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    Thanks for these!


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      Here's the newest update!


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        Hello World!

        I am swagdog, the player fortunate enough to portray House in this fantastic ongoing AP Storytold by BestBert and starring my friends TrafficHazard (as Lupin) and CoolStory (as Lucius).

        It's a thrillride to play with these guys. I like to think we've become fast friends in a short amount of time - before this game, we didn't even know each other! All of this has been powered by the internet. I know personally I've lucked out to meet fine gentlemen such as these. They have good taste, are scholars of English horses, riders of fine literature all. Is this the power of Mage: the Awakening? To bring Renaissance men together and force them to play with rubes like me?

        I'd like to thank everyone who has been reading so far. Your input, feedback, criticism and advice is truly appreciated. I'd love to answer any questions you might have, and hopefully I'll have an opportunity to shed some light behind the scenes of this AP, if the chance arises. I'm grateful for your participation in this strange AP house we're slowly building together.


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          Hello everyone, just checking in. We're all pretty tied up at the moment, and haven't managed to settle on a good time for all of us to play. We're not calling it quits though! Sorry for the delay!


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            It's the nature of such things. Don't mind us. We'll just be here, waiting. :P

            Seriously though you guys are producing a great story and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

            Out of curiosity, what would you say your favourite moment or scene or snippet of lore or general shenanigan has been so far?


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              I really can't choose, and talking about the stuff I've made is both blowing my own horn, and has the potential to give away future plot points.

              I really, really liked running the introductory session. Lucius arriving and inadvertently making connections, Lupin headbutting his way through a Wraith's trial, and House making nice-nice between them all.
              The guys managed to pull together a really nice 'how we became a Cabal' story.

              The recent scene between Avaratia and Lupin was also a lot of fun for me. A Mage who's powerful enough to impose their will on a PC, but not held back by the fear of Mysterium retaliation. Also some nice Mentor-Student strife.

              The conversation between House and the strange man with the journal (Baldo) was also neat. Should be fun to see where that goes.


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                Originally posted by Aurelius View Post
                Out of curiosity, what would you say your favourite moment or scene or snippet of lore or general shenanigan has been so far?
                It really is hard to say. I've fallen in with a bunch of pretty talented roleplayers (BestBert as ST included), but overall I'd have to say the introductory session as well. How PCs come together is often a tricky part to figure out, from what I've gathered, and I think we pulled it off pretty well. We established all the building blocks. Our position and situation in the Caucus, the general roles our characters have (Lucius = Intellectual, House = Face, Lupin = Guts) and now as we move forward, we're starting to see how we balance each other out and temper each other, in a sense. All the PCs have made mistakes (perhaps some more than others, *cough*) but we're learning, and I have the feeling the Lamplighters are going to hit their stride pretty soon.

                P.S: Thanks for the support!


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                  A random question: What is Lucius' stats? I'm auoer interested in the character's Magical acumen, seeing how it's a bit more developed than the others in certain ways.


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                    Shadow Name: Lucius
                    Sympathetic Name: ????? ?????
                    Order: Mysterium
                    Legacy: Eyes of Ain Soph

                    Gnosis: 2
                    Prime: 3
                    Forces: 2
                    Mind: 1

                    Intelligence: 4
                    Wits: 2
                    Resolve: 3

                    Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina: 2

                    Presence and Manipulation: 2
                    Composure: 3

                    Academics: 2 (Research)
                    Investigation: 2
                    Occult: 5
                    Politics: 1
                    Science: 2 (Physics)

                    Athletics: 2 (Aimed Spells)
                    Stealth: 1
                    Survival: 1

                    Expression: 2
                    Empathy, Intimidation, Persuasion, Socialize, Subterfuge: 1


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                      Hey, TrafficHazard, I just wanted to pop in and tell you, that I am extremely enjoying your session write ups. They are of supreme quality and if not for a fact that I know that these are session write ups, I would have thought that a professional Onyx path writer is writing fan fiction.

                      The chemistry of your players is perfect ! I love every single one of them.

                      Please do not stop.


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                        Thanks! But they aren't *my* players. I'm actually Lupin's player. I just write up the sessions. HerbertIsBestBert is the ST. And we definitely don't have any plans to stop!


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                          Update: S O O N.


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                            You guys are fun, thanks for posting all this.


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                              Sorry for the wait, but here's the latest session!



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                                Hey, all. Sorry for the delay, again, but real life is making fools of us all. This game is still active, and we're playing in bits and pieces when we can (benefits of an online game), but nothing substantial enough to post just yet. We're just having difficulty finding a time that's good for everyone. But soon!