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Questions about the Oneiros and the soul

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    Originally posted by Tessie View Post
    Sounds extremely dangerous. The Oneiros might be a person's soul, but everything in it is based on that person's mind which is a whole different thing. Removing a soul means you separate an Oneiros from what it reflects. With nothing to reflect it will likely collapse, alongside anyone and anything within it.
    Unless your ST uses reincarnation in their setting. I don't recollect the games *forbidding* it at least, and one of the fictions features a mage getting a new soul and being cautioned to watch out for weird side effects from the foreign soul.

    So I'd say that a soul without a host still has the goetia in it but it might maybe rot over time? If not certainly stagnate, or perhaps just calcify, like the goetia regressing to their most core concepts and features.

    So, I'd say it doesn't so much reflect the mind as grows and is fertilized BY the mind. Cut off that, and the ecosystem of the onieros will slowly change but I'd expect it to stay together for a time.

    But thats me, and Im the sort who likes the idea of even using onieros-delving to explore past lives. (obviously this is the scarier part of losing your soul in this case, losing your past lives.)

    as an aside, when I do this, all past lives have to be mortal or minor template.