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    I could give you a pretty worded explanation, but mostly I simply want to put some ideas in write and share them before they're forgotten. So first odd thing of the magical world bouncing around my head. Feel free to add your own. Unless beaten back with stick, I plan to add more after having time to commit them.

    The Cat's Refuge

    Normally when thinking of a ancient library the image of dusty tomes with dramatic names or shelves holding aged and barely held together and crumbling scrolls comes to mind. Perhaps if your a mage even some old jealous,deadly wards or guardian of ancient power guarding ancient secrets. All prepared to judge one's worth to know their secrets. Casting all they find unworthy bodily into a endless void of eternal torment for daring to challenge them and failing! The inner sanctum a dark room filled with runes written in high speech far underground that can only be found by solving a ancient riddle seven layers deep in languages that never existed in this timeline.

    You might not even think a place called The Cat's Retreat had anything to do what so ever with magic. Unless of course you happen to have a cat familiar had it's influence in magic. You might even think a powerful hollow that mages aligned both nodes and a locus too would be a lighthouse for a mage of any kind to claim. You'd be almost completely wrong if you assumed any of those things, but only almost.

    The Cat's Retreat is a plain, circular stone platform sitting in a clearing deep in a pine forest. Featuring a outer circles of five stone pillars, a inner circle of three circling outlining a seven foot reflecting pool, and statue of a arm holding a perfected copper sword within the pool. Not a actual wall, book, or scroll in even a mages keen sight on any side of the gauntlet or astral. Sense it was built thirty years ago only three mages have seen it. It's creator and two others. Both visitors left it without a mark, intact, in peace, without any coercion, and in less then ten seconds.

    That despite it is one of the most complete libraries of veterinary knowledge, spirit or life magic, their rotes, mages in general, werewolf, and fera commonly known or suspected to exist. That is, If you know it exists and how to find it. In fact if you actually find it you may be surprised to see cougars, wolfs, lynx, deer, small birds, even squirrel, and other fauna calmly sharing the same space in and around the stone monument. The first trick is finding it, and for all it's openness there are few places in the fallen world more thoroughly and zealously warded.

    The first layer of defense is a fifty square mile across pine trees that no sleeper will willingly enter. Nor will a sleeper attempting to navigate by mundane means actually travel through the pine forest. The magic shepherds them quietly around it. The magic shielding the hollow, locus, or node from detection with wards of surprising power. Even the name The Cat's Retreat was the subject of a minor battle in the Temenos to make it seem nothing more then a eccentrically named section of forest. For those mages fated, fortunate enough, or that simply walk to their to it find a place of supernatural peace and healing. One almost expects it's own calming theme music, but to date none has been recorded.

    At the center of the stretch of woods lies The Cat's Refuge. Spirits and animals more intelligent and older then they have any natural creature has right to be gather here. All standing ready to answer any of the mages questions that are spoken aloud. As if they've always been there just waiting in perfect health and patients. Answering questions though their price of admission to the sanctuary, and it's protection. Any question that is except the one any arriving mages probably should ask first, but so far never has: “Where is everyone else?” Though they'll smirk, snicker, and honestly answer they no way of knowing that if asked. Collectively local spirits, faun, or even flora can be counted to know any common life or spirit rout, lore related to mages or those to magics, werewolves, fera, or just animal in general. If they do not know the answer they will know where to find it.

    The bane of the place is the two mages that to date have found the place can't find their way back or have any proof they ever found it. Both were fleeing a banisher group that had taken residences in a near by town. Both upon finding the circular stone monument -one might say shepherded to it- turned to seek something they left behind. One wanted to fetch their cabal, the other their notebook. You see, the stone that marks the heart of this place hold it's own magic. The mage who created the place liked the open air and freedom, but not the hike out of the place. Seeing they were the creator of the place, their own spell could bypass the space wards protecting it. Upon turning to leave the two visiting mages activated the monument's magic and where immediately teleport through their own sympathetic links to exactly where they wish to be. The first to his cabal a hundred miles away, the other twenty back to his car where he left his notebook before being chased into the refuge. Depending on who you ask they were darn lucky to either find the place or simply be allowed to find it the first time. To the mage who made the place returning was just as easy as leaving. They has no concerned with others having to worry about getting back. The two visitors never found The Cat's Refuge again. Even after mustering their respective cabals to drive out the banishers that originally chased them to the refuge, no one known has laid eyes on it again. A few mages here and there hear rumors and try their luck though.

    Without fail a message that is left for them in very pointed letters -sometimes not so politely- encouraging them to simply drop the mater. Particularly obsessed mages have a habit of having nasty runs with strangers or enemies, but never come out of those fights with more then a long hospital stay or owing a favor to a mage with access to life magic. Those that do press with ruthless tactics in their search have either disappeared or left gruesome corpses the local police seem completely unable to solve. Some posit unwilling to, but given the nature of their death a mage can be suspicious all they please, no mortal lawman will go alone against what can do that to a person. To date even magical investigations into those death just agrees with a very large animal having mauled the offending mage. The most that ever comes of it is are mage being lost and hurt, or a week long organized hunt turning up a suitable animal carcass that even magic agrees was the killer. But then again, it's always lone mages who turns up missing. Who knows what will happen if a whole cabal presses too far and goes goes missing. Nor can anyone guess how long they can keep searching before things other then two small cabals of relatively friendly mages begin to take a interest...

    The numbers
    As the axiom goes, If it has HP you can kill. Here are the details of the place's HP. There is a potency 6 Lure and Repel and Lying Maps spell targeted to keep sleepers out or walking around the sanctuary. Both use prime to only latch to humans without supernatural templates. The woods around Cat's Refuse are protected by a Ban disallowing awakened, spirit, space, and time magic, shielding practice covering the same, and a Guards and Sigils spell. The entire forest within the wards is covered by lasting Control Instict spell devoted to keep living creatures calm and peaceful. (An exception below) Within 100ft of the actual Cat's Refuge structure is a lasting Mend spell (potency 1) with reach assigned to recharging, resting, and healing aggravated damage. The teleportation spell imbued into the monument may hold up to 5mana. Excepting the Mend spells, all spells count as lasting, potency 10, and have a clash of wills pool of 12dice. 15Dice in the case of Spirit and Life magics. All of these are imperial (archmage) magic!

