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Could use help with a legacy, can't get father than concept

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  • Could use help with a legacy, can't get father than concept

    I want to write a Legacy for a character in a crossover fanfic, but can't move to the actual spells of it.

    (Name TBD)

    Parentage: Thyrsus, Free Council or Adamantine Arrow
    Background: Being founded in the early chapters of the fic. Gathers its membership from medics, pseudo-medics, survivalists and athlethes
    Appearances: According to the above.

    Prerequisites: Death 2, Medicine 2, 2 dots in one of the following: Survival, Athlethics, Animal Ken
    Initiation: The initiate must demonstrate understanding of the circle of life and death, of life causing death (espically through the germ theory of disease), and of life being strenthened by being temporarily close to death (be it through exertion, vaccines, or otherwise similar pratices)
    Theory: What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. The dosage alone makes the poison. Harmful germs are best overwhelmed by harmless ones or the patient's own body. By temporarily weakening other or themself, the Mage lets the Attainment's target come out stronger in the long run.

    Ruling Arcanum: Death
    Yantras: Succeeding on a Medicine check related to the spell; harmless or benign microorganical culture samples; toxic cultures or organic toxins, weakened or diluted
    Oblations: ???
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    I took a quick glance over Death spells and I think the following are closest to what you're looking for:

    Forensic Gaze
    Suppress Life ••
    Devouring the Slain •••
    Enervation ••••
    Deny the Reaper •••••

    However, they're not as uplifting as the Legacy dogma would intend it. I think you need Life as the optional Arcanum, so you can combine their effects. Only then would you get something thematically fitting.

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      Well, better than Forensic Gaze would be detecting something inside a person that's likely to kill them, whether it be a genetic defect or a disease they have.

      You could set the legacy up generally to inflict something with Death via Tilts or Conditions, if they can Resolve it then they a Life benefit kicks in.


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        Creating Conditions from inherent weaknesses sounds like a good second Attainment (Compelling, with reach into Instant Cast and Advanced Duration).

        Synergises well with the first, detecting, Attainment.


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          Paracelsus could provide some inspiration, he codified the notion that the difference between medicine and poison is the dosage. His theory of the tria prima of chemistry, his hermetic view on diseases being caused by poison or the stars and his perception of the world as one divine super organism seem to align with what you are looking for, even down to the Path selection.
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