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  • Temenos Legacy Realms [Homebrew]

    Hello all. For a while I'd been thinking about the nature of the Temenos, and the Realms within it that directly relate to the nature of Mages.
    Not a true representation of Truth for the most part, the Temenos is still a place where all the collective secrets of Organisations are stowed.
    To try and make up such realms for the Paths and Orders however seemed like a bit of a herculean effort, so instead I settled for a nice, smaller, more 'useful' task.
    Creating a system through which you can represent the Temenos Realms of various Legacies.

    These realms, apart from being a handy place to meet your Legacy's membership have several added bonuses. Nothing too powerful, but hopefully enough for Mages to be interested in them, including areas for Oblations, tools for enhancing Yantra use, and Mysteries through which Initiation and Attainments can be achieved without a mentor.
    Even if you don't care for the rules and systems, I encourage you to consider the potential of Legacy Realms. Each Mage has a deeply personal connection to their Legacy, and the opportunity to run around in the communally understood representation of its principles is an interesting concept.

    Astral Location: Legacy Realms
    Joining a Legacy is seen as a sign of maturity to many Mages and is an important rite of passage in a Mage’s life. As most Legacies are shared by 2 or more Mages, like all commonly held beliefs this shared understanding is represented in the Temenos, forming a specific realm.

    Representing the view on Magic and reality that the members of the Legacy share, these Realms are highly disparate and deeply personal to those Mages who have initiated into their number. Containing the communally held understanding about each Legacy, these realms can contain astral representations of the Legacy’s core tenets, attainments, and secrets. This, combined with their use as a communal meeting place for Legacy members outside of the physical, makes such realms highly useful.

    Most Mages will visit their Legacy’s Temenos realm at least once in their life, unless they hold an aversion to the Temenos, or are dismayed at how the Temenos reflects their mystic calling.

    Legacy realms operate much the same as any other realm of the Temenos, they are connected to other realms by symbolic and conceptual association, and frequently follow their own physical rules and theme, incorporating strongly the symbols of their Legacy. All Legacy Realms are strongly connected to the Temenos Realms of their parent Path and Order(s), and many which draw upon or are close to various occult or sleeper thoughts, may border those realms as well.

    As a realm of the Temenos, Legacy Realms are far from a perfect manifestation of the Supernal symbols which a Legacy utilises. As all realms of the Temenos are influenced by the collective views of all of mankind, the perspective of those outside of the Legacy influences the realm itself. In cases of particularly infamous Legacies, or those to whom people are particularly misinformed, this external influence may overpower the views of its constituents and taint the realm’s nature.

    The extent of this corruption is directly proportional to the importance, and weight of the misinformation. For example, while the realm of the Reality Stalkers may reflect the perception of their nature as thieves, the realm of the Daksha is overwhelmingly influenced by the perception of their past actions and their supremacist attitudes.

    Many well-known Left-Handed and Reaper Legacies contain realms that are so misunderstood that they consist primarily of the misconceptions or hysteria surrounding their practices. Certain Mages who study the Temenos and realms of thought hypothesise that some of these perceptions may be so inaccurate, that they spawn an entirely separate realm. The internal views of such Legacies so different from the common misconception that they form an entirely separate, distinct realm.

    The corruption of a Legacy Realm by common misconception is a dismaying thing for many Mages, due to the benefits which an accurate Legacy Realm can provide. However certain other Legacies which would prefer to keep their practices clandestine enjoy this occlusion, making use of this corruption to further hide the Temenos-bound representation of their most private secrets.

    Legacy realms are incredibly distinctive, representing (at their best) the Legacy’s own unique perspective on the nature of Magic and reality. The Japanese architecture and floating islands suspended in a storm that marks the Realm of the Brotherhood of the Demon Wind, is for example a far cry from the frontier town of the Wild West that the cowboys of The Strangers call home.
    Each Legacy Realm draws strongly from its constituent symbols and their Fallen manifestations to define their appearance. Members of the Eleventh Question have never been able to shake the 19th century dourness of London from their Legacy’s Realm, while the prestigious appearance of the Chrysalides’ realm changes almost constantly to reflect changes in fashion and worth, older and out-of-date concepts relegated to basement levels where Swans occasionally go to laugh at and demean their actors.