    For the shadow side of the gauntlet see Glades in Werewolf: The Forsaken. The creatures that dwell near the monument are shape changers (read Bastet, but any fera or werewolf will work), their kin (for werewolves that would be wolfblooded), or spirits of at least rank three are some way bound by magic, oath, or honor to guard The Cat's Refuge. Never by more then one of those however.

    The great difficulty in find the place isn't based in awakened magic. That by it's self is to protect those already within. The Cat's Refuge is a sanctuary for Bastets (See W20 Changing Breeds if your interested) and their kin. The cat's themselves are very dedicated secret keepers, and protect the refuge as if they're species depends on it (Because keeping the big cats alive very well may). They use their own magics and skills to discourage visitors, and rarely approve of any visitors. If the mages keep poking their nose into things, they are a wild card.

    Any attempt to use the place for violence or openly abuse the sanctuary will earn the instant and likely permanent hostility of the local Bastet, animal inhabitants, spirits, and the archmage that created The Cat's Refuge should they still be alive. The local defenders are except from the magically enforced calm, they're just by default content and placid. Like monument's creator though, they're perfectly fine with taking up arms to defend the peace or swift and brutally expel a offending outsider.

    If by some means a mage does gain entry, does not immediately trigger the moment's sympathetically targeted teleport spell to have to start over -Something the Bastet count on with some amusement when they do allow visitors-, or otherwise alienate them selves, the monument is a powerful magical tool. It's basic design counts at least one instance of a standard magic tool (a coin, a cup, mirror, a rod, and a weapon), a thyrsus path tool (the stone that makes up the monument), an adamant arrow order tool (the perfect copper sword in the very center), and has runes representing 'life', 'space', 'spirit', 'time', 'prime', 'healing', 'protection', 'peace', and any other tool or rune the story teller feels appropriate such as 'cat', 'bastet', 'kin', or 'animal' on the columns. The place counts as a environmental yantras with those key themes. It also five dot hollow (the reason for building here), and a five dot locus (naturally grown on top the hollow). The node that sits on top of the hollow, any mana, and essence resonance not coincidentally are charges with the same key words. Granting anywhere from a +1 dice bonus to spells to upwards of a +8dice bonus. In addition to it's healing, teleportation abilities, and under the wing of a full time supernatural guard. All of it barely within the ability of a mage to make by the rules if they had near infinite time.

    There is a even deeper mystery to explore. A iris overlays the reflecting pool at the center of The Cat's Refuge is keyed to big cats or Bastet. Shape changing or a mage having awakened from a Bastet's kin will be required for entry without using magic to force the iris open. Guarding the iris with imperial magic is the archmage's current goal, or what they died trying to do. If the creating archmage is alive inside is a chantry heavily aligned with the Thrysus path expands to cover a several hundred miles large wildlife sanctuary for big cats with little fear of humans. Local big cats are comfortable with Bastet humanoid forms. They're no less wild for it though, just have no fear of humans. If the archmage is dead, the chantry becomes a wending of uncertain habitability. Either way the space has it's version of the Shadow and is heavily expanded with space magic. In general the chantry or wending should represent a very old and power mage who has dedicated their life to wild life protection. Consider there are no warnings or any previous protections once inside. The archmage considers anyone inside a rightful resident, or tresspasser and rightful prey.
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    The above is a example of a Thyrsus mage with too much time and power on their hands. Here is a example of what one of The Mighty might create. A argument could be made for this being made by a warlock because of it's astral realms theme and their mastery of mind magic. An Adamant Arrow Orbimos mage seems more likely to draw a line in the sand inside enemy territory and fight back by use of mystical might, courage, and perseverance alone!

    The Sleeper's Protection Guide:

    Neither bodily guide or written book, the Sleeper's Protection Guide is a hybrid of both. Hidden within the temenous among the concepts of 'lost and alone' is a petrified tree that at any given time may appear as much as thirty feet tall or as small as a foot. Unlike a normal petrified tree, this one has smooth sides ,whole, and has it's stony leaves. It's a light gray striped through with rough bands of rust red, black, and darker gray. At the base of this tree, carved into it are book shelves stuffed with books. Each dedicated in easy to understand tomes about survival, counseling, actives one might expect to find in a cheerful summer camp, maps, almanacs, or even just the ubiquitous Boy Scout's Manual with hand written notes. A library that on occasion has suffered loss, or a mage directly or indirectly grateful for the tree's existence has traveled to the astral to update or add to. In the trees long history there have been a number of librarians that have risen and fallen. Rarely still even occasionally recruiting or adding to the tree's guardians.

    Around in contrast to any natural denizens of the realm are several geotia of varying powers. Each some symbol of a person or tracking animal constantly on the look out. Some standing in defiant defense of the stone tree against the realm's normal denizen of disappearance, fear, and loss. Other near by figures are vigilant watchers for trouble. The tree it's self is actually a imbued item with a truly prodigious mana reserve. Though some reports have it as a mildly impressive 10 mana others at a astounding 100!

    As one mind expect in an astral realm representing being lost and alone, when one is lost and alone they have a manifestation within the astral realm. When one of the watching geotia notice this they instantly spring in to action. Some stoically marching to battle with a soldier's raunchy cadence call, others making heroic decorations and flying as if a super hero to a damsel's distress. Either way the tree its self responds too, and magic imbued comes into play.

    Whenever a watching geotia springs off to investigate disturbance they're quickly transported out of the astral into or near the real work event that disturbed the temenous. A bit of fate magic ensure they're arrival (and later exit returning the geotia to it's watch) is always timely and never directly observed. A copy of a book from the guide's library that the geotia is bound to in some form always arrives with it. The astral entity then actively drawling a distressed person's attention to the book and just the right page to help them. Desperate geotia, Going so far to directly imprint the needed knowledge into a mind when needed.

    Serendipity is the name of The Sleeper Protection Guide's game. A mage with the life arcuma being provided with a mending rote to heal a animal attack victim is straight forward and has in fact happened before, so have the utterly ridiculous when required. The chief among the tales is a teen teche nerd no survival or medical aptitudes what so ever having pulled over to change a flat tire two hundred miles from anywhere. Only to have a detailed instruction booklet opened to how to use the car's battery, alternator, antenna, and jumper cables, into a Morse-code transmitter falling out of the glove box unexplained. Inside fifty year old top secret military distress codes. Soon followed by a deep urge to build it,and transmit them just as a military transport plane returning home flies overhead. All to rescue a fifty year retired master sergeant slow dying to burns suffered in a freak lightning strike while on a fishing trip half a mile away from anyone else. After finding and rescuing the master sergeant the codes detailed, The arriving MPs were kind enough to change the teen's tire and give him a ride back to town... The tale never agrees on what happened after that, and pointedly discourages one from asking.

