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    What are your favorite legacies and why? Which fit you the best?

    There are a lot of legacies now, so a quick way to find which ones you like:
    1. Figure out which Orders, Paths, and Arcana most appeal to you.
    2. Go to the legacy page on the M:TAw wiki and make a list of the legacies that match your preferred orders, paths, and arcana - eliminate anything that doesn't fit.
    3. Make a list of the legacies that do fit, and then read through those, eliminating the ones that don't appeal to you.

    So, for example, I like the Mysterium, I like the Acanthus and Mastigos, and I like Space, Fate, Mind, Time, and Life. There were 12 legacies that fit all those categories, and I eliminated the 7 that didn't appeal to me, and was left with the following 5: Walker in Mists (Acanthus, Mysterium, Space), Skald (Acanthus, Mind), Reality Stalker (Mastigos, Mysterium, Space), Pygmalian (Acanthus, Mind), Liberatore (Mastigos, Mind).
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    Personally I have a hard time liking many of the Legacies as presented, they often don't make sense to me. As I see it a Legacy needs to meet two criteria before it makes sense, it needs to be something a Mage would realistically obsess over enough to shape their soul to suit and its attainments need to be useful enough that a Mage would shape his soul to obtain them. Too many of the Legacies seemed rather frivolous to me and often their attainments are just as well or even sometimes better served when just using the base spell. For many things the Fallen World doesn't get in the way enough to justify shaping ones soul.
    The Eyes of Ain Soph make sense to me, I can easily see Mages being obsessed enough with studying the supernatural and their attainments protect the Mage without contaminating whatever they are studying.
    The Pure Sovereigns as a concept make sense to me, who wouldn't want a longer and healthier life, but some of the attainments seem more in tune with a spy than a health nut.
    The Daksha are just too out there for me, turning yourself into an androgynous hermaphrodite in pursuit of a superior race? I can't see many being that drawn to it.
    The Eleventh Question, which I know to be a popular Legacy, strike me as an example of when the spells alone do the job just fine.

    To me the concept of the Legacy needs to be something that could reasonably define the Mage's entire being, with attainments that are useful in that pursuit without being based too much on what would be useful in play.


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      I like the Eyes of Ain Soph too.

      I also think most of the legacies that don't seem like good canditates for attainments do get by on the allure of their mysteries and philosphies, so obsession and theming are important.

      My fave group is the Dreamspeakers. Maybe not the most useful but I really love the idea of being able to astral project paradox-free.


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        My favorite in concept is Mimir's Voice, most of their attainments make no sense but the idea of Mages sworn not to withhold the truth, the challenge of that appeals to me.


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          I'd second Mimir's Voice. They feel like one of the few Legacies that really engages with the concept of the Awakened as occult magpies, taking disparate ideas and concepts and putting them together into a fairly coherent single concept.

          That said, like a lot of legacies, I feel the concept is limited by the very mechanical construct of legacies. The left-hand version of the Legacy is pretty compelling, but looses something when it's a one-off either/or decision.


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            I dont think any of the ones I've read really have a legacy that I would call a favorite. If I'd have to choose I would choose the Roses of Eden for being no-nonsense about this whole thing. The imagery was also great and I appreciated a "revolutionary" legacy without being all gung-ho..

            Though with the second edition they would require a modified write-up since a lot of their doctrine doesn't work with 2nd ed.

            Other I like: House of Ariadne, Tamers of Fire, Transhuman engineers (sans the attainments). When it comes to left handed legagies I'm quite fond of the Legion (the abyssal parasites one).
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              Storm Keepers I found rather interesting. Having your Inferior Arcanum become a Ruling is pretty powerful.

              I also enjoy the Uncrowned Kings, the mentality of them I find rather interesting.

              I agree that overall Legacies seem very rigid, which reduces the target audience for them (in the world itself and among players).

              One thing to remind people of though, Legacies add Oblations that allow for harvesting Mana without a Hallow. That alone is pretty powerful and would draw mages to their ranks. Especially mages who are having mana shortages.

              Don't get me wrong, I agree with some of the thoughts above of Legacies being underwhelming considering you are reshaping your very soul in order to join one. Easy mana though, pretty tempting.


