Fucking hell..." -Lucius
    ”The fuck, man?” -Lupin

    House is suddenly glad he's replaced his driving gloves on his fingers for the generous caking of dust and blood on everything. But now that they could see...there the bodies lay before them. His lip curled a little bit at the carnage. "Not the surprise I was hoping for, but I suppose you can't be picky about what you fish out of the eddies of fate.”

    "I hate fishing and I hate you." Lucius is visibly shaken. "I'm not made for this type of work."

    Lupin decides if he's going to puke, he's going to do it outside. He strides off, eyes on the floor as he leaves the building.

    “Sorry, did you think this was going to be rose-scented oils and tome-scouring all day?" House replies to Lucius. Despite attempting to keep his composure, it's obvious to anyone looking at him that his face has paled and that he's shaken.

    Lucius tries to regain his composure, looking around nervously. "Don't split the party, goddamnit!" he says, in vain as he notices Lupin making for the door.

    "It's just right outside, eat shit." Lupin snaps. “Both of you.” He heads outside.

    "Give him a minute...he needs it." House says to Lucius, all too understanding.

    "I sure didn't expect it to be a fucking butcher shop from day one..." He looks at the bodies, looking a little calmer. He walks a little closer to the center of the anomaly and tries to recall if he read about something like it.

    Lucius is more familiar with the Occult than the other two combined.

    "Well, nothing for it but to roll up our sleeves and piece together what's going on..." House says, watching Lucius cross over to the anomaly idly, perhaps even a bit warily as he reaches into his pocket and retrieves a pair of crystal dice.

    After a few deep breaths of the (relatively) fresh air outside, Lupin calms a bit. He props the door open and leans against the frame. He takes a cigarette from a pack and lights it with shaking fingers, taking a drag. He keeps his eyes on the street but an ear to the inside.

    Examining the anomaly, Lucius recalled nothing written that could cause exactly what had happened, however in his occult devouring fervour he has come across mentions of similar places, an anomaly that leaves blood.

    An Exceptional Success on the Occult + Int roll gives Lucius the ‘Inspired: Anomaly’ Condition and allows him to have a naggling inkling about the anomaly, having read about something similar, somewhere.

    Lucius shrugs helplessly. "I don't fucking know." "It's some kind of... Vortex? Explosion?"

    The sheer shock of the sight of the carnage receding slightly, Lupin realizes that it probably isn't safe here. At all. He shrouds himself in warped Space, eyes flicking around nervously. Outside the old casino, the outskirts of the city are old and crumbling, abandoned buildings and warehouses in the dark. "You guy should probably armor up, if you're going to poke around a fucking massacre." he calls over his shoulder from the door.

    Looking around nervously and looking back as if to check if the exit is still there, Lucius says "We don't even know what it was. It might have a supernal nature... Or worse."

    "Whatever it was, it killed. Better safe than sorry."

    "Pipe down for a minute," House says, as he takes a knee, shakes his dice in his hand, and casts them on the ground. "I'm going to see if I can piece together this shitshow."

    Trying to cast Postcognition.

    "Ugh." Lucius backpedals a bit. "That's why I didn't go for MD."

    Lupin crushes his half-smoked cigarette under his heel and reaches across his empathic link to his familiar, trying to get the damn thing's attention.

    Shiny Shiny Shiny.. not shiny. The Magpie was distracted, flinting about on the slot machines. A glint of the eyes showed Lupin he had its attention. The one has need, so needy, so needy.

    Lupin’s familiar is a Rank 1 Goetia of Greed from his Oneiros, and takes the form of a medium-sized, ethereal black and white magpie.

    That's nice, Lupin thinks to the bird, deciding not to indulge it. Come watch the street.

    Shiny cars. The bird flinted outside.

    Lucius turns to House. "Anything? Let's not linger here more than necessary." he says as Lupin comes back inside. House is still taking his time to structure the spell.

    Before House can answer, Lupin interjects. "So have you guys actually found anything out, or have you been standing around in here with your dicks in your hands?"

    "I saw something like this before in one of the books that I skimmed on some boring lecture... I can't for the love of me remember what it was..." Lucius replies. He looks at the floor, contemplating.

    "The fuck do you study, man? 'Famous slaughter scenes throughout history'?"

    "Transdimensional geometry, Supernal Realm and its ontological traits, and, yes, famous anomalies that make corpses out of people." Lucius puts up a forced smile.

    Lupin eyes him critically.

    Another groan emitted from the man.

    He groaned earlier, but nobody noticed.

    "Fuck. Is he alive?!" Lucius approaches the man and tries to see if he can be helped. He's very pessimistic about the prospect.

    Lupin flinches back. "Fuck me! Dude you better put some fucking armor on before you touch that guy, you don't know what the fuck is going on!" he shouts at Lucius.

    "You're making me more nervous than I'm comfortable with!" Lucius snaps back.

    "You shouldn't be comfortable!"

    Coming up with essentially nothing, House shakes his head for a minute and comes back into his own body, muttering under his own breath. He scoops up the dice he's scowling at unhappily, and turns with mild surprise to realize that there's someone making noises and managed to survive. "What did I miss?" He asks.

    His Postcognition was ruled a failure due to issues with yantras and Temporal Sympathy.

    He was missing an arm, and a leg.. and almost all his blood, but the closer Lucius got to him the more he noticed something, the blood pooling out... and then went back in.

    "Sir! Do you hear me?" Lucius crouches near the man. "This isn't good... This isn't fucking good..."

    The man groaned.

    "Don't come any closer!" Lucius warns the others.

    "Oh that's fucking gross." Lupin is rapidly turning green as he backs up.

    "Is there any saving him?" House asks quietly as he stands up and joins the other two, looking down at the groaning man.

    "His blood was outside, now it's inside. You tell me..." Lucius steps back in confusion.

    House engaged his Mage Sight, observing the Time around the man.

    A loop. He was bleeding out, then the blood lapped back in. Groan.. Out. In. Groan.

    "He's stuck in a temporal loop...I don't know if he can die even if he wanted to, now. That's just a guess...what a grisly fate. Do you think that's been caused by the anomaly?" House asks.

    "Well it's not fucking natural." Lupin replies.

    "What are the alternatives? Rotten food?" Lucius says. He turns to House "Can you undo it?”

    "A bastard of a mage, if not the anomaly," House mutters, running his hand back through his hair. "I can try."

    "Should you undo it? What if you break him out of the loop and he dies?" Lupin asks.

    "Alright, we'll just leave the poor bastard to suffer here until the new ownership finds him then." House says in a fit of dark sarcasm, obviously with no intention of doing so.

    Lucius gestures at the mutilated man. "He's already dead. It's the anomaly that's preventing him from dying."

    Lupin scrambles to find a reason to keep the man alive. "Isn't he the best lead we've got?"

    Virtue: Hopeful.

    "Well, let me study this thing a little. Maybe we can save him. But I'm at a loss for how without someone very experienced in the mysteries of Life and its maintenance on hand. I don't have anyone like that on speed dial." House says. "At least the loop will give us a chance to eyeball it and come to a conclusion."

    "The magic left unattended destabilizes with time. The anomaly can grow or become more dangerous. We sure can spare several minutes, but let's be reasonable here, we don't have enough time to save him." Lucius says.

    "We have an Acanthus, we have all the Time in the world." Lupin shoots back hotly.

    House gives Lucius a long look. "I'm not certain what the decay rate is on this spell. Let me look. I'm not making any promises beyond 'I promise to see what I can do', so let's all dial it back."

    Lucius covers his face and starts massaging his temples.

    "Sorry if not condemning some schmuck to death is stressing you out." Lupin says sarcastically.

    A tense situation all around. Lupin believes the man can be saved, that since they’re Mages they shouldn’t have to compromise. Lucius is approaching it from a big picture angle. Realistically there’s nothing they can do for the man, and the anomaly has to be taken care of. House sits in the middle, and wants to try to save the man but is prepared to pull the plug, if it has to be done. He understands where the other two are coming from. The stress of the situation is taking its toll on Lucius and Lupin especially, while House remains more composed.

    Lucius waves Lupin away and takes a walk around, letting House do his job, and Lupin goes to lean against the bar, lighting another cigarette and trying to keep his eyes busy and away from the grisly details. As he leans against the bar, blood gets onto his clothes.

    Lupin and Lucius both cry “Fuck!” simultaneously, Lucius nearly tumbling to the floor by slipping in a pool of blood, and Lupin from getting blood on his clothes.

