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  • Help with new Thyrsus Legacy

    Hello everybody,

    I'm currently designing a few Legacies for my players, and I started with a Thyrsus based legacy with Life as Ruling Arcana. The legacy is loosely based on the druidesses of Irish Mythology called Gallizenae (
    Any help, suggestions or corrections are welcome
    She came to you as it was foretold by the winds and seas. Wrapped on white silk and golden jewels offered you the gift of healing and foretelling, of shapeshifting and taming the weather. The priestess looked at you, smiled and took your hand. The journey to the Île-de-Sein is long, but not as much for the wings of an eagle.
    The Gallizenae trace their origins to the irish mythology, where nine virgin druidesses lived on the Île-de-Sein off Pointe du Raz, Finistère, western Brittany. Originally, their island was forbidden to men, but the women living there could go into the mainland to be with their husbands. As long as the legend tells, there were nine priestess, all of them virgin and devoted to their arts and gifts such as healing, divination and controlling the tides and winds.
    Nowadays they still are a Legacy composed mainly of women, but they are not virgins nor are secluded on a remote island. The Île-de-Sein acts as the central hub for the initiation of mages which are worthy to the eyes of the most prominent masters of the Legacy, the Council of Nine.

    Parentage: Thyrsus.
    Requisites: Fate 2, two of the following skills at 2 or more: Empathy, Occult , Medicine, Survival.
    Ruling Arcana: Fate.
    Yantras: Predicting the weather in front of witnesses (+1), act as a counselor (+1), tending wounds with traditional means (+1), stabilize a patient with mundane means (+2), using traditional herbs and natural remedies (+1).
    Oblations: Tides observation, preparing a chamber for the wounded, search for difficult to find herbs and components used for healing, reading omens on the night sky.

    First: Sense Destiny
    Prerequisites: Initiation.
    The very first attainment a Priestess learns, is the foundation of all others, since it bestows the capacity of sensing the impending destiny of a subject. By meditating for an hour in the presence of the subject, the attainment works as the Interconnections spell, with Reach spent to detect possession, supernatural mind control and alterations of destiny.
    Optional: Life 1.
    By further reading the subject, the Gallinezae learns a great deal of information about his physical status. This replicates the effects of the Analyze Life spell.

    Second: Pulling Tide
    Prerequisites: Fate 2, Occult 3.
    Most of the travelers that seeked the Priestesses advice, were there to now about their immediate destiny, or advice on how to proceed toward their objective. To this end, the Gallizenae turned their gaze into the sea and read the omens on the tides and the winds. Spending an scene looking at the movement of the tides (even a video recording of the sea might suffice), this attainment emulates the Serendipity spell with Reach spent for Advanced Duration and to be able to substitute any skill of the same type (Mental, Physical, or Social) as the one that the task calls for.
    Optional: Life 2.
    The Priestess may also bless the supplicant so he may fight any illness that may be hindering his journey, replicating the Cleanse the Body spell, with Reach spent to make a resistance roll immediately.

    Third: Thy Prophesied One
    Prerequisites: Fate 3, Empathy 3.
    Sometimes, the ones went to the Priestesses seeking the one person or artifact who could fulfill a prophecy already told. So the Gallizenae had to turn their gaze to the stars up in the night sky, looking for that one. By spending a scene looking at the night sky, which must be clear enough to see the stars, this attainment replicates the Shifting the Odds spell, though the mage can never obtain Social Merits using this attainment. Reach are spent for Advanced Duration and to locate the desired object within one hour.
    Optional: Life 3.
    It is useful to know what are you looking for, but if you can’t perceive it, then you will miss it. This attainment replicates the effect of Heightened Senses, with Reach spent for Intast Casting, Advanced Duration and being able to track via scent.

    Fourth: Blessed be thy Son
    Prerequisites: Fate 4, Medicine 3.
    In times of war, it was quite common to go to see the priestesses so they can lay their blessings upon the hero who was meant to end the war. So the Gallizenae had to turn their gaze into the mortal flesh of the hero, and anoint him with sacred oils and herbs. By spending 1 mana, this attainment emulates the Superlative Luck spell with Reach spent for Instant Cast and Advanced Duration.
    Optional: Life 4.
    The use of herbs and oils aids the blessed subject to recover from injuries and bruises, so he can immediately join the fray. This attainment replicates the Mend spell with Reach spent for Instant Casting.

    Fifth: Search for Destiny
    Prerequisites: Fate 5, Occult 4, Medicine 4, Survival 3.
    Sometimes, it is not enough to sit and wait for the Destiny to come to you, sometimes, you have to go searching for it. This attainment works as the Strings of Fate spell, with Reach spent for Advanced Duration and opportunities to advance toward the goal presenting once per day.
    Optional: Life 5.
    This optional usage of the attainment is the reason why the Priestesses were thought to be able to shapeshift into any kind of animal. While the Search for Destiny is in effect, the Gallinezae is able to take on the form of any animal as per the Shapeshifting spell, with Reach spent to be able to retain full control of her reason. By spending 1 mana, the Priestess may change form as an instant action, if the new form could help her to further advance towards her goal.
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    Pretty interesting.

    For the second attainment, Advanced Duration doesn't do anything for you.

    Heighten Senses can have 3 Reach attached to it, so I'd go with Instant, Advanced Duration and being able to track via scent.

    Superlative Luck should have a Reach spent for Advanced Duration as well.

    Other than that, looks good!


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      Thanks for the corrections!! But there's something that I don't understand, where does the 3 reach for Heighten Senses come from? I mean, as far as I know, when a spell is turned into an attainment, you have only the free reach, taking the score of the attainment as the max arcana. So, Heighten senses is a 2 dot spell, and the attainment is 3 dot, so it should have 2 free reach at most. I don't know if I'm understanding it correctly...


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        Heightened Senses is a 1 dot spell my dude.


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          Actually... it is not a 1 dot spell, it is a 2 dot spell... at least according to the book. Page 149 Heightened Senses, Life 2


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            You might be reading the pre-errata version. Check if Befuddle is a Mind 4 spell (it's supposed to be Mind 3). If it is, you have the old version.

            Find my Homebrew Fangs of Mara 2ed update Here


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              You are totally right Teatime , in the errata heightened senses is a 1 dot spell, my bad!! Thank you!!
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