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Legacy Attainments and Disbelief/Quiesscence/Breaking Points

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  • Legacy Attainments and Disbelief/Quiesscence/Breaking Points

    Hi all!!! While talking with one of my players about the limitations of the attainments regarding the topic in the subject of this post, this came to us as an example:

    There's a legacy attainment that creates/modifies an animal to look like a fantasy one, like a little winged lizard or the like. The attainment itself does not invoke disbelief nor quiesscence, but when a Sleeper sees the result of the Attainment... does he suffer from any of those states? Does he has to check for breaking points?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Originally posted by Eleizel View Post
    Does he suffer from any of those states?Thanks in advance!!
    He does not! That is exactly the point.

    Note that depending on the circumstances, the Sleeper might need to roll for Integrity anyway, but that's no different to being attacked by a tiger. It's not caused by Dissonance.

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      Thanks!!! Now it's totally clear


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        Or seeing a non-Supernal monster. Encountering the supernatural (even if it's not a violent encounter) tends to lead to breaking points regardless of source because they break against the character's understanding of the world. This also apply to Sleepwalkers. Sleepwalkers who are present alongside mages casting spells has generally had the whole thing explained and processed, internalising it into their new understanding of what's possible in the world, in order to not freak out and get breaking points. This process can take a while unless you're brute forcing it by showing it first and letting them take a few breaking points until they get used enough to it.

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          The Sleeper will face a Breaking Point if the experience is sufficiently foreign to their world view (much like committing a murder, or seeing a cannibal at play), but it isn't forced upon them due to the harsh reality of Quiescence.

          Regardless, it still won't be an Act of Hubris for the Mage to expose them to it, as their Attainments are wholly in tune with their soul.


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            This is, then, a context issue. If I teach my little dragon to behave like an animatronic robot, no breaking point should be involved for a Sleeper who witness it. But in the case that my little dragon starts eating a sheep, skin and bones included... then there may be a breaking point for the possible witness. Is it like that?


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              Yeah, it's they don't realise what it is then then you should be fine.


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                Originally posted by Eleizel View Post
                This is, then, a context issue.
                About 90% of Mage can be summed up with this sentence.