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  • 1001 Enhanced/Imbued Items

    There was one in the Demon forum for Gadgets, so why not have an easy source for example Enhanced and Imbued Items?

    I'll start with a few.


    Geomantic Anchor
    Item: A Bronze ground stake
    Effect: Geomancy (Prime 3)
    Potency: 1
    Scale: Area 4 (a single floor of a house)
    Range: Personal
    A set of these anchors were created to help bind a terrible creature by exploiting the nearby ley-lines into a cage of Resonance. Any leyline within their area is dragged toward the stake (creating an angle with with both ends being the natural position of the leyline that falls outside the field) and infused with the Resonance of Confinement. A series of these can be used to wrap nearby lines into a swirling prison.


    Item: Hand-held Scope
    Effect: Apocalypse (Prime 4)
    Potency: 1
    Duration: 5 Turns
    Scale: 1 Target
    Range: Touch
    Casting Time: Instant *
    Cost: 1 Mana
    When the user of the monocular clicks the special button (a stylized eye in a triangle), their vision gets opened to the Prime Mage Sight of an Obrimos.

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    Here's one I built, inspired by the Craft Sequence novels:


    Work Knife Glyph

    Item: A rune tattoo made over the Magician's heart
    Effect: Platonic Form(Prime 3) w/ conjunctional Forces 3 for secondary effect
    Duration: One Day
    Scale: 1 Target(produces one hand-held item)
    Range: Touch
    Casting Time: Instant
    Cost: 1 Mana

    This device, produced by the Magicians of the Hidden Schools, produces a knife made of Prime on command, unsheathing it from the tattoo itself. As an option, the wielder can opt to have the knife emerge made of lightning, cool to the touch, yet deadly to any foe they use it against.


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      Thor's Hammer

      Item: A double-faced hammer
      Effects: Telekinesis, Kinetic Strike
      Potency: 6, 4
      Duration: 1 throw, 1 strike
      Scale: Personal, 1 Target

      This double-faced hammer is actually two items in one. First, the haft holds the returning enchantment; the head holds the striking enchantment. The tow components were imbued separately, then connected. When thrown, the hammer, upon striking a target the thrower considers a foe, does an additional level of lethal damage (courtesy of Kinetic Strike). Regardless of the target, the hammer flies back to its thrower's hand. Each use of the hammer drains 1 Mana from each. Each can hold up to ten Mana. The hammer has also been enhanced Alter Integrity to be far tougher than simple steel (Durability 5, Structure 5).
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        Sancta Topiary
        Item: Enhanced Life-form. (really it's just an indefinite combined spell, thought it might fit here since its seeds could possibly be distributed)
        Effects: "Create Life/Eidolon combined & indefinite.
        Potency: 10 (Eidolon) Size 25
        The life form can change shape readily, a mutative creation that typically defaults to a tree form, but can arrange itself to mimic nearly anything else (furniture, shapes of animals, moss or vines) and can produce anything a plant could naturally produce. A 5 dot retainer with 5 durability and 30 structure. Gives up being owned by any signature nimbus in favor of "instincts"

        Typically used to provide furnishings, food, and bacteria-level cleanliness to a Sanctum, along with anything else an animate, ever mutating plant might be able to provide to the enterprising mage's ritual space.

        Rosary Thread
        Item: Rosary beads.
        Effects: Choose the Thread
        Potency: eh, hardly matters.

        A quick prayer-rub of these rosaries in good faith can bring "good fortune" or at least a reasonable facsimile in your next endeavour.

        Item: any small consumable, typically pills.
        Effects: Body Control, cast upon imbibing/imbiber
        Potency: 5

        Lookin' for a fight? Caught a cold? Multi-purpose "medical" wonders. The mana cost is 1 per pill, each pill only being capable of holding 1 mana anyway.
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          Sneakers of swiftness [Imbued]
          Item: Running Shoes with a lightning bolt design on their sides
          Effect: Acceleration (Time 3)
          Potency: 4
          Duration: 1 Scene/Hour *
          Scale: 1 Target
          Range: Touch
          Casting Time: Instant *
          Cost: 1 Mana
          Capacity: 8 Mana
          When the wearer whispers "Tréximo", the shoes will quadruple their speed for up to one hour.

