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[2E] Mages Development by Age

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  • [2E] Mages Development by Age

    I plan to run a chronicle about creation of Free Council, spanning whole 19th century ( maybe even more ). It will generally be more collection of separated stories about more or less group of same characters across 3-4 generations, divided by decades with each other. So we will have Story A starting in year WXYZ, then Story B in year WXYZ + 10, Story C in year WXYZ + 35, etc. With so much time gap between each story, I cannot see characters to develop inside of chronicles to let players go for this classical, more powerful magic. And, well, with time each human becomes better in what he do. So I thought – if all players will have the same amount of time – it will be fair to give players possibility to by new traits for characters by spending years from their characters same pool. This rules can be also good to gauge how much ‘typical’ NPC in Mage 2E setting would have on their stats after X years.

    Here are my traits costs propositions for 2E – generally, I made that rise Trait by 2XP dot worth takes 1 year. Rules assumes that character did not do anything really extraordinary in those times – she just leads her live and studies the subject of new Trait rise from time to time. Take in account that Arcana scale is purposely in balance compared to normal XP costs – as in Mage lore going for Master levels is described as very hard thing to do.

    Merit dot – 0,5 year
    Skill dot – 1 year
    Attribute dot – 2 years
    Gnosis dot – 3 years
    Wisdom dot – 1 year
    Rote & Praxis – 0,5 year

    Ruling Arcanum dots:
    1st – 1 year
    2nd – 2 years
    3rd – 3 years
    4th – 5 years
    5th – 8 years

    Non-Ruling Arcanum dots:
    1st – 1 year
    2nd – 3 years
    3rd – 5 years
    4th – 7 years
    5th – 10 years

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