    Lupin faces the bar, looking for the source of the blood. It was a female, dressed like a poker bunny, fishnets and all, impaled on the wooden spike over the top of the bar, her body bloody and mangled. Lupin barely manages to keep himself from throwing up.

    One Success on a roll to resist vomiting.

    Meanwhile, Lucius is observing the room with his Mage Sight, looking with for traces of Prime. “It was something massive...” he mutters, looking at the patterns in the air, in the blood, and on the walls.

    House is observing the spell, Scrutinizing it with Focused Mage Sight. He sees that the spell is being rewoven again and again, a new Imago forming as though being cast repeatedly.

    "That's...that's advanced," House says suddenly, to his group. He shakes his head a little. "It's not just the man reforming himself, the spell's imago is reforming itself. On the plus side, I think that buys us some time. On the other side of the coin, very weird, possibly dangerous."

    "This casino shines like a thousand stars... Whoever or whatever did this wasn't fucking around..." Lucius says, still looking with his Sight.

    Lupin swallows back a surge of sour bile. "What?" He gasps out. "That's impossible. How does an imago just form on its own?"

    "Several ways." Lucius answers. "The mage who did this might've died, and his spells went awry... But then he should've been really powerful... Some idiot decided to release the Paradox... This is all a dream and we're gonna wake up in warm beds... Take your pick."

    House swallows a little, trying to comprehend exactly how much power that meant they were confronted with.

    Lupin turns away from the mutilated server girl and shucks off his bloody jacket. "Ok, so what do we do? We can't just leave this guy here, and sticking around is a bad idea."

    "Look, if it's Paradox, Lucius, do you think this is Abyssal in nature? I don't want to be getting elbow deep into Abyssally corrupted magic.” House asks.

    "Only one way to find out.” Lucius replies.

    House gestures to the body grimly, but with a hand flourish, indicating Lucius should take his turn.

    Shiny! Super Shiny!

    Lupin feels his familiar’s excitement and switches to the bird’s senses.

    Lupin's eyes stared into the sun. No, but it was as bright, a car shaped visage burning bright and glorious. and it was coming right at the casino...

    A bit of ooc and ic confusion here. Lupin thought his familiar was just staring headlong into approaching headlights like a dumb bird. He wasn’t. Also, the familiar is named Modus Operandi, or just Modus or Mo for short.

    "Veiling spells! Now!" Lupin hisses to the others, already flicking out his Mudra.
    Incognito Presence Rote.

    "Fuck..." Lucius starts weaving mass Invisibility.
    And an Invisibility Rote.

    "Take my hands, quickly..." Lucius starts mumbling words in High Speech.

    Without waiting to make a quip, House grabs Lucius hand as he rounds the bend. Lupin simply presses against them, busy with his own Rote.
    Loud noises came through, chanting in High Speech.


    House reaches his other hand to put it on Lupin's shoulder and grasp firmly, as if ready to start conferring the powers of Fate upon them both immediately.

    "They're gonna fucking blow it up. Hang on, let me just..." Lucius mutters. He cancels Nightvision, and scrambles to put together an Imago for an environmental shield powerful enough to cover all three of them.

    "I told you guys to armor up like ten minutes ago, you fucking morons..." Lupin whispers, hunkering down and rushing together an Imago for a portal, pulling a roll of stamps from his pocket and touching his other hand to the floor.

    "Alright, alright, ah..." House says, looking around as he reflexively raises Fate Mage Armor and looks around trying to figure something out before it all goes to shit.

    "Lupin, get us OUT OF HERE!" Lucius shouts. "NOW!"


    The car, glowing and burning in all its glory crashed into the casino, shadowy forms in the windows vanishing fast.

    "NOOOOW!" -Lucius

    Lupin grits his teeth as he rips the Imago out of his head and into reality, but as the spell came through, it felt... slimy. The portal forms underneath the three Mages, rimmed in the green fire of Lupin’s Nimbus.

    A Co-Location Rote with a metric shitton of Reach. Even with the Reach given by the Rote, Lupin overreached by two, adding two dice to the Paradox pool, which he couldn’t mitigate as his one Mana per turn went to Sympathetic Range, (targeting a placed stamp) and his reflexive yantra was the roll of stamps. Had to pull it off in one turn, or they would have been hit by the rhyming explosion car. The spell feels ‘slimy’ because Lupin, rolling a pool of 7 to contain it, got zero Successes on the Containment roll, while the Paradox, rolling 2 dice, got one Success, smacking Lupin with the ‘Abyssal’s Familiar’ Condition, which means any use of his Familiar, even reflexively switching senses, causes a Paradox roll. Fuck anyone who says Paradox is non-existent in 2e. The portal forms underneath them so that nobody had to take an action to move through it, and it had to be a portal for the other two to be able to travel through it. Wasn't sure at the time how many objects I could move through it, and the portal was made visible.

    “Lupin?" House whispers in concern - which is about all he can get out as his world starts to become a war between empty air and gravity.

    "NOOOUGHHHFHhh~" Lucius' scream is interrupted by the space itself, contracting and expanding like a beating heart.

    Lupin tumbles over backward, and feels his stomach pull as gravity changes around him.

    The three Mages fall into the portal and out into their Beacon Hill Sanctum, where the floating portal is aligned vertically. They tumble onto the carpeted floor in a bloody, tangled heap.
    Lupin cancelled the spell reflexively just as light and sound screamed toward them, the portal closing just in time, the screeching and flashing abruptly cut off, leaving the trio in silence.

    House groans from the pain of a crash landing, taking in the change in surroundings. Air conditioning, heat, some lights, and the familiar smells of the Sanctum. "Do not wash that shirt," he says muffledly to Lupin through the floor, and then he pushes himself to his knees, and then from his knees, to his feet.

    Lucius tenses for a moment, turns his head around without getting up, and relaxes, closing his eyes and taking several deep, long breaths. "Fucking hell..."

    Lupin is facedown on the floor. "You guys - fucking - suck." he says without getting up, his words muffled.

    "Fuck you..." Lucius' weak voice betrays his condition. He dismisses his spells on himself and others.

    "Yes, well, you know what you signed up for," House mutters blithely to Lupin as he wipes his face, shaking his head. "Thank you for the quick exit. But for real - that shirt is Cabal property now. It's our best evidence and clue to work out what the hell just happened out there."

    Lupin feels sick, like a ball of black grease is sitting in his stomach. He lets his spells and armor fade, and tries to reach down the link to Modus, but he stopped when screeching static filled the link.

    "I, ugh... We have more clues than you think." Lucius says. "Did it hit you?" He turns to Lupin.

    "I don't think so." Lupin says. He is still on the floor. "Spell felt wrong."

    "The paradox," Lucius realizes. "Figures. That portal felt like devil's cloaca..."

    "Eh?" House says. "Weren't you just sick from the viscera?"

    "Why don't you check?" Lupin groans. "Space is a cruel mistress."

    "I'm not your doc in a box." House says, waving his hand. "Alright, Lucius - what did you mean when you said, 'We have more clues than you think'?" He limps over to the nearest chair to sit in, which is unfortunately across the Sanctum.

    "I've seen that effect before. I'm positive." Lucius closes his eyes and sighs "Ugh... I'll research it and we'll know more about what happened... Later.”
    He finally stands up. "The car. The car is the second clue."

    "I didn't catch its plates," House says darkly, clearly intending it to be a joke.

    "It might've had none." Lucius is completely serious. "It might've been a tass construct. Or spirit. Or a ghost. The High Speech is the third clue." He walks to the couch and sits down.

    Lupin pulls himself up into a sitting position, fighting the queasiness. "The High Speech. It had to be Supernal. Something about... night? And explosions?"

    "I thought that was sort of self-evident," House says, removing his gloves and scratching his nose and neck.

    "Whatever it was, it knew High Speech and was able to use it to empower incantations." Lucius interjects.

    Lupin grimaces. "Oh, wonderful. Like Christine, but a wizard car instead of a demon car."

    "Lots of magic making itself tonight." House muses, shaking his head in confusion.

    "It wasn't a typical use of high speech though. Most of the times it's enough to mutter a few words. It or they were chanting." Lucius says, ignoring Lupin’s snarky comment.

    "No, you're right. That is important. That was a fairly elaborate chant. I could barely make it all out. Either way...I hate to admit it, but this might be over our heads. Maybe." House rubs his cheek from where he fell to the ground.
    Lupin climbs to his feet. "If you'll excuse me, gentlemen, I'm going to go take a bleach shower." He heads to his room to grab a change of clothes.
    "Leave the shirt. For the sympathies," House insists.