          Booth of Truth [Enhanced]
          Item: A small booth with a chair attached.
          Effect: Words of Truth (Prime 2)
          Potency: 5
          Scale: 1 Target
          Range: Touch
          Whoever sits in the chair will have the truth of their words (if any) conveyed it perfect clarity to listeners. Some Consilia use it for trials, letting accused and witnesses verify their own stories.

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            Oh goodie, I was about to create this thread myself. Speaking of which, did we have a thread for Artifacts?

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              Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
              Oh goodie, I was about to create this thread myself. Speaking of which, did we have a thread for Artifacts?
              I think so? Would have to search for it.

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                Paradox in a Box [Imbued]
                Item: A strange puzzle box covered in debased High Speech glyphs
                Effect: Cloak Nimbus (Prime 2)
                Potency: 2 (Advanced *)
                Duration: 1 Scene/Hour *
                Scale: 5 Subjects *
                Range: Sensory *
                Casting Time: Instant *
                Cost: 1 Mana
                Capacity: 5 Mana
                Paradox: 16
                By "solving" the puzzle box, the user and 4 others in sight have their Nimbus, Gnosis, Mana total, and all Arcanum ratings masked as if they weren't Awakened for up to one hour.
                Note: The primary use of the box was never the goal - it was Imbued by a Scelestus for the purpose of spreading as much Paradox as possible. The idea was to pass it off to Sleepers near an opponent's Sanctum, and trick them into unlocking it for a reward. The ensuing Abyssal Manifestations would ensure the local Awakened were distracted and (to the Scelestus) much hilarity was to be had.
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                  Dot costs might be a little screwy. Additional reach here and there. We need better Imbued Item/Enhanced Item use/costing rules.

                  Enhanced Items
                  Parcel Tube/Box (3 dots?)
                  Item: A short, metallic tube with a simple screw-on lid, or a box with a latched lid. Of any size, but usually size 5 or less, most importantly, they always come in pairs. At the bottom of the container is a symbol of Space Fraying.
                  Effect: Co-Location (Space 3)
                  Factors: Potency - 2+ one for each ‘container’; Scale - Size 5
                  Co-Location effect, tagged to the contents of each container, reach allocated to permitting the contents to be visible to those without Space sight, and a Key only permitting objects to be brought ‘to’ a container, rather than being sent ‘from’ a container. Used for transferring messages and items of various sizes between various secure locations. Key is structured to limit abuse for transferring dangerous items, requiring the party on the receiving end to draw the item across.

                  Ecto-Goggles/Spirit Scryers/Psychic Perceptograph (1 dot)
                  Item: A set of goggles, glasses or some other form of apparel that places a lens over the eyes
                  Effect: Speak with the Dead/Exorcist’s Eye/(Mind equivalent)
                  Factors: Potency – 5; Subject - Size 5 individual wearing the apparel
                  The individual wearing the item of apparel gains the ability to sense Ghosts/Spirits/Goetia in the state of Twilight, but not communicate with them. This item also grants the ability to detect the Manifestation-effects of any such entities.

                  Flight Staff (2 dots)
                  Item: A short wooden/metal/other rod, about a foot in length, usually stylised to indicate a direction of motion, such as a comparative thickening of one end, some fancy decoration on one end, or an unsubtle “this way is down” arrow.
                  Effect: Control Gravity (Forces 2)
                  Factors: Potency – 1; Scale - sufficient room around the staff for average distance from arm's length, to the base of one's toes for an average human
                  The effect constantly reorientates the direction of gravity around the staff for everything within its area, to the direction in which the staff is pointing. The practical upshot of which, is if a Mage takes hold of the staff and points it in a direction, they will begin to ‘fall’ in that direction. This can provide an effective and cheap, if dangerous and risky method of flight/transportation for an individual capable of concealing themselves from detection. Just point it in the opposite direction a few seconds before impact and your velocity should hit 0 in time for you to point it at the ground again, and land safely.

