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  • The Daksha (2E conversion)

    So I have probably all but butchered these guys (and the mechanics for designing a Legacy) since I wrote this rather quickly in preparation for a coming Mage game. Comments are welcome, of course.

    Parentage: Obrimos, Mysterium, Silver Ladder
    Background: The Daksha believe that for the Quiescence (which they call Kali Yuga, the Age of Strife) to end, mages must repair the Cosmic Cycle. Atlantis will rise again — literally — when the human race achieves its next stage of evolution in the Advent’s esoteric account of human history.
    Appearance: The Daksha look like what they are: the practitioners of an ascetic lifestyle devoted to physical perfection. They wear plain, loose-fitting clothes and carry few possessions. Their bodies are slender, supple and toned. Most carry themselves with grace and poise. Eventually, as they advance in the Legacy, the Daksha becomes more and more hermaphroditic and difficult to categorize as man or woman, up until the point where they literally become two genders in one body.

    Pre-requisites: Life 2, Occult 2, two dots in one of the following skills; Academics, Athletics, Medicine, Persuasion, Survival
    Initiation: The apprentice must adopt a strict vegan diet, take vows of chastity and poverty and follow the Legacy’s meditative exercises for hours each day. When the recruit learns enough of the basic principles, she shaves her head and retreats to a cell. There, under the instruction of the tutor, she adopts a meditation position and enters a trance. The meditation lasts three days straight, with no food or water,
    while the recruit crafts her soul according to the guidelines in the Stanzas of Dzyan, with her tutor’s help. Students often gather at a regional cabal’s ashram and undergo their initiations at the same time.
    Organization: The Daksha observe a strict hierarchy. A student always defers to her tutor. The tutor, in turn, defers to a cabal of Daksha responsible for the Legacy’s activities in his section of the world. Regional divisions cover all continents. The regional cabals take their orders from the central Daksha cabal in Chennai (formerly called Madras), which oversees the Legacy’s activities in India directly. The Chennai cabal answers to the Dhyanis, who transmit their instructions from their undisclosed sanctum. Seats in the ruling cabals are for life. The Dhyanis select the members of the Chennai cabal, who in turn appoint the regional cabals.
    Theory: Atlantis can be regained! The Watchtowers can rise again from the ocean, and the human race can evolve into a higher form! The Coming Race will live in the risen land under the benevolent, absolute rule of the Awakened!

    Ruling Arcanum: Life
    Yantras: Reaching a meditative state (+2), a mandala drawn connected to the Imago of the spell (+2), casting right after pain and physiological shock (+1)
    Oblations: Meditate for a day on the Stanzas of Dzyan, fast for a week, spend a night lying on a bed of nails, suspend your body from hooks in your skin, firewalk, perform a Tantric sex rite with another member of the Legacy


    First: The Akashic teachings
    Prerequisites: Initiation
    The Daksha do not ever succumb to mundane diseases and are also difficult to afflict magically. They can replicate the spell Cleanse the Body with Reach assigned to instant use.
    Optional: Time 1
    The Daksha uses the Akashic records to know where things are headed in the future, replicating the Divination spell with reach going to instant use.

    Second: Teisara-Akh
    Prerequisites: Life 2, Occult 3
    An extra eye grows out at the back of the Dakshas head, not only granting them vision backwards as well as forwards (effectively granting them nearly 360 degrees of vision), but also mimicking the spell Heightened Senses with advanced duration and instant use, giving a constant bonus to all mundane perception rolls equal to the Dakshas dots in Life.
    Optional: Time 2
    The Daksha meditates and reaches into the Akashic records and learns things about an object, replicating the spell Post-Cognition with reach assigned to instant use. This costs a Mana to go past Unchanged Past for Temporal Sympathy.