    Lucius looks at his boots smeared in blood. "Ugh...", and then at the bloodstains in the room. “Aw...:”

    "Speaking of sympathies, this blood needs to go. If it's a wizard car, it can use it to target us." Lupin says.

    "Just cast a Ward and so will I. We -need- this blood," House insists, standing up from the chair for emphasis.

    "Cool your jets,” Lupin replies. “I can Ward the shirt, easy, but it's harder to Ward the whole place."

    "Alright - I'll protect it from temporal sympathy as well. Then, we can investigate it at our leisure," House says, scratching at his chin. "Look, Lupin...I'm sorry. About the man, earlier. We tried. We - we were gonna try."

    "It's fine." It clearly isn't.

    "Doesn't matter now..." Lucius is brief.

    "Hopefully he'll be able to move on," House says quickly, hoping to smooth that one over.

    "So, what do you think? Assassination? Cover up? Wrong place, wrong time?" Lucius quickly changes the subject.

    Lupin stalks off to his room, muttering.
    "lost my jacket, lost my fucking bird, got ripped a new one by Space..."

    House watches Lupin leave with a grimace, clearly understanding how he feels, but unable to say much of anything. His shoes clack on the floor as he starts drawing closer to Lucius. "It wasn't an accident, that's all I can say about that. Whether it was cleaning up tracks, or competing entities, or...well, all I can tell you is that nothing that happened in that casino was a mistake. Including our arrival. I wish I'd known how big a game we were going to be playing before we sat at the table, that much is for sure."

    "Always finding time for them metaphors, huh..." Lucius says with a joyless smile. "I need to tell my mentor about what happened. If you’ll excuse me..." He leaves for his room, leaving his bloodstained shoes behind.

    Lupin reemerges with a stack of clean clothes, his shoes removed. He strides across the living room to the bathroom and shuts the door behind him, the lock clicking loudly. The muffled sound of running water hitting porcelain filters out into the main room.

    House is left standing in the middle of their shared area, releasing a deep breath he was holding in it seemed like since the explosion happened. "Remind me to read the tea leaves or something before I go off on a lark of destiny next time," he says to no one in particular - mostly himself.

    From Lucius:
    "Good day, professor! Hope you're well.
    Sending my report about the casino where we almost died.
    Sincerely, Lucius."
    Attachment: Report_04.11.mgc

    Lupin feels the excitement and grits his teeth, forcing his senses down the link.
    Dodged the Paradox for switching senses.

    Greed was on his way back.
    Flapping after the smoldering crater that was once the casino. Glowing bright and solid, a star destroyed.

    Lupin grimaces as he hunts down the traces of the Abyss in his Pattern. The skin over his breast cuts as if with a knife, the small pattern of a bird in flight being etched into his flesh, the edges of the cut oozing black and the shower water running rust red as blood flows into it.
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    Originally posted by TrafficHazard View Post
    When I first became interested in Awakening 2e, I noticed that it had a severe lack of APs, whether to just read for fun or to get an idea of how the game plays. So I decided I would make my first Awakening 2e game into one, and here it is. The first session, anyway. Rather short, but we didn't have much time. Our next session will be a full one, on Sunday. The game is played via Discord chat with a dicebot, and it was pretty fun. Highly recommend it.

    Anyway, please enjoy Session 0.5 of Boston Jubilee, a Mage: the Awakening 2nd Edition Chronicle. It's set in Boston, in case you were wondering. Not much is drawn from Boston: Unveiled, according to the ST. It's written up in a PDF because I don't know how to operate these forums anymore than I know how operate a spaceship. Critique, comment, inquire, etc.
    So with Colocate it doesnt have to be a portal for other people to use it. They either have to see the overlap and then they can transfer themselves over (barring a key that says otherwise) or somebody who can see the overlap just needs to touch them and move them over. (a very good way of getting rid of people who cant see the overlap, touch them and they vanish to wherever you have overlapped and its esp good when grappled). Ive seen it alot where people think they need the portal for other people to be transported but this is just not the case. In the example in your game, there is no reason he could not just overlap the locations, get the people to touch him and them reflexively move them over.

    Each turn, as a reflexive action, anyone capable of perceiving the overlap may “move” an object, person, or other being she is touching (including herself, if desired) from one location to another, effectively teleporting it from place to place.
    Keep posting though. I like reading any and all Mage actual plays since it'll be awhile till i get to run or play in one myself.
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      Originally posted by totalgit View Post

      So with Colocate it doesnt have to be a portal for other people to use it. They either have to see the overlap and then they can transfer themselves over (barring a key that says otherwise) or somebody who can see the overlap just needs to touch them and move them over. (a very good way of getting rid of people who cant see the overlap, touch them and they vanish to wherever you have overlapped and its esp good when grappled). Ive seen it alot where people think they need the portal for other people to be transported but this is just not the case. In the example in your game, there is no reason he could not just overlap the locations, get the people to touch him and them reflexively move them over.

      Keep posting though. I like reading any and all Mage actual plays since it'll be awhile till i get to run or play in one myself.

      Yeah you're right, I got mixed up on the stuff about the portal but it's not like I was going to check in the middle of the game. I also spent more Reach than I had to, but I thought I would just walk away with Bashing damage. I'll keep posting updates, although I'm not sure how regularly. I hope you get to play Mage eventually.


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        The portal actually had purpose. Without using the portal Lupin could have only transported one of them in the turn before the car crashed into the casino. By using a portal that they fall into he doesn't have to worry about his cabal mates knowing how to pull themselves over to the "other" side while simultaneously ensuring that everyone in the cabal got back to the sanctum.

        edit: actually, it has more purpose than that. By creating a portal that they have to fall into, Lupin is also partially protecting the sanctum from damage since he is only allowing a single plane into the sanctum instead of an entire area.

        Edit2: Great story though! Very interesting! I look forward to further installments.
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          Thanks! Our next session is tomorrow, so the next part should be up in the coming week. It's meant to be a full session, much longer, so I don't know how long it'll take to transcribe.


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            Originally posted by Falcon777 View Post
            The portal actually had purpose. Without using the portal Lupin could have only transported one of them in the turn before the car crashed into the casino. By using a portal that they fall into he doesn't have to worry about his cabal mates knowing how to pull themselves over to the "other" side while simultaneously ensuring that everyone in the cabal got back to the sanctum.

            edit: actually, it has more purpose than that. By creating a portal that they have to fall into, Lupin is also partially protecting the sanctum from damage since he is only allowing a single plane into the sanctum instead of an entire area.

            Edit2: Great story though! Very interesting! I look forward to further installments.

            Dont want to go off-topic to much but if portals are gaping holes then we get into the "Ill open a portal to the bottom of the sea and flood the place" scenario again. A portal that isnt seen cant be passed through so i assume some form of willpower (ie the reflexive action needed for the overlap version) is still needed to pass through the portal (at the same time as a physical move action?)
            The description mentions anybody being able to perceive it "may" pass through which also means they may not pass through?

            Ofc in this instance it was needed so that all the people could pass through in time but personally i still think it requires a decision to pass through it, and it isnt a "hole" as such to stop the flood scenario etc


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              From the office of the regional Mysterium Censor. Unauthorized access or theft may be met with Consilium action.


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                Originally posted by totalgit View Post

                Dont want to go off-topic to much but if portals are gaping holes then we get into the "Ill open a portal to the bottom of the sea and flood the place" scenario again. A portal that isnt seen cant be passed through so i assume some form of willpower (ie the reflexive action needed for the overlap version) is still needed to pass through the portal (at the same time as a physical move action?)
                The description mentions anybody being able to perceive it "may" pass through which also means they may not pass through?

                Ofc in this instance it was needed so that all the people could pass through in time but personally i still think it requires a decision to pass through it, and it isnt a "hole" as such to stop the flood scenario etc
                While he hasn't outright stated it, the implication here is that Lupin made the portal visible to his cabalmates. A portal in this instance IS better because there's no guarantee that his mates know how to put themselves in the "other side" if you just co-locate two locations. Furthermore, given the strange nature of what caused the massacre as well as the very strange nature of the "shiny car," resticting movement into the sanctum via a single plane (not to mention line of sight) is simply prudent. Who knows whether or not the car had intelligence and could have recignized a co-located area?

                You'll notice I'm not saying you're wrong about making the co-located area (whether portal or not) being necessary. That's not the point. That he did make the portal visible is simply assumed. The point is that the reach effect that causes the co-located area to be a single plane (aka a portal) has superior applications in certain situations, this being one of them.