                  Imbued Items
                  Wool-gatherer (1 dot)
                  Item: A small item usually used by individuals to distract themselves or pass the time, most commonly taking the form of an item to fiddle with.
                  Effect: Serendipity (Fate 1)
                  Factors: Potency - 1, Duration - 1 round
                  Useful items for those without the knowledge of Fate sufficient to cast the spell themselves, wool-gatherers are usually made in the form of items of distraction, as a reminder that if you have to ask one for the way to go, you’re usually without an option, or bored. If properly used, the wool-gatherer will suggest a clear omen with regards to a course of action which will lead you to your current goal(s). (Yes, it can be a fidget spinner, or like, silly putty)

                  Insecurity Token (2-3 dots)
                  Item: Usually taking the form of a disconnected token, with a digital readout capable of displaying text and numbers.
                  Effect: Lucky Number (Fate 2)
                  Factors: Potency - 1; Scale - Touched subject; Duration - 1 round
                  Commonly crafted by Libertines for Libertines with an interest in computers/security, and neither the patience or inclination to either hack or brute force their way in, an Insecurity Token is capable of correctly guessing on the first try any password, combination lock, phone number, or other form of input credentials. The 2-dot version will immediately display this information on the Token itself, or grant this information to the user for those without a sense of joy, while the 3-dot version incorporates a conjunctive Matter 1 effect to input this information directly into the device. A useful addition in the age of incredibly long, complex security keys.

                  The Altar of Penance (5 dots)
                  Item: Usually taking religious symbolism, these items usually take the form of actual altars, prayer beads, or even just small items that can be focussed on while considering one’s fate.
                  Effect: Atonement (Fate 4)
                  Factors: Potency - 5; Scale - Touched subject; Duration - 1 Week
                  Infrequently created, and frequently shared, these items are kept and maintained to help Mages escape unjust (or in certain cases, just) curses placed upon them. By spending a scene with an Altar of Penance, the user may introduce into any non-Major curse they are suffering a thematically appropriate method of atonement, which will end either a Fate spell or a Conditional Duration spell they are suffering. This atonement must be done within one week, or the assistance of the Altar must be sought again.

                  Healing Stones (4 dots)
                  Item: Taking the form of various small items with a sympathy to healing in various faiths, religions, spiritual beliefs, or medicinal practices, these items are always chosen so they are functional to carry. Rocks carved with runes, crystals, a stethoscope.
                  Effect: Mend (Life 4)
                  Factors: Potency – 4; Scale – Touched subject; Duration n/a/
                  Simple items, healing stones when activated will heal a living individual of 8 points of non-resistant lethal damage when touched to their skin, and their activation phrase is stated. They are usually created to this extent, so that all but the most resilient and excessively large Mages (and other subjects) can be healed fully of all non-aggravated wounds.
                  An alternative model takes an entire scene to fully activate, but will heal the subject of up to 8 points of non-resistant lethal or aggravated damage instead.

                  Faceshifter (3 dots)
                  Item: Usually taking the form of a mirror, or some other form of item relating to beauty or self-image, these items will frequently be inscribed with a symbol of Life Perfecting. Those with a little more self-awareness however, may choose Life Weaving instead.
                  Effect: Many Faces (Life 3)
                  Scale: Potency – 3; Scale - Touched subject, Duration – One Week
                  Incredibly useful items for subterfuge, feeling good about oneself, experimentation, or just playing games with people, these imbued items when used (which takes a scene to do so, usually spent admiring oneself or remembering what you used to look like) permit an individual to completely change their physical appearance within the confines of their existing permanent injuries and human nature. This can permit the individual to transform themselves into any other flavour of human they so choose, as well as re-arranging a number of physical attribute dots for the duration equal to Potency (to a minimum of 1, and a maximum of their Gnosis-derived maximum). You can shift sex, change hair and skin, but not get back a lost eye.