    Third: Body Mastery
    Prerequisites: Life 3, two dots in a second Skill among the initiation Skill list
    The Daksha continually strengthen their control of their own bodies in increasingly radical ways using a combination of ancient Ayurveda practices and physiological ordeals. This mastery of their own body resembles the Body Control spell with reach assigned to advanced duration and instant use.
    Optional: Time 3
    The Daksha are never caught unawares when they constantly have the future on their side. They are under a constant effect similar to Tipping the Hourglass, raising their Initiative by their Time dots. Reach is going to advanced duration and instant use.

    Fourth: The Androgyne Condition
    Prerequisites: Life 4, Occult 4
    The Daksha can turn into anyone, changing their sex, appearance and other such things, replicating the Many Faces spell (with primary factor: Potency) with reach assigned to advanced duration and instant use. This allows them, if they wish, to rearrange their Physical Attribute dots up to their dots in Life. The Daksha at this point almost doesn’t look quite human in their “natural” non-transformed state, taking on a more and more hermaphroditic appearance as well as being both genders at the same time.
    Optional: Time 4
    The Daksha are like mercury, quick and difficult to grasp, especially when it comes to their timelines. The Daksha are constantly under an effect similar to Shield of Cronos, with Reach going to instant use and advanced duration, as well as giving those spying on the Daksha a false set of events instead of simply obscuring things.
    Also, the Daksha with Time 4 can more effectively change their bodies, allowing them to change their physical age along with the fourth Attainment.

    Fifth: Homo Superior
    Prerequisites: Life 5, two dots in a third Skill among the Initiation Skill list
    Daksha so far gone in the teachings are almost like physical gods, replicating the Hone the Form spell which adds their Life dots as a bonus to a Physical Attribute chosen when meditating. Reach is assigned to advanced duration and instant use, as well as to allow the Daksha to go beyond the limit of 5 Physical Attribute dots (paying 1 Mana for it).
    Optional: Time 5
    The true Daksha masters are basically immortal, watching with disinterest their former fellow humans grow old and die. This attainment is identical to the Veil of Moments spell, ceasing all natural aging. Reach is set to advanced duration, to allow natural healing and to allow regaining willpower. The Daksha activates this attainment via an hour long meditation contemplating the highest Akashic teachings. The Daksha still cannot regain Mana or spending Experiences while under the spell’s effects, a limitation that is easily circumvented by slipping in and out of the Attainment when needed.
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    Looks fine although Postcognition can’t take advantage of temporal Sympathy to view beyond the Unchanged Past. Not sure if that was intentional.


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      Originally posted by Mrmdubois View Post
      Looks fine although Postcognition can’t take advantage of temporal Sympathy to view beyond the Unchanged Past. Not sure if that was intentional.
      Yeah, that's where I screw up since I'm really bad at the Time arcanum. I am not sure I understand your point either, how would you rewrite it to make it comply with the rules?


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        You’d have to make it a higher level attainment to give it Sensory Range and charge a point of mana, the two requirements for using Sympathetic magic. Basically, the Unchanged Past is considered close enough to the present moment to be there and visible with Postcognition, but the more something changes the “further” away it is from the Mage doing the looking and Sympathy has to be employed to see the past.

        The past is determined more by change than the actual passage of time, so you could view thousands of years of a sealed tomb without Temporal Sympathy, but if that tomb was broken into, robbed, later discovered, excavated, turned into a tourist attraction, each of these changes makes it less and less like its original form so to see it as it originally was requires more effort.

        I think I’d move the Divination attainment to the front (Unfortunately you lose the higher level specificity in answers), and put Postcognition as the 2nd attainment.


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          I thought the optional arcanum had to be major. Did I dream that?


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            Originally posted by Newes View Post
            I thought the optional arcanum had to be major. Did I dream that?
            You mean a ruling arcana? Typically yes, but the Daisha have always been an exception.


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              It's the standard, but I don't think there's a set-in-stone rule about it. It's just natural that one of the Legacy's parent path's ruling Arcana become the optional Arcanum.

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                Originally posted by Newes View Post
                I thought the optional arcanum had to be major. Did I dream that?
                If that were a rule I would probably houserule the crap out of it.