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                  Just a heads up, red text (at least that shade of red) is reserved for moderator texts. It's pretty obvious that you're not impersonating a mod, but you might want to change it to maroon/burgundy or something similar.

                  Bloodline: The Stygians
                  Ordo Dracul Mysteries: Mystery of Smoke, Revised Mystery of Živa
                  Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


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                    Originally posted by Tessie View Post
                    Just a heads up, red text (at least that shade of red) is reserved for moderator texts. It's pretty obvious that you're not impersonating a mod, but you might want to change it to maroon/burgundy or something similar.
                    Ah, thank you.


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                      Originally posted by Falcon777 View Post

                      While he hasn't outright stated it, the implication here is that Lupin made the portal visible to his cabalmates.
                      He did, yes. I went ahead and clarified that as I changed the color of my ooc text.


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                        Transcribing sessions takes a bit with all the text editing required, so it probably won't be put up today. For now, have an interlude that me and swagdog adlibbed on our own with Mewsock's permission. It picks up right after we left off. Lucius is currently typing up his report to his mentor.

                        Lamplighter's Sanctum, 4:32 P.M.

                        The warmth of the common room of the Lamplighter's sanctum was at the very least inviting. Cozy, lazy light sprawled across wood paneling, parquet flooring, and the welcoming crackle of the fire in the hearth greeted Lupin as he emerged from the bathroom. It stood in stark contrast to the decrepit, dust-ridden horror the Mastigos had helped the group escape from. House had taken it upon himself to remove a few items from the wet bar - grappa, amaretto, sambuca, and two different bottles of scotch, one Ardbeg and the other, good ol' Johnnie Walker blue label. He looks up as Lupin appears, and raises an empty glass. "Pour you something?"

                        Lupin's hair is slightly damp, and in one hand he holds a plastic store bag bulging with his bloody clothes, in the other his various tools and possessions. Iron wand, brass knuckles, the roll of stamps, his cell phone, and so on. He had changed into sweats and a t-shirt, with clean socks.

                        Surprise me." Lupin says, not much of a drinker but seeing why someone could be one at this point.

                        House's gaze drops to the padding bulging out from the shirt with his characteristic easygoing smile fading just a little - looking at Lupin under his brows, he says in a lower voice, "Two somethings, then." Fishing out a couple of other bottles and a shaker, House gets to work with the practiced fingers of a server, or perhaps an alcoholic. "Thanks are in order. You got us out of there. Bite off a bit more than you could chew doing it?" The rhythmic clacking of ice in the shaker is distinct and mesmerizing.

                        Lupin shrugs. "It happens. Too much, too fast." He sets down what he was holding in an unceremonious pile on the floor as he collapses on the couch in another unceremonious pile. His eyes linger on the stamp placed above the fireplace mantle, but the atmosphere of the Sanctum makes the dread of the casino seem far away. "The casino is gone, by the way."

                        "How gone? Blown up gone, or worse? I suppose I had my suspicions, considering that ridiculous supernal chanting going on. Not exactly subtle." House brings a brandy snifter filled with a beigish liquid and an amber glass with cube ice in it. The latter he lifts. "Hard." Then the former. "Soft." He sighs. "I don't have any idea how we are going to explain this away. If the anomaly is still there, I don't want any city workers or clean-up crew crawling around. The last thing we need to wake up to are Guardian stilettos at our necks asking us if we know what a Veil even is."
                        One glass has an 'Ardbeg Uigeadial', and the other an 'Armetto Alexander'. swagdog knows his drinks.

                        Lupin takes the hard drink and knocks it back, grimacing. "Blown up gone. The fucking wizard car, man. Christine. It blew it up wholesale, or there was a gas line, or something. Either way, it's pretty much a crater. The bird saw it." He sets the glass down and picks up his wand, rolling it in his palms.

                        "A fucking wizard car," House repeats blandly, as if it wasn't quite sinking in. He starts pouring up a couple more drinks, replacing the ice in the shaker. "A wizard car," he repeats again, his eyes slitting, practically seething as he says it. "This entire thing is demented. Let's review. We show up to fucking eviscerated bodies, at least one of them locked into an infernal time loop, all at the site of some sort of anomlaic verge, presumably time related based on the effects we witnessed, but not confirmed." As soon as he's finished, House picks up the glass he's poured himself and takes a deep sip. "Then, later, a fucking suicide bomber wizard car, with a penchant for rhyming, shows up and detonates away the entire Searing Lucks Turn casino." He makes a sweeping horizontal hand-chop. "The whole thing."

                        "Why?" he asks.

                        "Yeah, the whole thing," Lupin replies. "And hell if I know. What I do know is that this blood has got to go. You've got a fire going, good," He points with his wand, "and we're going to use it. Get all of your clothes that have blood on them, and throw them in there."

                        "You want to burn the best chance we have at finding out what happened there? Because remember, you just told me it's a crater. I'm not showing up at the site of a major industrial accident slash possible terrorist attack to cut myself a break on time sympathies, dear Lupin," House says a little cattily, waggling a finger.​

                        Lupin rolls his eyes. "Obviously we're going to keep some blood, but first, this place is a mess-" he makes a sweeping gesture- "and second, sympathies are hard. I can Ward myself pretty good, but it's trickier to do it on something else, let alone a bunch of something elses."

                        Lupin has a runic tattoo yantra for Ward on his forearm, one of the precautions he's taken against sympathy, along with the Occultation merit. One day he'll spring for Warding the whole place, but right now it would be his third Paradox roll in a scene, and he just wasn't up to it when there was an easier way.

                        "Okay," House cedes, holding up both hands. "I can get behind burning most of it. No, that makes sense. Let's just save enough to work with." He clears his throat, and pours himself another drink, silently holding up a bottle and offering more to Lupin.

                        Lupin waves it away. He stands up and takes the plastic bag to the fireplace, throwing everything but the shirt in. The flames dampen as the fabric lands on top of them, but soon the fire picks back up, an acrid smell wafting into the room.

                        House's nose wrinkles. He holds up a finger, disappears into his room, and then emerges with his driving gloves. "This is italian leather, you know," he says glumly, before tossing it into the fire. Not helping the smell.

                        "Is that everything?" Lupin asks.

                        "It's all I got blood on. You want me to burn the rest?" House says a little defensively.

                        "All that matters is that the blood is gone," Lupin insists. "Space isn't a joke. If somebody has a way to us then they've got us by the short hairs. It would only be a matter of time before they got past even the best Ward I could put up."

                        "Alright, alright - yes, I promise this is everything I got blood on," House says, spreading his hands, then doing a cross on his chest and shrugging. "Honest. Frankly, that's what I wanted to ask you about - we're dealing with something that can make an imago reimagine itself, which might potentially be the same person that can blow up a casino with a giant, rapping truck of light." He clears his throat, and turns to look at the fire, without meeting Lupin's eyes. "Should we be seeking outside expertise on this one? Or is this game too early to call?"

                        Lupin is incredulous. "What, you want to run to the Caucus? Or worse, the Consilium? No. They'll be on it anyway, I bet. Better to keep our involvement on the down-low. Even if they puzzle it out, we didn't do anything wrong."
                        Vice: Deceitful.

                        "Just so we're clear - you're suggesting we keep this to ourselves completely?" House says, tilting his head a little and giving Lupin a very pointed look.

                        "Not completely," Lupin hedges. "I'm just saying to play it close to the vest, for now."

                        House remains silent, but he unblinkingly watches Lupin's face for a long, long moment.

                        Lupin is feeling defensive. "What? We're grown Mages. If you wanna be taken seriously then we can't run off to Big Brother as soon as the going gets rough."
                        The mention to 'Big Brother' isn't a random point. It's Lupin trying to manipulate House into agreeing to keep things quiet for the time being. Believe it or not, we did all design these characters together, and they have backstories and relationships and motivations and we've even hammered out what their Awakenings were, and why. Hopefully they'll all come up in play, but for now, long story short, House wants the Mysterium to take him seriously, and Lupin tried to use that against him. And House saw right through it. The difference between Manipulation 2 and Manipulation 3, I suppose.

                        House closes his eyes, holds up both hands as if being held-up with a gun, and backs off a little. "Do what you want, but don't patronize me. If you think that's the call to make, I don't disagree, but you're not changing my mind by suggesting I need my bottle formula." He clears his throat, and reaches for his glass again, which he'd sat down. He takes another long draught, and swishes the alcohol around in his mouth. Then swallows. "They'd demand a high price anyway. And it's as you say. Our only crime is arriving. This is bad voodoo, though, chief. How's the, ah," and House gestures towards Lupin's padded wound.