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                Awakening Gambit is my favorite, I really like the idea of the strategist that comes crazy prepared or a master that stops time and comes back healed, restocked and with hung spells prepared to turn the tides with a well executed plan, one that a hostile Obrimos cannot undo with a dispelation setting the pieces off at the wrong time. No matter what happens, they have a plan, they always have a plan. I also like their mindset, fight smarter not just harder, become the chessmasters that pulls off multi-layered plans that send enemies scrambling, and just as they caught up to the current phase of the grand strategy, you have already moved on to the next one. It also has to do with Xanathos and Grand Admiral Thrawn being two of my favorite villains ever. And should an emergency call for it or the Orders suffer a devastating blow, they are a Legacy that is a living contingency plan that can pull a few strings to plant the seeds of the Diamond's resurgence.

                Second favorite is the Eleventh Question, not only is the Sherlock Holmes theme very cool, but arriving at answers easier and faster than everyone else can tip the scales in a non-trivial way. In general, I like Legacies that allow you to anticipate problems and let you plan for them, or those that give you information when there is enough time that an elegant surgical strike can stop a domino effect of doom, such as the Bearers of the Eternal Voice or Subtle Ones. Lastly, I also like Legacies that leave room for spontaneously stumbling into something you weren't supposed to or be puzzled by omens, such as the House of Ariadne, the Reality Stalkers and Sphinxes (Acanthus is my favorite Path, followed by Mastigos, I think these choices reflect that).

                For antagonists, I like Legacies that can leave side effects in the world as the mage blindly pursues their tenets, creating new Mysteries for the players, such as the Unforgotten Scions and the Cult of the Doomsday Clock.
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                New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

                The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists


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                  Tamers of Blood. Played straight it's a little gory or macabre. If that's for you then enjoy I suppose?

                  I like tamers of the blood because it plays directly into a Thyrsus hunter or shape changer theme. It's not for the horror or shock value. They're there, but I ignore them. You go hunting, and eat what you kill without apology. It ties right into existing themes and takes what your maybe doing anyway even without the legacy then drawls power from it. If others look at you sideways for it? Thyrsus have always been a little off or wild. Never quite fitting in with high society as a whole. Even urban handyman shaman. It all ties into one single theme, and I enjoy being able to merge different things into one seamless unit.
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                    I think first edition's legacies had the problem that went across all the z-splats, there was a lot of hyperspecific groups that I'm sure someone likes, somewhere, but I and people I know of aren't interested in.

                    The Scelesti was probably my favorite, from the original core. The Abyss is my favorite part of mage and it ties in with summoning abyssal things and spirit stuff, my favorite part of Chronicles.

                    Expanding on that I like the Gaolers of Ialdabaoth, though I think it's a little limited in scope. It offers an in-setting reason for doing things as well as antagonists. It's a plot device in legacy form, tying in with unique abyssal entities, spirits and ghosts. Plus there's the suspicion they're likely to get from the Pentacle for 'dealing' with the Abyss, even if it's from their duty of imprisonment.

                    The Legion are pretty interesting too, but hard to imagine playing one straight as a PC. Like if you did you'd be so bombarded by Abyssal conditions you wouldn't have any agency of your own, so they're not my favorite but probably deserve an honorable mention as a heartbreaker. The Fangs of Mara are pretty cool, using the abyss to fight the abyss in a misguided but explorative fashion that lends itself to great psychic battles and burning out young. While most of my picks aren't y-splat specific or even close, my last favorite would probably be the Devourers of the Flesh, simply because it's the most werewolf-like as I see it. Plus from a storytelling viewpoint I enjoy they pervert (or honor) the basic tenets of the Adamantine Arrow.
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                      If we ignore the mechanics, entirely, my favorites were Walkers in the Mist, Blank Badges, Thrice Great, Uncrowned Kings, Al i Bhatin, Fangs of Mara, and Legion.

                      Grump, grouse, and/or gripe.


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                        I've always liked House of Ariadne, Perfected Adepts and 11 Q. I've only STed 10 characters and so far only 4 have had Legacies. Two were P Adepts, one was House of A and the other was fan-made, though another one was very close to going with Threnodist (which I also like).