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    195) Consilium's emergency money is lost during the last night
    196) Dictionaries' pages in Mysterium's Atheneum are appearing in supernal scribe
    197) G
    uard spirits in Silver Ladder HQ are rising/lowering on their Ranks
    198) (can be the second arc for previous plot hook) Spirt Courts are kidnapping Thyrsi mages
    199) (can be the third arc for 197 plot hook) Obrimos from Adamantine Arrow woke up one day and now is a Master of Spirit, even having his own Spirit Court
    200) Oaths in Adamantine Arrow are twisting themselves and cursing their oahtkeepers
    201) Free Council spies are betraying their Order and giving intel to the Seers
    202) Guardian of the Veil's Masks are getting life on their own, having a body, mind and soul, trying to kill their former owners
    203) Players exchange bodies with local seer's cabal. Seers also don't know why this happened. Bonus: The players are in possession of their Prelacies and are hearing the Exarchs voices and receiving their omens
    204) Local Apostastes are reuniting themselves in a underground music show
    205) Proximii dystany from The Mysterium are all Awakening, but not the their parent Path
    206) Sleepwalker son of the Hierarch is offering his hand in marriage to anyone (no matter gender he's bi anyway) that brings him an artifact he dreamt of last night
    207) Filthy rich mage from Silver Ladder lost himself in Astral Realm and is trying to warn mages about "That Which Devours Richies" astral creature
    208) Emissary from Free Council ressurected from the dead after comitting suicide due to soul loss by the Tremere
    209) All people who Awake from the result of experiments from Awakening Gambit Legacy mages are now getting back to be Sleepers. The only one who remained a mage was a teenage girl from Guardians of the Veil
    210) Someone close to one of the players Awakes and even not being a Seer, that person is displaying signs of having a Prelacy
    211) Apostate mages are soon opening an auction to sell Soulstones. These soulstones are from living mages (players included), but the players (nor other mages) remember to do soulstones of themselvesand they aren't feeling part of their soul was taken off (because it wasn't)
    212) Precious stones and metals (diamonds, gold, etc) are losing their monetary value in an abnormal speed, making all Moroii being able to use lower levels of Matter to convert stuff to these now cheap materials

    213) All Mastigoi are losing connection with their daimons
    214) Animals and spirits are getting aggressive towards Thyris mages, to the point many died by animal and spirit brute violence
    215) Obrimoi mages are losing their passion on things, making them losing touch with Prime, but getting attuned with Death
    216) Dreams of prophecies are running wild in all Acanthi's minds during night, making them having a hivemind-like connection in Astral Realm
    217) The percentage of Pathless mages (sourcebook: Mage Chronicler's Guide) Awakening is getting higher and higher each day

    218) The Watchtower of Brass and Flame (sourcebook: Mage Chronicler's Guide) is estabilished as the 6th Watchtower in Atlantean canon. The Diamond is now accepting the mages from this Watchtower with open arms. The thing is: These mages are dreaming with another version of Atlantis and not the one The Diamond loves to talk about
    219) Local cabal of Banishers is assaulting sanctuns all over the town, but they are not robbing anything nor hurting anyone
    220) Sleepers are getting kidnapped to the far end of Astral Realms during dreams and are coming back next day with artifacts in their hands
    212) Cats all over the town are visiting sanctuns and leaving dead animals on its doors
    213) New taffy candy brand arrives in town and mages who eat it are having their mana pool recharged
    214) Supernal verges are more frequent each day
    215) FedEx is delivering ancient tomes filled with supernal scribes to mages with Wisdom 8+
    216) Mages' grandmas and grandpas are starting to saying "in my times, mages like you didn't go around doing magic like that and risking getting caught by Paradox!"


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      217/)The House That Isn’t
      A powerful Arcadian Verge has been discovered in a small Midwest American town, an old Estate from the 1880s. The owner, who made it into Ripley’s Believe It or Not as the oldest man in his state, recently died.

      He left no heirs, and no one was aware as to whether the old man was Awakened. Furthermore, no faction has laid claim to the Verge, so, the Consilium sends the PCs to snag the house for the Pentacle.

      Upon entering the house and peering into Twilight, the rickety old building turns into a labyrinth of rooms and hallways and additional levels, all festooned with ephemeral clocks. The doors in Twilight are all locked, and terrible noises can be heard from the other side of the doors. The Twilight side of the house’s basement is flooded, and alien things Swim the waters.

      The house isn’t empty. A strange spirit of the Shadow Realm, the Clockman, has taken up residence here. The Arcadian Mana has warped the spirit, disbarred b it from the flow of linear time. Killing it is next to impossible, as it’s learnt to jump into parallel timelines! It intends to draw the material side of the house into a Place-That-Isn’t an Emanation Realm of confusion, time and contradiction.