                        It hurts with each heartbeat, but Lupin doesn't let on. "It'll be fine by tomorrow. Let's just wait for Lucius, yeah? Right now I need to Ward this thing." He hefts the bag with the shirt.

                        "Alright," House says over the rim of his glass, turning again towards the fire. "I'm gonna consider going back there, to the crater site. Before I do, I'm gonna see if I can find if that will lead us to a bad end. I'll let you know what I find out.

                        Lupin nods. He sets the bag on the table, then touches his wand to the shirt inside the bag. He begins a low, repetitive chant in High Speech, intoning the image of the shirt being unassailable to Space. He feels relieved as the spell goes just how he wanted it to, the Ward locking in on the shirt. After checking the effect with his Sight, he judges that it should hold up alright for a week or so. He knots the bag and takes it to the fridge, stuffing it in the crisper drawer.
                        Two Successes on four dice. Advanced Duration up to 3, so a week. Clash pool is 6, Potency 2.

                        House raises his hand silently to wave Lupin goodbye, leaving the alcohol fixings down on the wet-bar, taking the sambuca with him. Lupin nods back. The two disappear into their rooms to rest. Whatever the future held, it seemed to suggest a grisly trial

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                          Lamplighter’s Sanctum, 6:53 P.M.

                          A few hours have passed, enough for a quick nap and a report.

                          From Grigori:
                          Keep me updated.

                          This was all Lucius got back on the report. A rather cold mentor he was. If one switched on the news the Searing Luck Casino -now defunct- was the ground zero of a bombing threat, 5 people confirmed dead, all suspected terrorists after their plan literally blew up in their faces.

                          "As you can see Gail, the destruction wrought on this casino shows that if they were only one part of a cell we'll be in some serious trouble, these terrorists obviously have some serious firepower. I'm Barry O'Mall, and this is me signing off the BFKE News, back to you in the studio.”

                          A now prim and proper woman was on the screen. "And up next what exactly go into our veggies? The answer may shock you to death."

                          Lupin is watching the news report on his cell phone. He sighs, then drapes his arm over his eyes, the phone still in his hand. He’s laying down in his room at the Sanctum, the decor rather spartan. Deliberately so.

                          House had his cell phone open, staring at one of the local news station's web-pages for local headlines. 'Terrorist'. 'Bombing threat.' Trying to keep it under his lid was an exercise in stress, which isn't very good for an Acanthus' long-term health. He clears his throat. "Jesus Christ," he murmurs, sitting around in the common room. It's a little early to be three sheets to the wind, but he needed to be at least this inebriated to handle news that if someone came up with evidence of them being at Searing Luck, they'd appear at the top of the FBI's watchlists.

                          Lucius knew that researching the anomaly was his first priority, as he was obviously the most qualified for the job. He also couldn't let his mentor down, and if the car and the message were connected, it could've been a setup by unknown forces. Although his mentor stayed away from the majority of Order's politics, he might've still had some enemies Lucius wasn't aware of. After writing his report he was sitting on a chair near his glowing laptop screen, trying to remember anything about the anomaly he witnessed in the casino. He decided that his memory needed a refreshment, and he prepared to use the necessary incantations.

                          He concentrated on a ring gifted to him by his mentor. "May knowledge never elude you" an inscription in high speech runes read. He concentrates harder, and utters ”Knowledge Is The Highest Truth” in High Speech.

                          Blessing his ring with 8-Again with As Above, So Below.

                          Lucius puts his hands on his temples. The ring vibrates with energy of the Supernal. He evokes the simple spell that his mentor taught him, expanding the boundaries of his mind. ”Mind Is Power.”
                          Using his One Mind, Two thoughts Praxis.

                          With his mind expanding farther and farther, Lucius tries to recall what the anomaly was. Be silent. Focus. Reach into the murky pool of memories.
                          “Memory Clear As Skies.”

                          Lucius’ memories of the anomaly come rushing back in perfect clarity. He remembers the warped Time, and the sensation of powerful magic, possibly Matter or Forces. The details of the slaughter tell him that the magic must have taken a form to deal the damage the way it did, and he sees the concentration of magic hanging over the scene, Supernal energy so clustered that it passed for stars to his Mage Sight.
                          Lucius pays one Mana to cast Perfect Recall, and he resolves his Inspired: Anomaly Condition for an Arcane Beat. Incidentally, he also got an Exceptional Success on this spell, and took Informed: Anomaly and resolved that. No Beat for that one though.

                          Back in his own room, Lupin decides to check on his familiar. With his arm still over his eyes, he sends his senses down their link.

                          Modus was watching all the shiny, a visage in the twilight observing the smoldering star that was the casino. Media and emergency services are swarming the site. EMTs searching for survivors, bomb squads and firefighters sifting through the smoking rubble, and reporters catching it all on video.

                          Get closer, Lupin thinks to the bird.

                          Shiny is too shiny. Want to pluck but can't.

                          What? What do you mean you can't?

                          Too big, too bulky. Too protected.

                          Protected? Lupin sits up in his bed. How close can you get?

                          This close. No further, hurts to stay closer.

                          Lupin debates casting on one of the emergency workers for information, but ultimately decides against expending the effort for a spell that might fail, or worse, betray his involvement. Come back, Modus.

                          Very well. The bird took flight, moving his way back to the sanctum.

                          House, on a lark, squints for a moment at his phone and then shuts it off. His paranoia was getting the better of him. Reaching into his pockets, he produces his crystal dice, shining in the cozy light of the sanctum. Before he rolls, he reaches into his pocket,. produces a deck of cards, shuffles them, sets five down, flips two, turns one, reaches into his OTHER pocket, flips a coin, smacks it on the back of his hand, and then rolls those bones. Will we be discovered at the site of Searing Luck? is the question he asks in his mind.

                          Divination with a couple of yantras. Reach for a specific answer.

                          Not yet.
                          Specific is relative.

                          House closes his eyes again. That would have to do for now.

                          Gathering up his effects, House raises his voice a little, which might have just the faintest drawl from the effects of the alcohol at this point. "Gentlemen, let's convene in the Sanctum in ten minutes." Loud enough to hear, and with a little bit more gravity than he prefers.

                          "Coming!" Lucius answers while his thoughts are concentrated on the mystery at hand. After looking up the news about the casino he sighs and shuts down his laptop. He'll have to figure everything out later.

                          Casually double-thinking. In case it wasn’t clear by this point, Lucius is the magiest mage in the cabal.

                          Grimacing, Lupin gets up and puts on real clothes, and gathers his items before heading out into the living room. He sees Lucius entering the room at the same time.

                          "Send your report?" Lupin asks.

                          "That was dealt with. Seen the news?"


                          "Terrorists. Their guess is as good as ours at this point." Lucius says as he sits on the couch near the fireplace.

                          "Let's just hope we aren't their guess." Lupin sits in the armchair.

                          "As far as anyone is concerned, however, if we were discovered at that site, that's what we are. Domestic terrorists," House says, raising his eyebrows. He gestures at the group. "In the short term, I've determined we aren't in danger of being discovered. The future is in flux and our actions may steer our futures towards the vortex of our own demise, yadda yadda. This disclaimer is for all Lupins, and ordered by the surgeon general in all cases of future divining." He holds up a hand. "But for the short term, we have time to act. So I say we act as we see fit. As far as I can tell, we have a few options: we can't return to the site until city workers and investigators have left, which will probably be quite a while, unless we manage to fabricate some sort of clearance, which we'll need help for. So I vote no there. But there's other places for us to go with this."

                          This disclaimer is because it’s already been established that Lupin is very skeptical of Time readings, especially ones that aren’t his own. He and House have been partnered up before Lucius came around and they formed a cabal.

                          "We could always go back under Veiling spells. Then we would only have to explain ourselves to any of us that happens to be there, and we could just tell them the truth. We're investigating." Lupin suggests. The “us” being mages.

                          "It's still too hot out there right now. And the event of such magnitude will surely attract some Awakened attention." Lucius says.

                          "I'm with Lucius on this one." House adds.

                          "I don't remember reading about Boston being a nice city where mages worked together in harmony." Lucius again.

                          Lupin raises his hands and looks away, silently conceding the point.

                          Lucius smirks "Cheer up, hothead. It doesn't mean we're dropping the hook altogether."
                          "So then, we can do a couple of things. We can hit the books, we can seek those with knowledge of anomalous verges, we can research the Searing Luck Casino's history and see if we can recognize anything that doesn't sync up, or we can see if we can acquire a list of the victims and look into them," House says, curling his lip as he reminds himself of that horror-show of gore.

