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New Let's Read of Night Horrors: The Unbidden

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  • New Let's Read of Night Horrors: The Unbidden

    You may remember me from that other Let's Read of Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes.

    Well, the good demon Sir Night is back at it again, and with 70% less dickishness! Yeah, he's working for a person he actually likes now, and thus I don't feel the urge to do the turbo-asshole act that was happening for the first few posts of Conquering Heroes.

    I just finished Brother Ben-any suggestions as to how this latest job will go horribly awry?

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    Ah,it's back. Yaaaaay


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      Wow. That's a heckuva blast from the past. I did my first bit of WoD freelance work for The Unbidden. I think I might be a bit embarrassed at how rough my stuff was back then.

      The Night Horrors books are nifty in part because they make a great entry point for new writers. Give them 3k-6k words and find out whether they can write well and hit a deadline. And if one or two of those new writers find out that it's just not for them it's comparatively easy for a seasoned freelancer to pinch hit on short notice (that's like one week's output for me, and I'm a gig freelancer with kids). On the other hand, some of those new hands come at things in surprising and cools ways, so I've always found that at least a couple of entries from unknown writers turn out to be utterly amazing - not at all something I would have come up with, but that's what makes them so interesting.

      Anyway, it will be interesting to see what you and the rest of the crew do with this supplement.

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        Awesome! I haven't made it through any of your Let's Reads yet, but I always enjoy the part that I have read.

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