    Stories of that and more have warmed many campfires over the decades. Even when the tree can not help a lost traveler it's existence in the astral has been attributed to a feeling of distant hope allowing some to press on and survive. If none of the above was mystery enough, What drawls a mages attention to the mystery though is some of those books the tree provides are also grimorie with rotes not seen or heard of by any currently living mage. The geotia bound in the books imprinting the rotes contained within just as easily as they do imprint how to make a rope bridge on a sleeper. Sometimes a passing mage just having finished reading about a strange rote in the strange book they found hours before just as they hear a call for help, or -as more often the case- find a out of place grimorie open to just the right rote they suddenly instinctively know how to cast when they arrive at distressed traveler. All just teasing enough knowledge to driving a mage's obsession to find the source.


    The current Sleeper's Protection Guide isn't actually the first. It may not even be the original name. It may not currently be the only stone tree like in the temenous, but it very likely is. The first stone tree was actually destroyed by the astral realm it resides in when its guardians were beaten back. The second when a librarian drew the attentions of a jealous rival. The third incarnation actually included ghosts in it's retinue, but it was unique so far in that. The current version is actually the fifth such petrified tree.

    The secret to it's longevity was just the raw success of the first guide created. It was so successful for so long, it left a deep imprint in the astral. Each incarnation has had it's wards and guards of varying power and depth guarding it, but so far have never succeed in one tree surviving over the two hundred year mark. The shortest survived only five days. The echoes of the original broken magic and any surviving geotia invariability find and guide a suitable mage into rebuilding or recreating the artifact.

    The enchantment imbuing of the tree it's self is straight forward if requiring a collection of arcanium at low levels and gnosis of 9 or 10. It's a Platonic Form spell copying one of the books in the tree's library, and in forces to mask it's magical nature. Combine with the Platonic Form spell are a Fate spell to get the book exactly to get things where they need to go, a Mind to get it across get it across the astral into the physical, and Spirit to bind a geotia in or around the book. The exact combinations methods have varied with different incarnations. The fourth incarnation was notable for have a array of smaller imbued items to aid the tree offering shelter, light, power, or heat to those it helped. The one surviving geotia from the original tree insists under oath -it insists on saying it under oath- the original imbued spell was somehow much simpler, but has no idea how it was done. Said geotia taking the form of a floating book titled 'The Sleeper's Protection Guide' giving the artifact its current name.

    The tree just cues off a geotia responding to a crisis then gets it and the knowledge in place. Actually making sure the proper knowledge is noticed and useful is entirely up to the individual geotia's ability. Some geotia are created along side the tree. Others are survivors from a previous incarnation, recruited from elsewhere, or generated by the astral in response to the guide's efforts. A large group of rank 1 geotia are always present, two to ten rank 2 as well, and at least one rank 3. Beyond that is up to the story teller. All of them can be assumed to be in various states of readiness or battle at any given time defending the tree from the realm of 'lost and alone' denizen's trying to remove or resist the stone tree's efforts.

    The geotia them selves arranging for the guide to be recharged. This is typically how a curious mage is eventually recruited to a be Sleeper Protection Guide's librarian. No one incarnation has had the same palette of magics. However any one or two dot spell that could provide safety in a desperate or emergency situation tied to medicine or survival should be fair game. As well as any book that could provide up to a +2 or better equipment bonus plan in emergency situation can safely be assumed present. In both cases the geotia responding have some means or condition to instantly provide the needed knowledge to anyone that genuinely needs it instantly. Any advanced knowledge beyond that is up to the story teller or whims of fate. While a mage can not learn a rote they don't qualify to learn by normal means, Fate can get extremely creative with what knowledge and how to use it to get the job done anyway!
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      The above two are items of powerful spell work by mages that if were players may have been playing for years to get the power needed. Here is a example of something a new mage could have made with only two or three extra arcaum dots. (I'm going to have to see about making a inanimate, unguarded, and unguided thing next.)

      The Healer's Woes

      The Healer's Woe is intact two items created by two different mages. Neither of which knew each other. Only one of them could be called heroic, and only then posthumously. The first item is a simple orange plastic medicine bottle. As the rumors go, and the second a recently minted first aid kit.

      The first mage, who has a different name for each teller of the story, began with the simple orange plastic pill bottle. This particular mage wasn't of high moral fiber, and was the only mage in town with access to Life magic. She was extra careful to see to that. A rival cabal knew better then to trust her, and had to rely on their order connections or local sleeper medicine. Something she planned to take advantage of!

      Skill in mind, space, and a dabbling of fate magic the first mage set to work layering spell after spell on the pill bottle. The first spell she worked was to give it a mind of it's own. The second that mind one way telepathy to better see into the mind of her rivals and perhaps nudge them. The next a ward forcing anyone not looking at the pill bottle to forget it. The forth a spell to make the label on the bottle always seem to be one was in order, but not belong to them. By this time she was rather tired and exhausted making so many enduring spells and added only one more. The last a space magic spell to co-locate with the location of it's master so it could report time to happen at every dawn. Woven together with all of them were the threads of fate magic nudging things along to help the mind within accomplish it's goal, or make sure it was not observed at the wrong times.

      From the first, fate had been invited in and bound to the bones of this story.

      For all it's patchy nature, the plan worked with fate's aid, and worked spectacularly well. Up to this point the Cabal only knew they were being spied on, suffered rather soundly for it, and even spotted the bottle a few times. They however the mind bound into the plastic bottle would reach out to the cabal's pet cat. Edging it out to cause a disturbance or pounce it out of sight. It's discovery as any thing more then a simple plastic bottle forgotten thanks to one of the many spells woven into it. When her victim cabal recruited a newly awakened member skilled in life magic there was nothing she could do about it. The medicine bottle found it's self forgotten about, they no longer needed mundane medicine, rather then be thrown away the mind within simply had the cat carry it to a mildly interesting sleeper. Saving it from the first mage's complete neglect or garbage.