                          "I did some... remembering while you were preoccupied." Lucius says, turning to House. "I don't know what exactly caused the anomaly, but whatever-"

                          Someone was at the door.

                          “Heads up.” Lucius says.

                          Lupin looks to the door. "I've got it."

                          Lucius and House both compose themselves in their seats and act natural while Lupin gets up and heads to the door. He presses the intercom button.


                          "Hi!~" A bubbly voice came back, female. "You guys gonna let me in or what?"

                          "Uh... who is this?"

                          “Just let me in.”
                          In case it wasn’t clear, this text represents High Speech. It’s not a literal translation, it’s just the meaning behind the Ur-language. The gold-on-white was suggested by CoolStory, in memory of 1e and because it's hard to read gold-on-white. Fitting, for High Speech.

                          "We're gonna know the extent of your Fate powers soon enough." Lucius quips, looking at House.

                          House gives Lucius a dead look as High Speech rolls through the intercom. "Or hers," he says grimly.

                          "One second, please." Lupin says. He looks to the others, eyebrows raised.

                          Lucius is a little annoyed. "Ask for her Shadow Name, ask if she respects the rites, blah blah blah."

                          Lupin presses the button again. "May I ask for your name, please?"

                          "Do you respect our Sanctum?”

                          "People call me Copper. And yes."

                          Lucius shrugs.

                          "Let her in," House suggests helpfully.

                          "Top floor." Lupin says through the intercom. He waits by the door.

                          "’Copper’,” Lucius muses. “A Moros perhaps?"

                          "Uh, isn't copper a Thyrsus thing?" Lupin wonders.

                          "Beats me. The symbolism is always subjective."
                          House folds his arms and tries to stifle a smile at the idle speculation - he was happy that Lucius' brain was always running on all cylinders.

                          A knock on the door happened impossibly fast. "Yo~"

                          "Hush!" Lupin answers the door.

                          Before the Mastigos stood a girl with copper red hair cascading down her head over her shoulders, braided and beaded her midriff exposed by her outfit.

                          Lucius studies the girl, letting the others make the first step.

                          "Thyrsus," House says deadpan.

                          (Lucius’ mind is floating in the higher realms, contemplating mysteries of the Supernal.)

                          Still going with One Mind, Two Thoughts.

                          "My Path is none of your business." Copper states.

                          "Uh, hello. Can we help you?" Lupin asks.

                          Lupin is on the backfoot here. He was almost certain this was about the casino and that it would be a more imposing mage coming to confront them. But for all he knew, Copper was here to confront them, and she could be stronger than them, so he stays polite.

                          "Ah yes, well sort of." Copper replies.

                          "It's Thyrsus, though," House says, again, completely deadpan.

                          Lucius stands up, smiling politely, his Mage Sight carefully studying the girl.

                          "Welcome to our Sanctum,” he says, overriding House. "I'm Lucius. This is Lupin and House," he gestures ."How can we be of service?"

                          The girl shined with magic under Lucius’ Sight. He recognized it as Forces magic against fire and kinetic energy.

                          Lupin grimaces as he feels one of his cabalmates use magic. Did anyone have tact?

                          "Hm, well basically. You guys are Mysterium right? You like to find things out and all that right?" Copper asks.
                          "This is quite correct," Lucius answers. "Did you lose anything important? Or do you seek information?"

                          House has the sort of 'what the fuck kind of question is that' expression etched into every pore of his face. He looks behind him to make sure he's not being pranked.

                          "Please, sit down, so we could discuss it then.” Lucius continues."Tea? Coffee?"

                          "Alcohol?" House suggests dryly, establishing a theme.

                          "Do you have any bourbon?" Copper asks.

                          Lucius gives House a quick look. And a hardly noticeable grin.

                          House trades that look with Lucius and then wordlessly moves over to where he'd sat down some of those bottles from earlier, fishing out a clean glass.

                          Copper sat down then, pushing so her skirt/short hybrid didn't fold underneath her. "This is kind of a selfish request, if I'll be honest." She stated, watching them all. "I lost something... important and a former cabalmate stole it. We can't prove it but we know it happened."

                          Lupin shuts and locks the door behind the girl, and takes his seat in the armchair. "If you need something found, I can help you, but it would be a favor."

                          Lucius sits down and listens.

                          House finishes pouring out a couple of fingers of said bourbon, carrying the glass over to Copper and setting it in her hands, should she accept. "She knows that, Lupin. That may be why she's here. Go on, Copper. Tell us literally every detail about your issue, and we may decide to help."

                          swagdog: It might be enough to flip up a flag for strangers, but not enough to act on. However, for Lucius and Lupin who know him, it seems that House is being passive aggressive or perhaps just idly pokey because he suspects that these events are related, as Acanthus ALWAYS do.

                          "Well, he stole something that was.. well very useful to me, as the warrior of our cabal." A small sip from the glass. "I'm not an Arrow, hell not even part of an Pentacle Order, but I got lucky with a Nameless. And they gave me the item in question. Now... it was a... ring. One that allowed you to fashion arrows from anything you wished. Gravity, Fire, Air, Space..."

                          Lupin immediately adopts a skeptical expression at a Nameless being able to pay them enough to get involved with a guy who has what sounds like an incredibly powerful artifact.

                          swagdog: I do really appreciate Lupin’s attitude here.
                          Mewsocks: Lupin’s attitude: Rude.
                          swagdog: Nah he just knows what he’s worth!

                          "Tell us about this guy, "House suggests, holding a hand palm-up as if to invite Copper to put all her information into it.

                          Lucius listens attentively, taking note of the details, while trying to remember any Nameless orders that deal with arrows made of magic. A few come to mind, but he's reluctant to say anything just yet.

                          A successful memory roll allows Lucius to recall a few Nameless Orders who might be pertinent to the situation.

                          "An asshole Adamant Arrow." Copper grumbled. "Named himself Killer, cabal liked him until they didn't. Then he ran off, and at the same time as my ring."

                          "Killer - that's a pretty ominous name. Can you tell us more about him? Who he is, who taught him - what he can do? Why you liked him and why you stopped?" House needles.

                          Lupin's expression turns much more skeptical at the idea of looking for a Mage named Killer with what sounds like an incredibly powerful artifact.

                          "He killed a guy. I know, a shock, but it was someone we had to interrogate and he just.. flat out killed him." Copper answers.

                          "Why?" House asks idly.

                          "I don't know. He's fucked up?"

                          "You know us. We're Mystagogues, so we're in the business of trying to know things and learn things. I take it you weren't with Killer long before things went south with him, if this is all you know about him," House says, looking at his watch coolly.

                          "Yeah I was a recent addition to the cabal."

                          "One should not take a name of Odin unless he wants to lose an eye… An old saying." Lucius muses.

                          Lupin clears his throat. "Look, Copper? Sucks you lost your ring, but uh, this sounds like something you take to the authorities. We aren't the authorities."

                          "My cabalmate here might be a little hasty, but I have to admit, he has a point. Why didn't you take it to your order or the Arrows, Copper? Killing a man in cold blood is not something they train people for. I'm sure they are interested in keeping their ranks clean." Lucius says. “That's more like Guardians' job..." he adds silently.

                          "We love our precious, respected and ever-present Guardians of the Veil, Lucius," House gently corrects Lucius, but more for laconic humor purposes than anything else.

                          "I was going to, but I was directed to you.. but if you're not interested in having the artifact as payment..." Copper trails off.

                          House's skepticism ramps up silently but visibly as Copper suggests the artifact they would track down would be the selfsame payment for it.

                          Lucius doesn't flinch. "We didn't say that we refuse. We just need more information. A name of a person who sent you to us would be a good start."

                          At the same instant, Lupin sits up and says: “Directed by who?”

                          Lucius glances at Lupin again, now looking a little tenser.

                          "He called himself... Question, I think it was." Copper replies.

                          "Question," Lupin says, deadpan. He had heard rumors of the Mage during his apprenticeship, but didn't think he was real.

                          “He’s a widely-known figure in certain small circles..." Lucius says, thinking.

                          "What's your relationship with Question, Copper?" House asks.

                          "He just stopped me going to the Guardians and said ‘You should check out the lamplighters, offer them the artifact, I'll cover it if it'll make you hesitant’." she answers.

                          House steeples his fingers a little, but he actually seems happy more than anything. "You don't say."

                          "Of course. He has a reputation as a reliable information broker." Lucius is not surprised. "Before we make a decision we still need more information though. Please, tell us about the artifact itself, Copper."