      Can the Cabal salvage the situation, or will the situation explode out of control?


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        218) Supernatural malice makes Pandemic worse

        Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Assembly/Consilium to use their influence to get people to take the proper steps to help slow the spread of the pandemic, and the Seers of the Thrones ceasing assaults on cabals not resisting Panopticon and Hegemony use of their tyrannical authority, propaganda and underhanded coercion to take advantage of the environment of fear and general outcry for safety and stability while draconically enforcing "safety theatre" steps which reassure their frightened sleeper, the spread of the pandemic locally had almost stopped. Everyone was still following the steps to slow down the spread, working it into their everyday lives as "the new normal"...

        Which is when IT happened!!

        Suddenly hospital after hospital had their staff and patients catch the disease of the pandemic at the same time. The sleepers are insane with fear, and even the mage community is in an uproar. The PCs react as they do during these events.

        If the PCs don't get involved another way then a young Thyrsus ally of the PC's cabal. whom was set up in advance a few stories before this one seeks their help. The ally was healing a loved one at the hospital and noticed something using preternatural means to remain unseen that set off his mage sight. It wasn't a spirit, a living being, nor a restless dead. By process of elimination and word of caution spoken by his mentor he believes it must be an Abyssal Intruder, which frightens him to his core. He has come for emotional backup and advice before bringing this to the attention of the Assembly/Consilium.

        He describes what he saw with mage sight as a foul miasma stinking of corpse rot with dried flower petals drifting through it in a roughly humanoid shape with and everchanging ceramic mask dripping putrid fluid with each step, but that's just a symbolic representation, and he never actually saw it.

        The "something"...
        Originally posted by Reighnhell View Post
        Plague Walker
        The earliest account of the creature known as “Plague Walker” is a description and woodcut in a book called “Maledetta Anno “, written by Italian monks in 1350, during the years of the Black Death. Since that time it appears in places suffering the outbreak of an illness, invisible to all except the infected. It has worn many faces over the ages, but always dressed in pure white robes, has red eyes and limbs covered in weeping sores. It carries scent like potpourri covering the smell of death. Its current face is that of a young, fair-skinned woman with dark hair. The creature seems to avoid those with cancer or genetic conditions, and limits its depredations to contagions.

        Virtue: Compassion; Vice: Dutiful
        Aspiration: Spread Disease
        Mental Attributes: Intelligence 7, Wits 6, Resolve 5
        Physical Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 8, Stamina 6
        Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 4, Composure 6
        Skills: Athletics 3, Empathy 6(Suffering), Brawl 3(Touch), Intimidate 4, Medicine 6(Contagion), Occult 4, Science 4, Stealth 6, Subterfuge 6
        Merits: Area of Expertise (Contagion), Defensive Combat (Brawl), Encyclopedic Knowledge (Outbreaks), Fighting Finesse (Touch), Holistic Awareness, Hardy 3, Iron Will, Style: Unarmed Defense 3
        Potency: 7
        Willpower: 18
        Size: 5
        Initiative: 14
        Defense: 9
        Speed: 18; Flight 28
        Health: 11
        Ban: cannot approach a person wearing a garland of roses or garlic
        Bane: sterilized implements
        Dread Powers: Immortality, Influence (Contagions) 3, Invisibility*

        Invisibility: The horror does not register to sight, often times even under infrared or ultraviolet light. Perception rolls to spot the creature suffer a –5 die penalty and unless they have a way of compensating for or negating the invisibility, attackers are considered to be fighting blind. In most cases Invisibility is a permanent aspect of the creature, but some can control when they are visible. In the latter case, altering its visibility for a scene costs the Horror one point of Willpower. The creature’s invisibility typically has a condition where it does not apply (such as infrared light, when observed by children or through electronic recording devices).

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          219) The battles had worn at him. The Seers, the Abyss, the Banishers, yet the veteran Arrow carried on. Ruthless, but efficient, a brilliant inventor, the one you called when you needed to solve things then or face unimaginable consequences. Well, someone finally managed to kill him and we thought that was the end of it. If only things were so simple. In his paranoia, he made a backup of his mind, so he could always be consulted in case he fell.

          But he had more than one backup and he wasn't planning on allowing death to beat him. With great skill in Life and Mind magic, he transformed one of his backup goetias. The idea was made into an emotion, an infectious emotion. Enough people have been infected, the emotion has become Resonance and it has started to coalesce, causing his rebirth into a spirit human. We don't know if he will have any Awakened powers, we don't want to find out, the combination of a brutal mage with the madness of the Shadow must not become a reality. So that is the situation this cabal uncovered, its why you are all here, we now need to figure out out next moves.

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