      The first mage thought her self clever again, and decided to try the whole schema over again. This time with a first-aid kit she hoped to get the new rival life mage to accept before learning she could not be trusted! She wove her spells with fate again. Being a bit more skilled this time the first-aid kit didn't co-location, but always be able to teleport to 'it's owners side' out of sight or any but the owner'. She rested a night, and had planed to go to her newly awakened rival before they could learn to mistrust her telling him “Here, keep it close to you. Use it when sleepers are watching to heal someone.” She would have her spy again. Fate ,the capital 'f' Fate, had been woven deeply into the whole story twice. It had been abused to win victories for the first mage, and sow misery for her rivals. The next morning Fate decided to balance the scales written in large print letters.

      The next morning, Not one second passed between when she gave that tainted gift to her rival and when Fate brought it's own 'gift' to give. Only Fate knows why the last mage entered the story now. He stumbled out of a ally, bleeding for a gunshot wound from a mugging gone wrong. Then spoke words in high speech no one else but the first mage understood. Words that any master of Fate magic would roll their eyes at, but knew held power.

      “No! I will trade my secrets for my life, they guard more then my life. With my last breaths I curse you and your master! Before you held and horded secrets for your master. Now you will spill your masters secrets spill them all to any that see you, withholding nothing, and only seek to aid any who find you. Fate it's self reaches out to brand you with this, defy it at your own peril.”

      True to drama clubs everywhere, the gunshot mage died on the spot after uttering that curse. The first mage was riding high for her deception and paid it no attention not being a particular caring person to start with. She should have. The very life mage she had gave her spying first-aid kit to had been no more then two steps away, and had tried to use his new gift the dying man. A gift the dying mage, though sheer coincidence of having raised his defense in the fight that killed him, and saw right through deceptions!

      The minds she had created to spy on her rivals were loyal, but not to death. Both sensing Fate's displeasure and their impending doom immediately reported to their creator. They were now telling all her secrets to the rival cabal! The first-aid kit escaped her wrath as she tried to focus on the medicine bottle, but had long sense neglected and lost track of it. Most sleep better at night not knowing how that cabal expressed it's revenge. The cabal passed on the two artifacts, they had no taste for them. The whereabouts of both are unknown. Fate had decreed the scales be balance, and the minds behind the items are keen to not earn any more of it's ire.


      The minds created and bound to the bottle and kit have no control over the magics woven into them. Every 24hours the bottle creates a small area of co-located space to where it's current owner is. Every hour, the kit teleport to a safe location out of sight of anyone but it's owner. It merely seems to appear when needed as anytime that it's not needed the kit and its untimely arrival are forgotten by means of a Incognito Presences spell.

      Both can and do call attention to them selves when they feel they can help. Neither want to test how long lasting or curse the laid on them really is. They are in fact under a 5dot Fate curse with a lasting duration that will end them if they resist it. The pill bottle and first-aid kit both count as always having a +5 equipment bonus and 9-again if they can logically be used as a tool. Partly the Monkey's Paw or Exceptional Luck spells woven into all the other spells, and partly the Pariah based cure. They are not however any more durable then a standard item of it's type would be. So no +5 improvised weapons rolls.

      The minds with have also had a great deal of time to learn their crafts, and how to telepathically get what needs to be known across quickly and directly. This is not a supernatural ability beyond the telepathy involved. It extraordinary ability representing a mind that's always awake, motivated to learn, ability to seek and remember medical knowledge of anyone it as come in contact with, and fate helping to arrange their education. Any medicine roll the items become aware of that isn't directed at harming another, will benefit from +5dice. In addition to a specialty if you could commonly find a doctor specializing in it at a hospital or vet.

      The items start off with a dice pool of 1. They have no innate senses, and must learn about the world around them through the minds around them. For every scene they have currently spent in a environment with a active mind this pool increases by +1 dice up to a total of 8. This pool maybe used to on any social roll on any mind they detect in self defense, placing them in location or hands they can be of use in, or that their current owners can convince them is in the aid of others. At the story teller's whim they may jump the pool directly to 8 as the items recall having been in a given environment or situation before.

      The original Incognito Presence, Telepathy, Co-Locate, Teleport, Psychic Genesis, and other fate spells woven in with them all have a potency of 7, and a clash of wills pool of 13dice for simplicity sake. The Pariah spell spoken in high speech and laid as a death curse have a potency of 12 and clash of wills pool of 14dice. Both pools count a +4 dice bonus for the spells being lasting. All are safely released. Some or all of these spell can be dispelled by persistent or determined mages.

      None have access to imperial magic, the Hallucination spell that covered up the pill bottle's label or first-aid kit's markings while long enduring was never a indefinite duration spell. It was something that was actively maintained by the item's creator, and has long sense expired.

      For all their original and cursed powered bonus, the items are still compelled to share any of their master's secrets they learn. They have lost none of their original proficiency at gaining secrets, and the same curse that compels the little spies to turn their ability to helping also burns any who would claim them. They just as easily locate and share 'their master's' secrets. Depending on the mage this could be always having a shoulder to cry on when sad, or always listening to knives being sharpened behind their back.
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        Whelp! I failed to create something straightforward or soulless.A twist artifact of family power, litchdom, and a tale of love from beyond the grave. Maybe I'll have better luck with death and matter themes?

        My Grandfather's Clock

        No odd thing of the supernatural world is as it appears. It is by definition, a 'odd thing', after all. My Grandfather's Clock is not a unknown thing. It's existence is well documented, genealogy included, but not not widely advertised. The Myesterium and Guardian's of the Veil have a sizable bounty paid in tass, favors, or both for the thing's capture or the location of the missing mage know as Cronus! It's been accused of being a left-handed artifact, of the Abyss, or something darker. However, It's categorically not. It's mage made and manufactured, and no sleepers or mages were ever harmed in it's construction or use. Quite the contrary, the clock by its self is a boon find! What's more the clock isn't even a imbued item or artifact! The magic that imbued it has been gone longer then anyone can date. It's exactly where that the bounty is over.

        The clock, as it says on the tin, is six foot oak grandfather clock. A simple inscription around the highly decorated frame of it's face is: “By this oath, I swear this is my grandfather's clock.” It's current owner -wherever they may be hiding or hidden- already know just that to be true. A traditional heirloom of it's owning family.

