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    Has anyone run a more pulpy action/adventure style mage game? Exploring lost ruins, tombs, etc.. If so how did you approach it? Did you do anything different with the setting? Did you ignore or use Atlantis at all?

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    For references to this type of adventure, a great place to start is reading Secrets of The Ruined Temple, DaveB has mentioned before that its one of the first books that made Mage click for him, and its all about uncovering these ruins and Mysteries of the Time Before. I also recommend reading The Soul Cage AP, which I think might be what you are looking for.

    There are many ways to run it, but you need to keep in mind that mages will always find out the secrets, very efficiently, so the big question is what do they do with the knowledge. For example, your cabal figured out the location of the Scroll of Anubis, which leads to a sarira hidden in the Underworld. The scroll can only be found by using an artifact called the Loom of Neith. The Loom was taken from Egypt by the Silver Ladder during the Bronze Age Collapse, the last records the Pentacle have shows that it was transported to the UK by a Ladder that traveled there together with Guthren, during the time of the Danelaw. The cabal comes to know that, in order to get it, they need to use a ritual to activate Stonehenge and summon aliens. The aliens are actually the Wild Hunt, which means the process or it consequences might not sit well with the local Changeling community. Once the Hunt emerges, the mages dash into the same portal, only to discover they are the prey in a hunt, for the ladder ancestors made an oath with the True Fae to give the Loom only to the worthy, which would be something along these lines:

    Some time later, they arrive in Mictlan in the Underworld, where the sarira is hidden. Why so much obfuscation ? Why is this sarira so important ? All these you would need to answer.
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