                  Startwatch (6 dots)
                  Item: Almost always crafted in the form of a timepiece, these have largely evolved throughout the history of Mage society from pocket watches, through digital watches, to stopwatches, to smartphones, and now on occasion, smartwatches.
                  Effect: Temporal Pocket (Time 5)
                  Scale: Potency – 1; Scale – usually a meter radius around the Startwatch; Duration – One day
                  Crafted by Masters of Time and Adepts of Prime, these are rare but exceedingly useful and potent items. With but an Instant Action to activate them, these items feed additional time into the pattern of the items around them, freezing the world around them, while permitting those within the Temporal Pocket to move and act normally. This uses the Time in a Bottle attainment to gain the 1 additional reach needed for Instant Casting and Advanced Duration, at the cost of 1 mana, which is the minimum cost for an Imbued Item, and is this a sensible addition regardless. The standard restrictions of a Temporal Pocket exist, such as the spell ending if anything within the pocket touches moves, consumes, or injures anything outside the pocket. Such is the nature of the area of effect however, that if the user is careful, they can allow items to ‘enter’ the pocket so that the user can use and touch them.
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                    Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
                    Oh goodie, I was about to create this thread myself. Speaking of which, did we have a thread for Artifacts?
                    Here is a thread talking about Artifacts.


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                      Originally posted by Hardwire99 View Post

                      Here is a thread talking about Artifacts.


                      Meanwhile, here's a Doomsday Clock crafted by, well, the Cult of the Doomsday Clock. The "Cut History" spell is my homebrew, linked here.

                      I wrote the rules on the assumption that i) only the imbued spell's Reach effects and what its primary factor is is set by the imbuement, with other spell factors untouched unless the user sacrifices their spellcasting dice pool as usual (yes, I'm contradicting my own interpretation I suggested in the Ask Questions thread), and ii) when an item is both Imbued and Enhanced, dot ratings/ Experience costs are tracked separately (as Satchel suggested in the Ask Questions thread)

                      Doomsday Clock, Matter (Imbued Item ••••• ••, Enhanced Item ••)

                      Durability 5, Size 2, Structure 8,
                      Mana Capacity 5

                      Description: A Doomsday Clock looks like an antique clock, in a case made of polished black iron laced with lead. The Clock is inscribed with cryptic sigils instead of numbers. Doomsday Clocks are instruments of destruction used by the Cult of the Doomsday Clock, crafted by the Anachrons themselves and containing their terrible might. The most powerful ones are crafted by the Horae themselves, and are said to defy the common laws of Supernal magic.
                      This entry details a sample Imbued with the power to erase matter together with its history. Because a Doomsday Clock is crafted by at least an Anachron, consider its spells to have spell factors available to those wielded by mages with at least Gnosis 8 and a Mastery of Time.

                      Effect: This Clock is imbued with the "Cut History" spell and its Mind option, combined with the “Annihilate Matter” spell. Reach has been assigned on instant use, Advanced Duration, and Advanced Scale (Area). Potency, as the primary spell factor in both spells, is set at 8 by default. Mana capacity is increased by +4.
                      All Doomsday Clocks have their spells relinquished, and set as contingent. The trigger is that the user sets the normally still clockwork moving, the method of which is known only to the Cult. The prolonged Duration means the user need only activate the Clock once, after which it will repeat its spells every 10 minutes or 1 minute.
                      All Doomsday Clocks are enhanced with the “Shield of Chronos” spell. This sample has also been enhanced with two points of Durability and one point of Structure.
                      Once a Clock finishes the last repetition of its spells after the initial activation or all its Mana is sapped, it disintegrates itself. This effect is not reflected in the item's functions and Experience costs, as it is a side-effect of the magic wielded by the Anachrons and the Horae.
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                        Another, because I can. Here's one the Daksha would use.

