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Quick question (1e edition) - Improvised vs Rote

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  • Quick question (1e edition) - Improvised vs Rote

    Can you improvised only spell from your path primaries arcana?
    "A mage can cast improvised spells by the dint of her path; [...]"
    Or if you have the necessary arcanum dot to cast it whatever your path as long as you paid for the mana surcharge ?

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    Improvised casting has always only been free for your Ruling Arcana, whether from your Path or your legacy.

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      Ok..... What I mean is..
      Ex: an Acanthus with Life 1. Can he improvised cast any spell from life 1 or does he have to buy a rote for each spell to be able to cast it?


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        You can improvisationally cast any spell whose Arcana rating you meet. Knowing a rote just means you have studied a master's means of more effectively calling the imago to mind (and therefore casting with what is likely a larger dice pool).

        The Mana surcharge for improvisational casting is only if the spell's Arcanum is not one of your Ruling Arcana. So a Thyrsus can not only improvise any Life 1 spell, but she can do so for no Mana cost (unless the spell has its own cost). The Acanthus must pay Mana to do so, but if he knows a dot of Life, he may do so without knowing any rotes. If he knows a Life 1 spell by rote, he can cast that rote for no Mana cost (again, unless the spell has its own cost).
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          Yeah you can improvise any spell that you have high enough Arcana to cast, always. If it's not a Ruling Arcana, you have to spend 1 mana just to cast it, in addition to any other mana you might need to use.
          Seeing as you'll likely have low rating in non-Ruling Arcana, Rotes are pretty strong in them, but you don't have to have them.


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            Thanks a lot !