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  • M:tAw Path and Order Spotify Playlists

    I've been surfing Spotify for playlists about a specific path or order, and there don't seem to be any more precise than a playlist of all orders, so I came here in hopes of having help building some for games.

    Example format;
    ​Obrimos: Gabriel's Message (The Sixteen)

    ​Go nuts, come up with some accurate ones, and I'll figure out how to post playlists here for you guys to use.

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    This is a wikidot page about the paths, its on a campaign called King of The Hill, each path's specific page has has a theme music:

    I only saw the one for the Acathus, which is Float On by Modest Mouse, it felt very appropriate, so it might be worth a look.
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      Some of my choices here were inspired by King of the Hill, DaveB's suggestions and elsewhere, but I've still got a lot of stuff for you. Mage is my most 'complete' playlist, though I remain unsure of a fair number of my choices. I've been looking for something for the Tremere for a long time.

      Acanthus: Definition of Destiny (Billy Talent)
      Mastigos: Into the Mind (Miracle of Sound)
      Moros: Magic and Loss (Lou Reed)
      Obrimos: Horizon (Jaxson Gamble)
      Thyrsus: Mother Earth (Miracle of Sound)

      The Pentacle: The Humbling River (Puscifer)

      Adamantine Arrow: This is War (Thirty Seconds to Mars), Guren No Yumiya (Jonathan Young)
      Guardians of the Veil: Beautiful Crime (Tamer)
      Mysterium: Chant of the Awakening (Arcana), Alethia (Jillian Aversa)
      Silver Ladder: Tiamat (The Pentagram), For Tomorrow (Shaman), My Body is a Cage (Peter Gabriel)

      Free Council: My Name is Human (Highly Suspect), Uprising (Muse)

      Seers of the Throne: Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Lorde), Apocalypse (Jasper Kyd), The Weaver (Puscifer)

      The Unity and the Hegemonic Ministry: Why We Build the Wall (Anaïs Mitchell) - I'm looking for more songs about nationalism for the Hegemons, but most are too specific to a particular nation for use elsewhere.
      The General and the Praetorian Ministry: Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums (A Perfect Circle), Dogs of War (Pink Floyd)
      The Father and the Ministry of Paternoster: Into the Nothing (Miracle of Sound)
      The Eye and the Ministry of Panopticon: Electric Eye (Judas Priest)
      The Chancellor and the Ministry of Mammon: Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd)

      The Raptor: Do the Evolution (Pearl Jam)
      The Nemesis: Darkness, Darkness (The Youngbloods - April Gibson Cover)

      The Left-Handed: Arsonist's Lullaby (Hozier)
      The Mad: Eyes Open (Wolfmother)
      Scelesti: Anti-Pattern (After the Burial) - It's not my usual style, but it fits the Scelesti well.
      Alternate Scelesti: Mirrors (Havayoth) - Because Goofy is definitely a Scelestus.
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        Ministry of Mammon: Gold (Imagine Dragons)

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          Guardians of the Veil: Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode, Nevermind - Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker - Leonard Cohen


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            Left handed: conscious killer- runDMC
            Mage in general: All along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix


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              I have created this one for Mastigos and I accept input from ppl, so long as it doesn't stray too far from the mood and theme (yes, I'm aware there are a few outliers despite that).


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                Obrimos: Life Uncommon - Jewel