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Mage the Awakening Actual Play Podcast: The Tower and the Hanged Man

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  • Mage the Awakening Actual Play Podcast: The Tower and the Hanged Man

    What's good my Awakened and Sleepwalkers? I'm from a podcast called 'Dramatic Failure' that's aimed at getting newer gamers to try the universe of RPGs that exist beyond just D&D. Being big fans of White Wolf and Onyx Path, we focus a lot on World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness.

    Recently we've been producing an actual play series of Mage the Awakening called 'The Tower and the Hanged Man'.

    The synopsis from our pilot episode is as follows:

    "Panicked mages from all over the city of Toronto congregate, each telling of seeing their own apocalyptic vision. With little time and even less answers, one cabal decides to set out and uncover the truth for themselves. Can they solve this mystery before the city meets with a terrible fate?"

    If that interests you at all, you can listen to all of our episodes this playlist.

    Let us know what you think!

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    I've been listening to this for the past couple of hours. You guys go all in! What a grand and cosmic scope that this story enjoys. There's definitely a lot of camraderie around your table - you guys know how to have fun. What are the music samples that you guys draw on? You're so quick with your spellcasting - it's really impressive how quickly you're able to get through the morass of your options, and as far as I can tell there's no editting covering it up. Do you guys use quick reference guides or other tools?


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      For those interested, Dramatic Fail 4U completed "The Tower and the Hanged Man" not long ago, so you can listen to it from the beginning to the end.