        The clock was first documented when a mage by the shadow name of Cronus (one guess what magic they specialized in) went to visit a friend. A poor sleeper friend, that lived alone, without living family, and in poor health. The report goes that upon stepping through the threshold of their friends door they felt a crash of temporal against his wards and found them selves in a opulent estate. His friend boxing up a grandfather box in wrapping. 'It's for my grandson's tenth birthday.', his friend said. Cronus had never before laid eyes on that clock, and been the house many times.

        Being a mage Cronus could feel a new obsession taking root. Being a friend he chose not to systematically dismantle everything in sight of the rags to riches sleeper. One other detail stood out to Cronus's mage sight, His old, poor, and friend with no family had a extremely well hidden spell hung on him. That alone baffled Cronus until the clock had long started his journey to a new owner. Apparently wealth and family had not been the only thing that had changed. This once poor and now very well off man had become turned from sleeper to sleepwalker in less time it took Cronus to step through the door.

        A quick excuse later, had Cronus alone going near frantic, but the magic that did it couldn't be directly detected. The ripples and after images where everywhere, but not a drop of magic could be found. In fact it his friend had been the epicenter of a rather large and invasive spell, but the magic it self wasn't there. The spell was not subtle, it had flashed into existence, hit with the finesse of run train wreck. It can come, it had done it's work, and as far as Cronus could tell in his report simply blinked out of existence the moment it was done. He could see where a signature nimbus should have been overlapping the spell that did this, and even how the impress it left was slowly fading away. No trace of where it had gone though.

        The well ,as it where, run dry after a year of study. Cronos had enough proof to assert a change in the local timeline had occurred. Every other detail of history lined up with what he knew. Turning sleeper to sleepwalker in a instant was enough to catch the greater order's attention and help, but aside from the spell lingering on Cronos's remade friend there was nothing more mystically significant to be found. A study of that spell lead to a 'young' awakened. They freely admitted to hanging a life spell on their blood relation to help keep him young. Stating, “Oh, I see you've met my adopted grandson. He looks older then me doesn't he? I'm a widower, My wife was a mage and died keeping a seer brat out of my awakening, and I awakened late in life. When I see my wife again I want to tell her I was able to explore the thing we could never share before. Not keel over dead of old age twos days into it, and make her death pointless.”

        The faux-young mage was the subject of a some scrutiny after that, and branded a 'litch' officially. Not having actually harmed anyone the 'young' Litch by the shadow name of Aegis was left to their own devices on the prohibition he not server in any mage office. Which was acceptable as they had little interest in bogging down in politics. Too many other things to do they said just a little too knowingly for someone that looked his age.

        Which left Cronos and the order investigates with no usable leads left. No one could locate the clock, and scrying the past only turned up a long list of owners. Dating the clock back to 1432AD. Which makes it a very impressive clock in it's own right to have survived that long. It's actually creation was extremely well protected against scrying attempts. Only a fuzzy shadow wearing a rough platinum and sapphire ring could be made when anyone look back through time to see the clock made. A total of fifteen mages included Cronos could find no further mystical clues of any kind connected in anyway to the change in the time line over the twenty years Cronos kept up the search. Other interesting things where found, a mage always find a mystery to drawl them in, but not a one related to My Grandfather's Clock. Which was in it's self conspicuous. The clock had been used for magic during it's creation, but nothing more then then evidence magic had once touched it was found. Finally near the end of his life Cronus figured he had nothing left to loose.

        Divination told him his heart would soon fail, and he made peace with it. He still had to know. Cronus mustered a life time's worth of magic and experience with time and fate to see where they could find the clock again. 'It will come again in forty two years time in the place you first saw it.' was his answer. He didn't have a forty two years left. If he didn't have the hours now, maybe he would in the future. He said his quick goodbyes, asked (bribed really) his hierarchy for permission, left a note, took a tape recording device with him launched him self through time into a uncertain to pass future to where his spell had told him the clock would be. A more through observation would have been prudent, but Cronus had hours to live. If it turned fatal, he didn't have anything to lose, and he wanted to know.

        When a later myterium investigator caught up with where and when Cronus said he was going to arrive, they found only the tape recorder in a empty and bare room. The missing timed warded against scrying the past. The sound of a large clock and pendulum could be heard in the background of the tape. The short transcript of which is this:

        Cronus: Hello to you, we haven't met, My na-
        Voice: I know your name Cronus, I'm glad you got my invitation. I know your heart is failing. Let's not waste time if we don't have to.
        Cronus: Alright. Who are you?
        Voice: A interesting question. I wish you'd let me fix your heart so we could talk longer, but you won't. Have a seat, and some tea. Seen this before?
        Cronus: Wait! I know that ring. You made the clock! Ho- You're a litch.
        Voice: Yes you do know the ring, but if you want to know more you'll turn off that tape recorder and have some tea with me. Just the two of us.
        Cronus: That's hardly within my ethics, and I think you just said why you can't threaten me.
        Voice: Then leave yours off, and use mine.
        Voice in high speech: The record will get to will get to the mysterium or it's successor when my time is over. I offer no threats. I set no traps. I mean no harm.
        Voice: But you will not learn another thing more as long as you leave your recorder running.
        Cronus: I noticed you didn't say I wouldn't be harmed or you weren't a litch.
        Voice sighs: By your definition I am one.
        Voice in high speech: I do not traffic in the void, souls, suffering, or disturbing the dead. I have no intent to harm you. I'm getting impatient.
        Cronus: If I refuse?
        Voice laughing: Then I leave you here with no answers and little time.
        Cronus: You speak that language very well.
        Voice: Practice makes perfect.


        If the bounty is any indication, and it should be story tellers, this is one of the more annoying open mysteries the Mysterious or Guardians of the Vial have. It's up to the story teller to decide the bounty rather then specify a bounty the party would consider uninteresting. There are of course others things in world that are actively dangerous or even more mysterious. This one is one of those the unsolved investigators like to spend free time on to speculate over.

        The crux of this oddity is that the clock is in no way magical, but the arrival and departure point of the actual magic. The clock does nothing, but prompt agreement to a very powerful fate spell cast back in a neolithic setting. The mage by the shadow name of Aegis did not lie. At all. He omitted dates and scope, that is all. In fact in general he does not lie.

