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Are Mages allowed to talk about magic?

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    Yeah, it's complicated - Awakening has multiple prerequisites and factors govening it, and being a Sleepwalker isn't one of them. Being a "revealed" Sleepwalker who knows about magic makes having a genuine confrontation with the Lie harder, because you can't have a revelation about something you already know. But being a Proximus makes the Watchtower more likely to pick you if you *did* manage it.

    So it's statistically measurable (revealed Sleepwalkers awaken less than ignorant ones) but also highly debateable. And the Orders do debate the crap out of it. The Mysterium is heavily "don't gift people knowledge they haven't earned, you doofus" while the Silver Ladder is highly pro-Sleepwalker.

    Dave Brookshaw


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      "revealed Sleepwalkers awaken less than ignorant ones"
      "Sleepwalkers are less likely to Awaken than sleepers"

      Its something some mages believe but the book doesn't say either way if its true or not.


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        The books are largely quite coy with whether things are objectively true (especially when there isn't really an 'objective truth'), because there are so many circumstances which can determine the truth of the matter, and because being so explicit could limit interesting plot hooks.

        For example, if you'd frequently told your Sleepwalker retainer that Magic is real, and that meant they couldn't Awaken, then you'd completely miss out on a potential "picking up the mantle" plot if you wanted to Mage-ify that retainer as a new PC should your Mage die.


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          This is, then, a context issue.