                          "Like... what? It can be used to fashion arrows for bows out of anything you focus it on. Just drag and pull to form your arrow..."

                          "Sounds like serious magic. Patterning of a bunch of different Arcana, at the least." Lupin comments.

                          "A physical description would be nice,” Lucius says. “And if possible, its resonance and pattern readings."

                          "It's a ring, plain and black, yet fits so perfectly upon your middle finger. Resonance…?” Copper trails off, confused.
                          Pffft, Nameless.

                          "It really sounds like a powerful item, Copper. It begs the question though: what are you going to gain from this?" Lucius asks.
                          CoolStory: Lucius knows that it’s personal. He just needs cold, hard facts to prove it.

                          "The fact that my order's gift stays out of the hands of a fucked up killer?"

                          "Better question, what do we have to gain from this?" Lupin interjects.
                          Lupin is rapidly losing patience with entertaining the idea of hunting down a Mage named Killer, who has a very powerful artifact that would be the payment for getting said artifact. He sees the artifact as being not of much personal use to the Lamplighters. To him, this is a job for someone else. Ideally a Mysterium Censor. Ideally an Obrimos Mysterium Censor who is missing a couple of fingers. Cough cough.

                          "The artifact, Lupin. Please, keep up." Lucius says, a little annoyed.

                          "I'm not in the market for magic arrows." Lupin shoots back.

                          "Where did you acquire this artifact? From your Order?" House says, interrupting the two before they can get started.

                          "It's a rite of initiation once you can act without your order, a guide towards keeping yourself in the politics of the Pentacle and other Nameless orders." Copper says.

                          Lucius suddenly has a bad feeling about this. "Copper, a very strange question perhaps, but please, try to answer. Do you know if any other types of objects can be fashioned with the artifact?"

                          "Not that I know of… I've only tried with arrows."

                          "I see..." Lucius' face gets a little grim, as his sudden suspicion didn't get disproved.

                          Lupin is suddenly very uncomfortable.

                          "Are you sure you should be offering up the artifact to us? Is Killer worth that much to you, Copper?" House says, a little bit less cold and a little more human with his questioning.

                          "Question seems to think he is, and... well yes. If you can... kill him with it." she says.

                          "We're not killing him with it," House says flatly.

                          "Yeah, I don't think that's going to be an option." Lupin agrees.

                          "Killing with magic is a sin against Wisdom itself, Copper,” Lucius says. “One written in the laws of the Supernal Realms. Whatever we're going to do, if at all, it's not going to involve killing. At least not if there are alternatives"

                          "I'm not sure what Question told you, but we're not murderers for hire. But we will keep him from hurting anyone with your artifact, if we accept," House says. "I think we need a little time to discuss this amongst ourselves, and we can come to a decision."

                          "Quite right. We have a lot to discuss. Copper, I'd appreciate if you left some way to contact you in case we accept." Lucius says.

                          "You want to swap phone contacts?" House asks, jiggling his smartphone in front of him a little.

                          Copper nodded, giving them her contact numbers.

                          Lupin mentally debates picking her pocket for anything that might prove sympathetic.

                          Lucius mentally debates the First Law of Thermodynamics.

                          House mentally debates Copper's rating out of 10 possible points.

                          Mewsocks: She has Striking Looks.

                          "I'll leave you for now. If you do get my artifact back... let me know."

                          Lupin stands to see her out. "We'll let you know if we decide to help."

                          She finished off her bourbon and steps out, placing the glass down gently on a coaster. Lupin opens the door for her, and she leaves.

                          Lupin locks the door behind her, and turns to the others.

                          "A ring that makes arrows out of anything. Gravity, Fire, Air, Space..." Lucius muses.

                          "Lucius, can you soundproof the place?" Lupin asks.

                          "I'm pretty sure it's secure enough, but if you insist..."

                          Lucius concentrates and mutters ”Silent As The Lie Itself”.

                          Control Sound, dodged Paradox with his ring.

                          "Wish I could've found a polite way to read her fate," House says glumly.

                          "So I'm gonna go ahead and establish my position as a big fat 'No'", Lupin says as he feels the spell settle.

                          "Let's hear your reasoning," House says curiously.

                          "Elaborate." Lucius crosses his arms, sitting on the couch.

                          Lupin is still standing by the door. "I would rather avoid playing into somebody else's scheme, and going after a mage named Killer who has an artifact and may have already tried to kill us once? Yeah, hard no on that. I say we follow up on the casino and what happened there, but steer clear of Killer as best we can and let the people who make it their business to stop murderous mages take care of him. I'm definitely not going to use my magic to find him and let him get a taste of my resonance."

                          Lucius listens, kindling the embers in the fireplace with a gesture.

                          A casual Influence Fire with Reach to increase the size.

                          "We just got handed a lot of information all at once - it might be related, it might not be. That's something I can find out," House says. "I can find out whether it was Killer or an affiliate who tried to kill us right now. Maybe we ought to go find Question and ask him why she sent Copper here. But what's the point of just shrugging our shoulders? If he's related we will have to deal with him anyway, and if not, then we can take it at our leisure."

                          "We'll deal with what comes up, I'm just against immediately going Killer hunting." Lupin says.

                          He means he doesn’t want to run off and immediately pursue Killer.

                          "First, Lupin, let me retort." Lucius says after contemplating for a moment. "If he's trying to kill us, he is our business. Moreover, the artifact itself sounds like something really powerful. I won't be content if we leave it in the hands of the Nameless, and I wouldn't even dare to think about what kind of harm a rogue Arrow would be able to cause with it. Safeguarding Supernal items from our more reckless colleagues is what we do. Some more fanatically than others, as I'm sure you know already. Second, we don't have to go for him directly. We search for clues. We ask the witnesses. We connect the dots. We research. We observe. We do what Mystagogues should do. With that in mind, my vote is a careful ‘Yes’".
                          Lupin was actually stung by Lucius’ insinuation here.

                          "So let's establish what we're voting on. Is it 'yes or no on immediately pursuing Killer' or 'yes or no on retrieving the artifact at all'?" House says, holding up his finger.

                          "The latter, obviously. Nobody in their right mind would go for an Awakened killer named "Killer" in the dark," Lucius says. "Might as well call the Arrows at that point. It's like admitting failure."

                          Vice: Pride.

                          "The artifact obviously can't go back to the Nameless, either. If they figured out what it might be able to do, that would be bad. It needs to be secured." Lupin says.

                          "So we all agree that retrieving that artifact is a 'yes'," House says, smacking the palm of his hand with the back of the other hand.

                          "Finally, some reason. I was afraid I was looking for it in a wrong place." Lucius grins.

                          "Har har. The way I see it, we should just continue as if we weren't taking the job with our course of action. But we'll say we will take it, so that we have a claim to the artifact once this is all said and done." Lupin says.

                          "That's exactly what I was about to suggest," House says, holding up his finger and waggling it in the middle of the group.

                          "Good, so we're finally all on the same page." Lupin sits back down.

                          "What a wonderful coincidence," Lucius smiles a joyless smile. "We have to take the possible ramifications seriously though. I'll explain what I mean. We're making a pact of sorts with a member of the Nameless Order, not with the Order itself. They might have some issues with it."

                          "Go on," House says, tilting his head just a smidgen.

                          "And by how the things sound, it looks like she has some personal issues with the perpetrator. As in, personal enough to not involve the others. Personal enough to want to kill him."

                          "You think her Order will keep the ring anyway. And she wants us to kill him." Lupin says.

                          "The Order's opinion will be irrelevant if we get to it first. That's what I'm saying. They might protest, sure, but we're doing things by the book." Lucius replies.

                          "She would be the one in the wrong."

                          "Yes. If that makes you feel better."

                          "Alright, so what's the plan? The casino is out, we can't head back there without giving away our involvement. Plus, something is still going on there. Magically, I mean. My familiar couldn't get close."
                          And at that moment, Lupin heard pecking at the windows.
                          Shiny shiny shiiiiny.

                          "Speak of the devil," Lupin mutters. He opens the window, and Modus hops in.

                          Modus isn’t fettered, just dramatic.

                          "What do you think? I could just divine whether Killer is in our future if we keep researching the casino events.” House says.

                          "Killer might not be the only problem. We don't know for sure that he made the car." Lupin says.

                          "We don't know for sure that he did anything," House says dryly. "What's your bird say?"

                          "'Shiny'." Lupin replies, just as dry.

                          Lucius rolls his eyes.

                          "Like a golden god, I am," House replies, puffing out his chest.

                          "Watch out, this gun is about to go off, huhhh," House says, flexing his right arm. Pointless, considering the slight bagginess of the dress shirt covering it.