        Walker-Of-Clouds was the shadow name of his wife. A neolithic Path of Sky (AKA Acanthus) mage. Upon her awakening it was her brother that saved her. His dying wish, “Live. Live and protect the people as long as you are able.” This echoing her later husband's own awakening. Walker-Of-Clouds found a way fulfill her brother's dying wish a much longer then imagined. The trick starts by creating a family heirloom. In her case a necklaces instead of a grandfather clock, On it was written a like oath 'By my honor this is my grandmother's necklaces.'

        Three spells are invoked. The first is a powerful fate and time spell. Specifically a Rewrite History spell changing a subject timeline to be a member of the tribe or have found a mate that is one, and sired or birthed children with that mate. By powerful, it should be detailed a ritual requiring a perfect storm of raw magic stuff that to date has never happened again. Consider one of the yantras was the neolithic tribe's need to survive it may never happen again. It works by to arrange one of the the subject's direct descendant to find a mate, be fruitful, and multiply. If a line ends, and a later reader that later inherits the heirloom by siting the oath as their claim-the spell works to retroactively change the reader to a lost branch of the family having already inherited the heirloom. Walker-Of-Clouds watching over the bloodline would as a by product see to it anyone that was part of her line had at least a seed of wealth or influence to their name. Which interesting, but not mystery worthy, and certainty not a spell to last through entire eras of human history.

        Walker-Of-Clouds by wits did what archmages do by raw power. The second spell skips the first forward into time to follow the heirloom being read, and the first spells work done. An oath reader agreeing to allow changes to their timeline. Each time the first spell arrives an instance of the second is spell cast and hung to be ready for the first's next arrival to preserve the bloodline. If left to linger in the present the main spell might fade as all mortal spell eventually do, but always only existing in the present between the ticks of a clock. If the cycle continues unhindered that first neolithic era spell could still be skipping through time longer then the galaxy exists.

        The last spell is a simple life spell always shaping a mage's body to a young and health form. As a byproduct of keeping different family branches financially and socially independent Walker-Of-Clouds, and later Ageis doing the same, has numerous practically unlimited number of sleepwalkers to host copies of spell keeping them alive. Fast forward from some date BC to 1429AD, Walker-Of-Clouds meets Ageis. They get married and start a happy new family branch, Ageis awakens in his twilight years, and Walker-Of-Clouds dies in Ageis defense. 1432AD Ageis creates the clock and the next time the spell appears he ties it to that instead of Walker-Of-Clouds' amulet which she is burred with.

        Faster forward to modern times. Cronus's friend is misplaced scion of Ageis and Walker-Of-Clouds descendants. Ageis actually lost track of him due to a rival mage. He arranges for the clock to be found by Cronus's friend, the oath to be spoken, and the spell still being kicked forward again. The spell Cronus saw on his friend is one of a dozen copies keeping Ageis forever young. Cronus could never actually spot Walker-Of-Cloud's original spell rewriting his friend's history any one then you could chase a lighting bolt by the sound of thunder.

        Walker-Of-Clouds spell has impressive ambition and scope, but was never intended to pierce wards. Any measure of protection that could prevent temporal manipulations, likely will. Protection is forfeit by speaking the oath. Should the players arrange a lawful claim to it through inheritance and speak it's oath Walker-Of-Clouds spell will appear. It will altering their timeline, history, and memory, to make them a extended branch of the two mage's family. They will still be basically who they were, but their entire history will have changed. Sometimes this is welcome, sometimes not! You can just as easily gain to friend and enemies as you lose old ones.

        Like Walker-Of-Clouds before him Ageis is a shadow benefactor of their bloodline. Family members, or the PC that became them, can be expect to have to maintain a copy of the spell keeping Aegis alive, gain five dots of resources, and some mix of at least five dots of social merits for allies, staff, retainers, status, mentor, or contacts. However those that do not at least attempt to be contributing members of society can expect to be disinherited.

        If one has death sight or magic, Aegis does not, you will find the ages old ghost of Walker-Of-Cloud's following her husband. She has other anchors, but focuses quietly on Aegis. If questioned her ghost's attitude is she wants Aegis to live and keep on living. Even without her, but the justified fear is if she ever left he would let go of the spells keeping him alive. With some measure of jealousy and awe she has at points possessed other women trying to tempt Aegis to remarry and anchor to the living world. Aegis response to this is a will to honor his wife's dying wish (something she has quietly reinforced for her own ends), but without question, varnish, or limit only hers.
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          Ok, Not exactly soulless... There are ghosts in the room...


          Sometimes called 'The Ender of Kings' or 'The Last Word'. It is a six foot long jet black metallic spear. Inscribed on one side of it's blade is the rune for 'fools' and on the other 'end'. The runes giving it it's last nickname of 'The End of Fools'. Written along one side of the spear is a unknown language translating in high speech to 'None may declare them selves just'. On the reverse in miniature is a rote combining the death spell Devour The Slain and the matter spell Nigredo and Albedo. The pure iron spear otherwise holds no reflections, is glossy smooth, and without blemish.

          The spear's properties are well cataloged. It weights five lb. three oz. It's heavily enchanted to be as perfect a weapon as the fallen world and matter magic will allow. It's has never failed to cut through any mundane material as barber's sheers cut hair. Supernatural materials fair only a academically measurable amount better. It is know to dispel any awakened spell it's blade touches short of a arch-mage's.

          It's histories recorded in more then one archive have been thoroughly unearthed and studied. It was created my a roman mage that, unsurprisingly for the quality of their craft, went by the name of 'Enchanter'. His destiny was to create the thing that kills him, something until the moment he set out to create this spear he avoided. The Enchanter's cabal -their name roughly translating to 'The Clockwork Circle'- died almost to the man in a single night from a Seer of the Throne ambush. The spears maker escaping ,nearly dead, alone, and even then only by fleeing another city's cabal seeking the right of sanctuary. The Enchanter spend the next five months honing his craft, and plotting to get the seers that murdered his cabal into one place. Then one night he did, plunging the spear through a one foot stone wall, a iron throne his enemy had styled for them selves, several wards, and into the heart of the seer that planned his cabal's death. Then ensuing melee left everyone dead, fleeing, or reduced to piles of dust.

          The spear has been found and used ten other times between then in the modern day. Always in terrifying conditions, and always to terrifying affect. The spear's current location is under a building built over the ruins of it's last use shared by a mixed Mysterium and Guardians of the Veil cabal. Both want the spear for their own reason, but all agree on one rule: Do not approach!

