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    Traffic is still sadly gone, and we've largely resigned ourselves to the fact that he's likely not coming back.

    Lupin will still be around (as an NPC), but we've currently got him stuck in Legacy initiation limbo until we can figure out what to do with him.
    It's a pity too, because I had great little plots for his pal Caleb and his wish being granted, and for the Cairn Club Anomaly, which don't work well without him.

    We had considered looking for a replacement player, but have been a bit busy, and haven't had the time to vet someone for an ongoing game like this one.


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      We dearly miss TH and really do wonder what's going on with him. We hope he's ok. I don't know that it would feel right to replace Lupin's player but I have mentioned on multiple occasions it would be great to bring someone new in. But as Herbert says, there have been time crunches for us all, and none of us are really sure who to approach! At this point we are deeply committed, though, so we've been moving forward as best we can. Herbert is a trooper and CoolStory is a fine gent too. Hit me up if you think you know someone who might be a good fit. It would be good to start talking.