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Runner Legacy, need help with the specifics

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  • Runner Legacy, need help with the specifics

    I've been thinking about a Thyrsus Life/Forces legacy that's focused on running and parkour.

    Central concepts include
    -life is movement,
    -going fast,
    -abrupt shifts and changes of movement in reaction to complex terrain,
    -achieving ecstatic meditation in the runner's high
    -the simple joy of using a body that works like a well oiled machine.

    Since the Legacy is inspired by Infernal Exalted Adjoran charms, I also think replacing eating and sleeping with running to be thematically appropriate.

    I'm just not sure what the actual mechanical attainments should be.

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    Maybe something about using Forces to manipulate your personal gravity. Wall run indefinitely, manipulate the direction you fall like a videogame, even fall towards the ceiling when the floor is truly impassable.

    EDIT: This would definitely have to be the fifth attainment and I have no idea how I would fit all of that into one spell-like effect

    Also, I don't know if this works because I'm imagining it as a constant passive effect, but something earlier on that acts as a magical shock absorber, allowing you to fall farther without damage and lose less time to absorbing impacts when you land from any sort of jump.

    For Yantras, if you want ideas, definitely any form of cardio training, sprinting, maybe even putting on specialized training gear meant to make stuff harder

    Oblations could include marathon running, training others to run, running without the aid of magic until you are completely exhausted, etc

    On mechanics, I have no idea, but i like this legacy. Sounds very Adamantine Arrow/Free Council

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      I created the same legacy in first edition and have played with recreating it in second, only I based it on the natural paradigm of predator and prey. In my version the founder spent his Awakening being pursued through the Primal Wild by an inescapable beast, one he couldn't hide from only out run. He came away from this with the realization that survival depended on your ability to outrun your food or that which is trying to make you food.
      For a yantra I duplicated the Adamant Arrow merit that allows you to use an Athletics skill check.
      The oblation was, of course, running even if only as exercise.
      For attainments I gave a bonus on speed and athletics checks equal to Forces (in second edition this is a one dot spell, Kinetic Efficiency), gravity manipulation on the individual only to give further bonuses on athletic checks, like jumping higher and farther, along with removing negative conditions based on poor or narrow footing (in first edition this was instead based on Friction Control). Later came a short burst of speed, Acceleration, that I figured would allow a Mage to compete with a car in the hundred meter dash.
      On the Life side I gave a bonus to perception checks to represent the hyper awareness of both predator and prey in the wild, with Body Control and Honing the Form to represent advanced conditioning. I flirted with the idea of making the Honing effect the Athletics skill, no matter which physical attribute was used in the test, but decided to stick it to one chosen attribute to avoid complications and arguments.
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        Well, for the first attainments, I figure Kinetic Efficiency and a Life Compelling effect to run for longer periods of time.

        Depending on how lenient your ST is, this can take two forms. The first form would follow the rules, and would spend the one Reach on Advanced Duration. This would take the form of having to spend a scene preparing for the run, then having it take effect for the next day (and later week, month or year). The alternative version is spending the one Reach on instant activation, and being able to run faster and longer while focused on your run, essentially requiring concentration as a trade off for not having to stop every 2-3 rounds to reapply the attainment.

        Later on, for Forces maybe Velocity Control (though that may be very dangerous, as you may pancake into the nearest wall) or Transform Energy to transform light into kinetic energy (or alternatively, if you want to go comic book, reverse that, instantly stop yourself and transform that energy into a lightning bolt to throw, Flash-style)

        For Life, I'd look at things like Mend to get a full night's sleep as an instant action, or maybe being able to shapeshift into a faster form, or grabbing animal features to swim faster, breathe underwater, jump higher, etc.


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          I would caution against straight up making running itself an oblation or yantra. Restrict it to specific types of running, or specific situations that can't be replicated on a moment's notice

          Running gear as a +1 Tantra to self-targeted life and forces spells doesn t seem too broken though

          A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"