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[2E | Astral] Astronomical goetia from the Anima Mundi

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  • [2E | Astral] Astronomical goetia from the Anima Mundi

    What are goetia from the Sidereal Wastes like? How might a "small" one (or a piece of one) work in the physical world after summoning?

    I'm looking at a familiar from the Wastes, or perhaps a Legacy that deals with those entities or their themes.

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    Mechanically, they work just like any other Goetia. What really makes them different from, say, goetia from the Temenos, is their alien mindset. In this aspect, they are closer to spirits.


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      They're the almost utterly alien thoughts of the Universe, however they still follow Goetic rules, meaning no Manifestations, etc.

      If you can figure out how the bridge the communication gap, you've still got to try and figure out how to bargain with, or compel obedience from the lesser thoughts of Mars, the dreams of Saturn's rings, or an aspect of the world-soul of Wolves.


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        By the way, I think it´s worth mentioning not every Anima Mundi dweller is some Godlike being. The Astral Realms book lists a few Anima Mundi Goetia and there is one rank 2 entity (not counting the Abyssal one) and two rank 3 beings among them.


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          So uh. I forgot about this thread. <_< I appreciate all your answers. <3

          I've edited my original post to include goals and specifically use "Sidereal Wastes", as I forgot that that was a term.
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