    Regardless of the cultural manifestation of the Legacy’s principles, each realm strongly reflects the Ruling Arcana of the Legacy. The realm of the Forge Masters resonates strongly with the Truth of Prime, while metallic dream-substances taking on properties normally seen in Perfected Metals, while the realm of the Tamers of Fire is “high energy” and full of actors that can be motivated and interacted with, those present never suffering wound penalties.

    Legacy realms also generally contain several features representing the Yantras, Oblations, and Attainments of the Legacy. Through interacting with such locations, adherents of the Legacy can enhance their use of Yantras, perform their Oblations, and even seek to learn standard or unorthodox Attainments.

    Legacy Realms are mechanically similar to all other Temenos Realms; however they may frequently involve supernatural, and unearthly appearances reflecting the ideals of the Legacy. They are reached in the same manner as all other Legacies, either as the immediate entrance point for an Astral projector into the Temenos or reached though navigating the associations from another Realm.

    All Legacy Realms are influenced by public conception, and thus are either Accurate, Inaccurate, or Wildly Inaccurate. An Accurate Realm is either not widely known outside of its members or is widely known and understood. An Inaccurate Realm is misunderstood to a certain degree, involving a departure from the Legacy’s core tenets, such as the belief that Reality Makers are lazy slobs, or that the Dreamspeakers are drug-addled hippies. Wildly Inaccurate realms are either subject to significant misinformation or are subject to a singular somewhat inaccurate emphasis of such a scale that it overwhelms all other concerns. Such realms are rare, but an example would be the Daksha immediately following the conclusion of World War 2.

    Oblation areas are places within a Legacy Realm which contain all of the paraphernalia required in order for a member of the Legacy to perform their Oblations. This may include meditation mats, tight ropes suspended over pits of spikes, a listening station, or other more esoteric and involved tools. If the realm is Accurate, these appeal fully and provide a circumstantial +2 die modifier to attempts to perform Oblation. If Inaccurate, these appear to an extent, but may be influenced by public misconception and thus they provide a +1 modifier instead. If Wildly Inaccurate, the only Oblation areas which feed into the misconception are present, and no benefit is provided.

    Yantra records are locations which provide the Mage the opportunity to ‘refine’ their Legacy Yantras and enhance their effectiveness. If the Mage has an Astral representation of a fundamental element of their Legacy Yantra, such as a sample of Cocaine or Ritalin for the Eleventh Question, or a picture of their target for the Thread Cutters, they may use the paraphernalia of the realm to enhance a singular specified instance of the use of this Yantra. If Accurate, this enhancement provides the 8-again trick on the spellcasting roll that uses this Yantra. If Inaccurate, this enhancement provides the 9-again trick. If Wildly Inaccurate, such records are limited to Yantras which feed into the misconception, and only provide a 9-again trick.

    Scattered throughout Legacy Realms are hints, indications of the core principles of the Legacy and the Attainments which arise from these. This is mechanically represented as a multi-layered Mystery. As the Legacy Realm is truly but a reflection of the Legacy’s principles, this does not function as a true Daimonmikon, however certain Legacies do maintain such items hidden in Astral Form within their Legacy Realm to vouchsafe against the total annihilation of their membership.

    The core principles required to initiate into the Legacy are Opacity 3, and when discovered may be used by a Mage of Gnosis 3+ to initiate into the Legacy without a tutor. Further Attainments are of an Opacity of 2, plus the level of the Attainment. If the Attainment is Unorthodox, a further +1 modifier is imposed to the Opacity and is only available if it has been known by 2 or more Mages of the Legacy. If the realm is Accurate, then no further modifier to Opacity is enforced. If Inaccurate, a +1 modifier to the Opacity is applied. If Wildly Inaccurate, a +2 modifier to the Opacity is applied instead.
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    Good idea, probably i ll use it in my next campaign ☺.
    Some legacies could also made attainments to reach this realm or make irises to it...