          Any sufficient inquiry can easily net you the spear's history, and location. Ruin has it's own tiny circles of interest. The cabal calling the spears resting place home might even on rare occasion grant a supplicant a detailed picture and recent history. Ruin's last wielder loosely mirrors it's first. The mage that found it being a student of supernatural history and the survivor of a banisher ambush. The spear now rests in the meeting room of a defunct company. The mage having opened a portal above the CEO, and literally fell from the portal squiring the banisher with extra momentum the spear didn't really need. Driving Ruin through the back of the chair, the banisher, the table, the seat of the same chair, and into the floor. The only thing that stopped Ruin from sliding deep into the earth was the rapidly disintegrating hand of Ruin's wielder still clinging to it was stopped by the back of the CEO's chair. The below ground level room it now rests in, build not one year ago, is aged as it left in the open sun for hundreds if not thousands of year. Piles of dust and half disintegrated bones marking where things once living were.

          Five separate attempts were made to retrieve the spear from it's current resting place before the moratorium on even attempting it went up. The spear it's self doesn't seem to have any extraordinary magical or mundane defenses. The room it rests in is another story. Several wards of varying strength, depth, and concealment surround the room. However the last of Ruin's wielders got in it was a secret they took to the grave. Compounding the issue of simply and methodically dismantling the wards are several ghosts that died in it's last use taking insult any thought of ever using the spear again! The wards helping to protest the ghosts, and the ghosts helping to protect the wards. In the case of the banisher's ghost, they still hold on to a measure of their awakened power., and actively add their own efforts to the mix. A twinge of hastily assembled Fate magic can be felt pulsing inside the room. The whole conflux of events just adding to Ruin's mystique.


          Ruin is the months long project of a revenge obsessed (read as crazed and barely sane) master of their craft working tirelessly. The spear's near invulnerability and lethality was Enchanter trying to prevent a simple oversight stopping them at the last moment, nothing more. The spear is a masterwork none the less! It is a +5L damage 8-again weapon, and perfected iron able to pierce any non-supernatural armor. All before Ruin's magic. At the story teller's whim there could be dozens of unfinished and flawed spear copies. In history Ruin has never been used as a mundane weapon though. (see curse below)

          The rote written on the spear mechanically is a combined Death 3 + Matter 3 fraying spell. It otherwise has all the affects and reaches of Nigredo and Albedo along with Devour The Slain with occult skill dice bonus.

          The sum of lasting spells from Matter are a zero initiative penalty, 10durableity, 20structor, perfectly resisting all heat and electricity, being chemically inert, and the ability to repair all damage within a single day as long as Ruin still actually exists. From the Prime Ruin is under the affects of a potency 6 Wards and Signs spell, the blade's edge a Superior Dispellation spell, and Supernatural Veil targeted to only hide Ruin is a imbued item with 11mana.

          Enchanter schemed when found after his death any investigates into Ruin would stop before finding more then the other obvious supernatural affects exposed. Blaming any destruction on a last desperate strike from Enchanter him self with rote written on Ruin. The spear is a imbued with the rote with reach assigned to being able to harm any living targets and no limit to scrubbing as well as the matter part of the spell having a lasting affect. The spell has a 5turn duration, potency 5, and a 32ft area of affect centered on the blade. Ruin protects it's self only. The trigger is recasting the imbued spell when it ends. Mana gathered by the spell pool in Ruin to renew and extend the loop. Word of Command or the like is required to start the loop, or the spear is just really shiny. Doing nothing it's infamous for.

          The thing that vaults Ruin into a oddity and mystery is actually people fighting over it. It's otherwise just a very remarkable spear but would just be on display in a museum or personal collection.

          Before they died one of the first Seers of the Throne killed was able to curse Ruin. They didn't know the thing killing them was never meant to be repeated, or by hurried and desperate wording ensured it was used again. Anyone touching Ruin for more then 30minuets is affect by a lasting, 7potancy Forge Destiny spell. 'Granting' them a 5dot destiny merit with a doom to die using the spear. The curse ensures finding the otherwise hidden imbued spell and triggering a spell loop feeding on everyone nearby long after the triggering mage is dead. Vaulting otherwise inapt mages and one sided losses to epic tales of terrifying power.

          The second is a misconception. Ruin's last user did kill a banisher. The room is warded by many things. The room is haunted, but only by normal rank 1 ghosts. The Mysterium and Viel's current interest has drawn the attention of a Seer of the Throne infiltrator who is more then happy to blame the ghosts and wards for their sabotage and attempt to recover Ruin them selves.
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            The Horseless Carriage Mark III

            As one might know or expect, the 'horseless carriage' was something of a turnkey invention in the 1800s ,or a about three decades earlier, saw the first steam powered vehicles rolling their way into existence. Though only recognized as anything referred to as a 'car' in modern time in that it had wheels and moved when you turned it on. As one might know or expect this was something of a spectacle to anyone that saw one for the first time. Awakened were not immune to this, and if anything forces everywhere saw familiar concepts in how it worked. Saying one has to see the The Horseless Carriage Mark III to believe it is a understatement, as the adamant that a majority of it up is actually invisible!

            So begins the tale for one awakened inventor by the shadow name of The Brilliant Cog. Maybe not a literary luminary of their day they were still brilliant in their own way. The mage set about obsessing with the design and how it played with natural forces as the mage saw them. Their first attempt to improvise what they saw on the street in 1801 went spectacular. In that it spectacularly failed across three some hundred feet. The Brilliant Cog had the not so brilliant idea of coping the design exactly, and only changing it where awakened magic or material a awakened mage had access to could directly improve things. After a fashion, he succeeded. Only to have the device exceed any kind of safe speed, and if anyone were around to clock such things it was speculated it would reach nearly the triple digits on today's speedometers. In a era when other vehicles of it's kind were doing well to sustain speeds of even ten miles per hour. The Cog's personal journal only clinically logs the location and order of the machine's failure, and that it was the result of striking a profanely descried deer.

            Surviving, barely, by virtue of mage armor and being able to expended mana to heal him self, The Brilliant Cog was remarkably undeterred. Lacking even modern elementary school understanding of physics The Cog was left to sheer imagination and a understanding of the supernatural to recreate his hybrid. While modern oversight might look on with horror at such attempts, he had no real guide, or as he was involving awakened magic, few to even ask for guidance. This also had the perk of have no concept of what “couldn't work”.

