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What would an Awakened mobster act like?

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  • What would an Awakened mobster act like?

    This is actually a question that may influence my Let's Read over on RPGnet, but to cut a longish story short;

    How would a fairly typical (if intellectual and occult-aware) soldier of the modern-day American Mafia react to finding his way to a Watchtower act after he realized what happened to him, whilst remaining a cheerfully unrepentant made man who is still an active part of the family? I ask because I'm not that familiar with the modern Mafia, and how their culture would influence the style of a mage who was forged in that environment.

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    They’ll probably Exploit it all his rivals will ‘mysteriously’ die and have very low mage integrity what ever that is


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      The Awakening is a pretty illuminating experience, it would probably change them a lot depending on their Path. They might not be able to continue being a cheerfully unrepentant made man when they realize their entire way of life is just an intersection of the tyranny of the Exarchs. At the least they might maneuver themselves into a more managerial position, or one where he can pick and choose his jobs. The 'fairly typical' soldier is usually in that position because it's the life they know, their father or uncle having been involved, and there's no way out, any other job is just going to lead back to that corruption. Realizing it's just another way for the tyrants of the world to pit man-against-man, and seeing whatever their Watchtower shows them could make for drastic differences, but it would certainly show them that 'this is not the only way.'

      Plus there's the influence their Order might use. They might want him to stay involved because of the opportunities it brings but they might want him out.

      That said, people naturally tend towards doing things as adults the way they were done in their formative years. So even if they completely disassociated themselves from the Mafia, they would more often than not find themselves running things in a Mafia-esque manner.
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        Seers of the Throne.


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          I image any of the mage organizations have ways to make clean breaks from old lives just as a function of keeping their secrets. It wouldn't do for someone's old circles trying pull them back into old messes ,getting other mages splattered with criminal investigations, or start making trouble because of divided loyalties.

          All that new knowledge doesn't make one suddenly more saint or sinner. It just gives them a lot of new tools and a new outlook. I think the question you should ask is does a new mage, with all they just learned, want their old life or not?

          If they do, they'll likely find a way to blend back in with a little extra "help" getting things done. If they don't, I imagine each order has ways of making a break. Anything from a new life to mage boot camp scrubbing old habits to secluded retreats somewhere to things stranger still.


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            The Seers will love him as a pawn. Probably join Mammon if he really doesn't give a crap about what the Watchtower showed him.

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              Depends on the guy.

              Religious soldier who is in it for the family and friends, a la the Godfather? Silver Ladder or Paternoster would be interested and likely be interesting to him. This sort of figure would likely attempt to use his newfound powers to stop the violence in a fairly direct manner and avenge wrongs. If not a high rank at Awakening, he'd almost certainly gain it rapidly after.

              Hard man and mighty soldier? Praetorians and Adamantine Arrow would fight over him. Seems to me, though, that if he finds a cause that is greater than he, he might leave the family behind. Praetorians would want him to stay in contact and mobilize the troops.

              If he's in the group as a struggle against the powers that be, (more of a Triad than Mafia thing, but they both incorporated some of this) the Free Council might already be involved in his life. This kind of mind would pretty likely leave the life behind as they start fighting more esoteric foes.

              The guy trying to pacify the various families so they work together more peacefully might find Unity or Silver Ladder appealing. Panopticon or Adamantine Arrow could appeal, also, depending on personality. Unless the Awakening showed them a better goal, they'd almost certainly remain, improving their rank and influence.

              Fixer who is renown for simply getting things done that need doing would be mighty.popular with any, but the Guardians and Arrow have sales pitches that might work. This sort of person may well live for the challenge, which would probably lead them away from the old life.

              A non-introspective or philosophical sort may have no especially strong convictions, just living from day to day. Something prompted Awakening and that will have to be important. If the life is simply what the guy's understood and known, the Awakening changes everything. If it's something enjoyed, it still might. Whatever the thing that is most important, though, dude is likely to focus on protecting.

              It could go a number of ways without requiring a sudden change towards being nice.

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