                        Atlantean Fire Crystal, imitated (Imbued Item, •••)

                        Durability 3, Size 1, Structure 4, Mana Capacity 5

                        Description: A Fire Crystal, which the Daksha insist on their proper name as Atlantean Fire Crystals, is a fist-sized crystal whose reddish hue resembles that of brass or copper. Fire Crystals are found in Ruins of the Before and often in contraptions that resemble power sources, leading some to theorize that the Crystals were used to power an advanced civilization of the Time Before. A theory the Daksha and other Atlantean enthusiasts wholly approve of, but doubted by others.
                        As the Daksha seek to recapture the glory of the Awakened City, they have experimented with found samples to create many imitations, of which this entry details a sample of. While it cannot generate unlimited energy like a true Crystal, it can harness and manipulate existing Nodes (especially ones charged with Forces) and their Resonances to emulate such.

                        Effect: Imitated Atlantean Fire Crystals are imbued with the "Geomancy" spell. Reach is usually assigned on instant use, Advanced Duration, and Advanced Scale. Mana capacity is increased by +4.
                        The Gnosis of its Advent crafters mean that, when a Crystal is used to change preexisting Resonance, it can only change the Keyword to one of the following: Serene, Domineering, Transcendent, and Hierarchical.
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                          Imbued Items

                          Universal Remote (Imbued Item ••••)
                          This remote control can be used on any device that can be turned On/Off or that can be controlled by a computer/electronic device. The wielder only needs to point the device at the item that they wish to control and then push the buttons on the remote. It has all the buttons that a Universal TV Remote would have plus it has one knob and a track ball.
                          Each use of this Item costs 1 mana and casts the Remote Control spell on the target, this item has the Utility Attainment Time in a Bottle and by spending an additional point of Mana it will gain the Instant Casting Reach. It also has the Utility Attainment Permanence and by spending an additional point of Mana it will gain the Advanced Duration Reach.

                          Mana: 3
                          Arcanum Rating: Matter •
                          Effects: Remote Control (Matter •), Attainment: Time in a Bottle, Attainment: Permanence.

                          Enhanced Items

                          Gloves of Larceny (Enhanced Item •••)
                          This fashionable set of skin tight gloves assist its user by magically improving their Larceny skill, be it picking a lock or hacking a mainframe. This Item adds a +3 equipment bonus to all attempts to use the Larceny Skill. The wielder only needs to wear the gloves to receive that bonus.

                          Effects: Monkey’s Paw (Fate •••)
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                            Imbued Item:

                            Belt of Strength (Rating 8)
                            Similar in appearance to a wrestler or weightlifter's championship belt, this item, when activated, casts Honing the Form, raising the wearer's Strength for one scene. It can hold up to 9 points of Mana, and each activation costs 1 Mana.

                            Enhanced Item:

                            Iron Gloves (Rating 1)
                            Well-made plate gauntlets of blackened iron, these gloves have had Alchemist's Touch cast upon them.

                            These items were created as companion pieces to Thor's Hammer by a cabal whose members were perhaps a bit too fond of Marvel Comics (Cabal Theme can be really fun... or really annoying, depending on where you stand in regards to the theme).


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                              New Imbued Item


                              Description: the item usually takes the form of a 2 piece suit, with a airy, smooth quality to the fabric akin to silk. Upon activation, usually by clicking both of the woven in cuffs, the suit covers with a fine cloud weave.

                              Effect: Forces 4(Levitation), with Matter 2, and another passive Forces effect.

                              The Cloudmantle, one of the latest in Magical fashions, is a classic 2 piece suit with a hidden touch; the ability to fly, and for the stealthily minded, to fly as a cloud. In addition to its primary qualities, the suit's wearer can also fall safely from nearly, both after the effect of the spell ends, or simply whenever it is needed to gracefully float down from wherever you may be coming from.