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    This is an artifact which costs 6 background points for Seers of the Throne, it allows sympathetic casting of Possession. There was something about changing strong and Medium connections to connected. Does this still mean it works on weak connections?

    How powerful an effect is this? Does this make it easy to turn regular people and loved ones to kill Pentacle Mages at a distance. Would this artifact make it easy for a pylon of Seers to defeat the pentacle in a region by throwing waves of human flunkies at them? This artifact seems to be one of the main reasons why the Seers hold their ground against the other orders. Would it be a "must have" tool for any group of Seers? Would it be considered overpowered in favour of the Seers?

    in addition the Shroud of observation is an 8 point Artifact which effectively creates a rank 2 Grigori. How powerful is this this effect in the struggle between the Seers and the Pentacle? If a pylon had to choose, better to go with the Profane Urim or the Shroud of observation?

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    It allows for the complete control of people. Every Seer Pylon wants one.

    It's not the type of thing you use to kill mages, at least not by possessing people individually and throwing them at them. If you want though you can take control of an Influencer and have them complain about mistreatment by (Pentacle mage's mortal identity), or use them to threaten others anonymously. You can use it to kill, but you'd still have to be fairly cunning about it.

    I forget what they did but there's a couple more powerful unique ones, maybe one allows for mass possession.
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