            His second attempt, the Horseless Carriage Mark II, resembled what one cabal mate dubbed 'A musketball with six wheels'. The Cog surmised that if the vehicle is destined to fly through the wind, he may as well use a shape that had been doing so for centuries. Several prototypes were made, and several more near lethal mistakes were made for lack of understanding of things as simple as the need for glass to shield against bugs at higher speeds. Higher speeds were something the Mark II did very well. It's reliance on awakened magic though was the Mark II's fatal flaw when a rival from before The Brilliant Cog awakening came spying. A key component the cog was experimenting with in a flash of insight had been enchanted only well enough to rush to testing. The Mark II taught another lesson in the physics of the fallen world that day when it failed to stop at the bottom of a hill, broke of it's wheel and began to roll uncontrolled into a near by lake. The second narrow escape for The Brilliant Cog.

            The Mark III was almost a mystery and the Mark IV is a mystery. The inventor had disappeared a few weeks after that. Worried contemporaries went to search for him. Upon searching his lab a number of sleepers had predictable results in destroying or damaging a number of arcane experiences beyond repair. What saved the Mark III was the it was a hallow adamant sphere, and while a number of orichalcum runes held within the adamant the Mark III was largely invisible. The brilliant golden high speech runes while glittering their bright sheen in the air against lamp light were of no important to the rapidly breaking minds of the sleepers that entered the lab among all the other bits of highly magical equipment and affects. They fled and reported tails of witchcraft and treasures.

            A witch hunt was soon started.

            The Guardians of the Veil and The Brilliant Cog cabal mages got to the lab before the mobs found it, and it was in ruin. Magic failed by the sleeper's panicked inspection. Broken a decades of research or magic gone awry further damaged the already beleaguered lab. Among the secrets lost were actually how the Mark III was even constructed! The scattered notes only hurriedly referred to lab experiments as examples, and The Cog never even used the Mark III. Instead upon completing it he leaves a hurried scrawl to record details of the Mark IV as soon he finishes it!

            The hallow sphere of the Mark III would have been issed by the mages trying to remove any trace of awakened magic before the mobs arrived. There were actually a number runes hanging in the air of the lab of different materials and metals. All of them hung on strings or in plain contemporary glass. Proof of concepts The Brilliant Cog had made before making the Mark III. While strange and sometimes written in valuable base materials high speech by it's self isn't dangerous to sleepers or the awakened at large and could be destroyed in fire. The Mark III hanging above their heads was a pretty display of runes, but hardly notable when one had grimorie or tass to remove first in limited time. Perhaps actually planed by The Brilliant Cog as being carelessly noticed had lead to the Mark II's destruction.

            Had a autumn wind not blown in dirt and leaves through a open window to outline the perfectly translucent adamant of the Mark III's form it would have gone completely untouched in the cabal and veil mage's limited time as extremely valuable but not critical. The sphere as it turned out had been floating almost invisible and camouflaged in the other occult paraphernalia hanging by string above them the entire time. The device well enchanted and magical in nature, had been unharmed by dissonance as the sleepers sweeping through before had likewise missed the Mark III. The great glass sphere hovering in the air through a persistent spell, had solved the Mark I's problem of poor roads by being able to fly. Being adamant and almost completely see through had solved the Mark II's problem of poor visibility. Only the runes cast into the body of the sphere could actually be seen.

            A quick flip to the back of the The Brilliant Cog's journal found laying by the door revealed the basic command word to trigger a imbued rune to teleport the speaker inside. Other words to start the sphere in motion where the speaker looked. In fact the lessons learned about the loss of the Mark II in a lake had provided the Mark III with it's own mechanism for air supply. Ultimately with Mark III the mages scouring the lab escaped the witch hunt into very same lake that destroyed the Mark II! The devices sheer utility drove The Brilliant Cog's cabal to steal it away to parts unknown rather then turning their lost friends work over to the Guardians of the Veil to likely be destroyed.

            In the end though what became of the mark IV or The Brilliant Cog is a complete mystery. Only a copy of The Brilliant Cog's journal, the drawings within, and the testimony is all that is known to survive. The remainder simply lost or destroyed by one means or another.


            There isn't a lot to this one. The Horseless Carriage Mk III is a sphere of perfected glass, aka adamant. Within the walls of the sphere are several perfect gold runes, aka orichalcum. The spell letting the sphere hover is certainty subject to disbelief, nothing else is in the carriage's idle state. The remainder of the carriage's magic is bound up in the different runes as imbued items, the spells they cast are surely vulnerable to dissonance, the items are not.

            It would be extremely conspicuous to see bits of very shiny gold runes around a man flying through broad daylight! The sphere it's self would be fine provided sufficient it didn't fall from a height great enough to damage the adamant. Even the infinite duration spell that lets it hover has a backup ruin to renew the hover for one year!

            A sum total of four spells are imbued to the runes inside the adamant. Each with a mana reserve of 5, a one year duration where applicable, are triggered by a specific command word. and canceled by another. They are in order, a four dot space spell to teleport a speaker inside (or outside by another command word), a three dot mater spell to continuously renew the air inside the sphere, a four dot space spell to override the hover and make the sphere (and just the sphere) fall in the direction the speaker is looking, and three dot Ban that only affects the sphere -perfectly hugs it- and excludes the force of gravity. It's hover is the carriage looping over and over perfectly place. If a driver is not careful how they start or stop the a hover, the driver could be in for a sudden (possessively fatal) stop or jolt of acceleration.

            With the exception of excluding gravity from it's hover ban, the Mark III is the only version to not use force or time arcana. The Mark I and II used more force magic then anyone in the 1800s knew how to build to survive. Which is why the mark III and later are made of adamant! The Mark III & IV side by side are identical, with the exception of one additional imbued rune. The Brilliant Cog, sleep drunk, decided adding a 'time' rune was a good idea and attempted to move through time as well as space. When used a flawed concept in the spell has Mark IV throwing the unlucky finder one way in time and space and the Mark IV one year's travel the other through time and space. Barely moving relative to the earth when The Brilliant Cog activated it he ended up one year in the past and several hundred miles away on a nearly abandoned island, as his luck held out. The Mark IV stopped and entered a hover three quarters of the way out of the star system without it's pilot. The Brilliant Cog instead of giving up and trying to get home, just went on to his next iteration. The mark XIII did manage to kill him when it materialized inside the foundation of a very well know copper statue.
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