                          Lucius sighs. "First of all, we call her back. The macho man here clearly has it all covered."

                          "Yeah, not it." Lupin adds.

                          "Call her back immediately? What - you don't date much, do you?" House says, all spritely humor. "Let her wait a minute. To her, we're a business and a lifeline. For us, we have an image to maintain."

                          "I actually don't." Lucius replies, totally serious. "But I didn't mean now."

                          "Color me shocked."

                          "Speaking of lifelines..." Lupin mutters…

                          He activates his Mage Sight and checks Copper's cup, seeing if it has any connection.

                          It doesn’t.

                          He lets his Sight fade. "So much for that."

                          "Let's get into some heavy duty hard-core magic," House says, lacing his fingers together, forcing his arms out in front of him, popping all of his knuckle joints in his fingers.

                          Lucius says, "The artifact is also important to Pentacle politics somehow. At least that's what she said."

                          "She said it means you can act in the Pentacle or something. So it makes her an emissary, or an ambassador, or whatever it's called?" Lupin suggests.

                          Lucius ignores Lupin for a moment, lost in two thoughts at once. "Who even takes Killer as a shadow name… Arrows have really low standards nowadays..."

                          "Maybe they thought he meant like the band or something." Lupin says, clearly not serious.

                          Lucius pauses and looks at him. He chuckles. "Hey, I got this one."

                          "Hey, he has a sense of humor after all."

                          "Don't push your luck too much though." Lucius grins

                          "Speaking of luck: let's roll those bones," House says, producing his crystal dice again. He blows on his own hand, and as he rolls the dice, he says
                          “The House suggests we stack the deck with our first hand.”

                          A thump appeared from a cabinet bookcase, something tapping against the glass, the door swinging open as it fell open to a page.

                          "Well that is fucking weird." Lupin says.

                          "At least it's not bird intestines..." Lucius remarks.

                          "Shhh, not around the bird."

                          Shiny bird intestines…

                          "That is fucking magic," House says in self satisfaction, heading over to the cabinet, opening the door, and retrieving the book on its page.

                          The first word House saw was Helle.

                          "First word on the page here is Helle," House says like a mook of fate.

                          Lupin is puzzled. "Uh, hell?"

                          "With an E," House says blithely.

                          "A village of Helle? Helle from mythology? What book is this?” Lucius asks.

                          "From anywhere, Lucius..." House trails off. "Uh, hang on. Book is, uh." He turns it over and looks at the cover. “One of your novellas, Lupin.”
                          Lupin reads adventure books and the like. Fiction novels. Hence he dubs the exploding car ‘Christine’. He moved some of his books to the Sanctum once he and House acquired it, after he made sure their connections to him were weak to nonexistent.

                          "That's my book about the Argonauts. I haven't read it yet." Lupin says, thinking of Helle from the Greek myth. He eyes the book from the chair.

                          It was not his book about the Argonauts. It was a book from a rather unknown author, who went under the pen name Jin Iteri, the story was about a murder that showed the true face of a village.
                          'A Village to Raise a Killer' was the title.

                          "GIVE ME THAT," Lupin yells, getting up and lunging.

                          "A Village to Raise a Killer..." House says, handing the book over.

                          "Thank you." Lupin says, embarrassed.

                          Lupin’s 21st birthday was only a week ago. The book was a gift from his mother, sent down from Maine. Hence his reaction. House is 25ish and Lucius is 28, in case you were wondering.

                          "I guess there's our positive link," House says glumly.

                          Lucius gets goosebumps but doesn't mention it.

                          "Can't be picky about what you fish out from the eddies of Fate, right?" Lupin says.

                          "Using my own words against me is a recipe for hexed shoelaces," House snaps.

                          "Well, you asked about a casino, and you get a killer. Or the Killer. I'm not an expert in matters of Fate, but I also don't believe in coincidences when the Supernal is involved." Lucius says.

                          "Well, that makes two of us," House says, retrieving his dice from the table.

                          "A hellish village that raises a killer..." Lupin muses. "A bad neighborhood? How do you guys feel about a drive down to Roxbury?"
                          Roxbury being a Boston ghetto, as described in Boston: Unveiled. It may or may not be accurate to the real Roxbury.

                          "You think that's where he's from?" House says, with the visible confusion of a man who is used to connecting dots fast not figuring out where the bridge is here.

                          "You've got a better idea?"

                          "Using Google?" Lucius asks sarcastically.

                          "Let's ask Question. Since he knows so fucking much." House says.

                          "Oh got him on speed dial, do you?" Lupin replies.

                          "I can find him," House says with the slightly raised pitch of a man with a lot of hubris.

                          "He has a reputation of a man only being found by those he wants. Though if he sent Bronze..." Lucius is lost in thought for a moment "...Copper here, we might have a shot."

                          "The way I see it, sending Copper here is an invitation for us to engage his services," House says, grasping for any straw he can find.

                          Lupin is getting fed up with the talk of action and wants to be on the case.

                          "Or...or if not him, why don't we just go ask the Arrows about the guy? Someone there had to have mentored him," House continues, waggling his hand. "I'm sure they have a reputation to maintain as well."

                          "I doubt they'll take kindly to a bunch of Mystagogues showing up and poking around. But sure, we can start there. But we would have to be careful not to give away our investment." Lupin says. "What we need to do is a throw a stone and watch the ripples."

                          "We could tell them about the casino... After all, we're as much in the dark as they probably are. Not everything. Just snippets. We could offer help in the investigation as well." Lucius suggests.

                          House points at them both, and nods his head. "Excellent. Whose car are we taking?"

                          "Not Space's this time, please." Lucius says.

                          "I'll drive." Lupin states.

                          "I'll grab a laptop. Going to try to make some sense out of it all while we drive there." Lucius says.

                          "Alright. I'm going to run up to the Hallow and get some Mana. I would prefer to have a full tank in case we need another quick exit." Lupin says.
                          All of Lupin’s good tricks cost Mana.

                          "I'll admit, I wasn't keeping track of the reserves lately. If there's enough for everyone, I'll channel it." Lucius says.

                          "I may have used some, but I don't want to burn through my portion of tass just yet," House says, shoving his hands in his pockets and heading for his room off of the commons to retrieve his briefcase and another set of gloves.

                          Lupin makes sure he has everything. His phone, wand, brass knuckles, stamps, and portable lockpick, etc.

                          Lucius takes his laptop, and seriously considers buying a kevlar vest.

                          And so a few Channel Mana spells from their rooftop patio lamp Hallow later, our intrepid Lamplighters pile into Lupin’s jeep and head to a little known Arrow hangout called Fletcher’s Respite, down in Fenway.

                          Next session: stone throwing!


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                            Nice, You mention you play on a discord server with a dicebot. Is it all done via text or do you use mics? Did you consider roll20 or another program like Fantasy Grounds? Im curious how online games work, do sessions take longer than they would in person? Do things get confusing? Are theres people you know in person or did you recruit strange people from all over the internet. Ive wanted to try playing or running a game via the internet using roll20 or fantasy grounds, even discord for years and years but none of my rl friends are interested or have the time. (I dont really have the time either anyways but its something i think about often)

                            If you can talk about some of the logistics involved in running yer game, that'd be of interest to me too.


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                              Originally posted by totalgit View Post
                              Nice, You mention you play on a discord server with a dicebot. Is it all done via text or do you use mics? Did you consider roll20 or another program like Fantasy Grounds? Im curious how online games work, do sessions take longer than they would in person? Do things get confusing? Are theres people you know in person or did you recruit strange people from all over the internet. Ive wanted to try playing or running a game via the internet using roll20 or fantasy grounds, even discord for years and years but none of my rl friends are interested or have the time. (I dont really have the time either anyways but its something i think about often)

                              If you can talk about some of the logistics involved in running yer game, that'd be of interest to me too.
                              It's all done on Discord, we decided on text only. We considered Roll20 but decided against it, since we were all already organizing the thing on Discord. I think it does take a bit longer than it would if we did it in person or with voice (in regards to dialogue, for obvious reasons) but it does move along fairly fast and there are benefits to doing it online and with text. The way we do it is that we have a bunch of different rooms on our server. One for IC text, one for OOC text, one for resources and references, one for game rolls, and one for all of our character information. And a Beat/XP tracker. Takes not even a second to click between them, and what you were typing in one will still be there waiting for you if you go to another room and come back. So the game moves as fast as you type out what you want to say or describe. We're all random strangers on the internet. I think we really lucked out though, with our compatibility.