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  • Creature fossil idea's needed

    I'll be running a Chicago game at some point and I want to utilize the Red Word cult and the Prince in the Boston book. At some point during the game I'm going to have a group of Paleontologists uncover what they believe to be a new species of dinosaur fossil. But I want it to be the remains of some creature that leaked from the Princes realm. I want it to be a large one but want it be be "wrong" in some way. Something that would have scientists scratching their heads, but mages thinking "Oh shit" How could I make the fossil remains strange but not too strange.

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    No real ideas. But maybe it's strange to mortals but gives off massive waves of Abyssal Resonance to any Mage within sight.

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      Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
      No real ideas. But maybe it's strange to mortals but gives off massive waves of Abyssal Resonance to any Mage within sight.
      No that is something I could make the fossil remains well it looks like TRex....but Carbon dating shows it's only 2,000 years old. Then stories of strange things happening to the professor and students that dug it up. Possibly prompting mages to investigate leading the the abyssal resonance like you said.


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        At first glance it looks like a plain fossil of a t-rex. Some sleepers who stare at it will feel themselves become unhealthily thin. Suddenly they would be entering their car, or opening a door or entering a bathtub (passing any kind of "threshold") and arrive at a destination where the ground and the sky are a tornado of flayed, skinless corpses, stuck and sucked into one another, reaching out for help. The victim's skin tears itself away from the body, letting it slowly sink into the torment. One end of the vortex leads to the Prince's timeline, another to the Fallen World. The trapped person can consume another victim to gain a few precious hours in the real world. If they can kill and skin any sentient being, they can wear the new skin to forget it all and resume their normal life (they would look the same, have hazy memories of it all, certainly a repressed trauma, plus they would have an Abyssal beacon inside of them). But if they fail, they are tossed back, and each subsequent cannibalistic act gives less and less time.

        Meanwhile, the skin will make its way back to the t-rex, being absorbed by it and restoring it a bit. After many skins are added to it, it will look like a perfectly healthy being, warm even, yet still a corpse. The bones will have carvings of the tormented victims, some internal organs will even look like the faces of the trapped humans.

        Scientists would think someone tempered with the fossil, and try to remove the skin, but it doesn't come off, sharp objects slide off it as if it was chain mail. Magnetic, sound and other types of resonance show nothing out of the ordinary. They can't risk a chainsaw or high powered laser, for they may damage the valuable bones. But any kind of magic can open it up for an authopsy ( Death mages who try to see the "cause of death" will probably not have a pleasant experience).
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          Fossils of lizard people.


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            Don't make it a fossil (stone sediment replacing bone) but actual bone. Now you have scientists wondering how they could have missed the fact that a creature the size of a city bus was wandering the Earth within the last few millennia. To add to the strangeness have the bones show signs of having been gnawed on by human sized and shaped teeth.

            If you're not fixated on the remains being those of a creature, you could have a dig find human remains from a mass blood sacrifice in a location with no history of such. Perhaps even have them find tools that do not match those of known groups from the area.
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              You could make the remains some kind of bizarre T-rex human mashup. I mean, a part of the Prince's aesthetic is humans acting like feral animals.


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                Some great idea's!


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                  It *is* a normal dinosaur fossil. The fossil is a sort that could have had skin and is extremely well preserved.

                  The catch: The skeleton bears signs of scratching from tools and the tooth marks fit human mouths.

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