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More words describing verges/demesnes?

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  • More words describing verges/demesnes?

    I understand the mechanics for verges and demesnes. What I don't understand is how to describe them. What happens within one? What "spontaneous phenomena"? I need examples, and examples take up precious word count. But I still need them.

    As far as I know, 1st edition (which I did not play) has a different focus on the supernal realms than 2E does. Is there still some 1E book that might be useful to understand what these areas are like?

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    Spontaneous phenomena don’t really happen in Demesnes. A Demesne is an area where a Mage is empowered to perform high level spells without the risk of Paradox, so long as the spell fits the Demesne’s theme.

    A Verge on the other hand is a location where the Supernal is leaking much more directly into reality. Around it can exist all manner of unearthly things related to the arcana the Verge is keyed to. It’s usually hidden from Sleepers in some way, and can be a kind of pocket realm that Mages can prowl around the edges of. Just don’t get too close to the center as the Supernal energy there can retroactively obliterate you.


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      All of that is pretty by the book. But it doesn't give me descriptions of what happens inside one of these supernal rifts, whether natural or artificial.


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        The description is generalized because -anything- could be happening inside a Verge. It's left up to ST discretion to think those things up.


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          Decide which of the Arcana the Verge is aligned to and then add an appropriate effect, you can look to the spell examples for ideas.
          For example in a Forces aligned Verge electrical devices work without batteries and lights won't turn off, water flows up hill or static electricity goes one step beyond.
          In a Death aligned Verge ghosts can manifest as if the appropriate resonant condition is there, perhaps even against their will (also works for Spirit).
          For Fate coins always land on heads, Time experiences Deja Vu and if close to the center time even seems to jitter and rewind.
          Mind causes you to hear snippets of voices inside your head, while Space means when you leave the Verge it might not be to the same place you entered from or maybe you can count your steps only to discover that the number is different when you retrace those steps.


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            Basically, take any example of the world being a Lie, and do the opposite. Its the Truth leaking into the world.


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              Thank you 2ptTakrill, those are some good starting points. :-)

              I think my issue is that the book puts a tremendous amount of focus on the supernal, even more so than first edition if what I've read is correct, but there aren't a lot of descriptions of the supernal realms. I'm hoping the next book remedies that.

              Given that the open development posts have each path seeing the world with the supernal overlaid, it would sure be great if we had some descriptions of what that looks like. Not a hard-and-fast description that everybody has to hold to, but some examples. I have a hard time creating from scratch but give me a starting point or two and I can go crazy with them.
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                Page 65, Eyes Wide Open covers that. During development we were pointed to the scene in the Constantine movie where he walks through a hellscape overlaid on on the real world. Pg. 91 in the Mage Sight section details what exactly Mage Sight sees in terms of system mechanics.


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                  Originally posted by Glacialis View Post
                  I think my issue is that the book puts a tremendous amount of focus on the supernal, even more so than first edition if what I've read is correct, but there aren't a lot of descriptions of the supernal realms.
                  One thing to keep in mind that might help (or might not) is that the supernal realms aren't actually places. That's a change (I think?) in 2E. They get described that way because that's the easiest way to understand them, but they are specifically not distinct places anymore - they are just the truth underlying reality.

                  Verges are places where that 'reality' is weak and the Truth leaks through en masse, not portals to a mystical place.


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                    Signs of Sorcery is going to cover this somewhat, too. Chapters 1 & 5 are going to be specifically about this sort of thing.


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                      For weird places and phenomena in general, I recommend the “1001 Interesting Paradox Backlashes” thread in the Mage The Ascension forum. The entries there are fascinating.

                      MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E