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  • Mastigos/Free Council Legacy: Technocrats

    For mood:

    “When we can fling fireballs in Times Square and have the Sleepers think that we are charlatans with something up our sleeves, we will have won the first battle for reality.”

    The Technocrats are, depending on who you talk to, a Legacy that strikes a blow against the force of the Lie or a Legacy that is blatantly and horrifyingly Left-Handed. Arising from the words and philosophies of the Libertine Bistesla, the Technocrats seek to operate overtly in the world of Sleepers by simply giving magic new names and new faces that are more acceptable and easier for the Sleeping masses to parse. To a degree, they've been successful, capable of performing mystic deeds in full view of Sleepers without fear of Paradox. To another...

    The Technocrats are liars. They take magic and give it new names like trans-sonic inducers and limited-frame CRISPR injections or sub-unconscious hypnotic techniques, and through these lies protect themselves and--in a much more limited capacity--Sleepers from their consequences. But this is a patch, not a fix, and the Technocrats are always looking for a better Lie. The Diamond is uncomfortable with the Legacy, especially the Silver Ladder, who takes issue with the Legacy on the idea that this pushes Sleepers even further away from Awakening by encouraging them to rationalize away the Truth. This hasn't stopped it from becoming popular with certain members of the Guardians of the Veil, alongside the occasional Thearch willing to trade ethics for power.

    The Seer Pantechnicon Ministry covets the Legacy, but have to date been unable to acquire it for themselves; whatever accusations Bistesla's followers disregard, they well understand the damage it could do in the wrong hands. Attempts to defect are treated with the same degree of violence and seriousness that "traitorous" Nameless Orders experienced during the Great Refusal.

    For Bistesla's part, if she has any opinion on what the Technocrats have done based on her views and statements, she's kept them to herself. Often with a lot of scowling.

    Legacy: Technocrat

    Complex Machines: Some yantras and attainments play off the use of complex tools, which are here defined as devices composed of 3+ moving parts or that are powered by a battery. At ST discretion, devices traditionally associated with “science” may also fit the same criteria, such as syringes of strange fluid.

    Ruling Arcanum: Prime

    Parent Path/Order: Mastigos/Free Council

    Yantras: Use a complex tool in casting (+1, or +2 if a battery-powered device is destroyed or depleted as a sacrament); technobabble to at least 1 Sleeper, e.g. “some swamp gas reflected off Venus” (+2), expose a lie or conceal the truth (+1, or +3 if this would be a sin against Wisdom), use stimulants to stay focused (+1, or +2 if this creates an adverse Condition).

    Oblations: Repair, carefully disassemble, or maintain a complex machine; craft a significant deception or unveil a significant truth; pretend to be someone else in a social setting for an hour (Shadow Names do not count); resolve a Tilt or Condition suffered by a Sleeper from Quiescence; gaslight someone

    First: I Know You
    The Technocrat must first understand the world he lives in, and this is best accomplished through repeated and deductive inquiry. This attainment duplicates the effects of Supernal Vision with Reach assigned to instant casting.
    Optional: Mind *
    The Technocrat’s understanding of the world and its Truth extends just as easily to the minds of the things in it. The attainment is now also capable of answering questions as Mind Scan, though seeing what it is a rock is thinking will likely return no meaningful result.

    Second: You Don’t Know Me
    Prime **
    The Technocrat, understanding the nature of Truth, can hide it just as easily. This attainment duplicates the spell Cloak Nimbus, with reach assigned to instant casting.
    Optional: Mind **
    With an understanding of the human psyche, this ability extends to mundane perceptions. This attainment will also duplicate the effects of the spell Incognito Presence. While not usually aware of the Technocrat’s presence in the moment, sometimes after the fact people will remember the sensation of someone having been nearby, but incapable of recalling their features with any consistency.

    Third: Ready for Anything
    Prime ***
    The Technocrat is never caught unprepared. They take a turn, spend a point of Mana, and produce from inside a jacket pocket, from around a corner, or from any other location out of sight a complex tool, capable of being used as a yantra. This tool is never bigger than the Technocrat can carry with their own hands. The Primary factor is Duration.
    Optional: Mind ***
    If the complex tool has been summoned for a specific non-spellcasting action, when using it the Technocrat benefits from an increase in whichever Skill is relevant to its use, equal to the Technocrat’s rating in the Mind Arcanum.

    Fourth: Some Swamp Gas Reflected Off Venus
    Prime ****
    Understanding the importance of discretion, the Technocrat knows how to frame the Truth in ways more palatable—or obfuscate it with smoke and mirrors. The Technocrat takes a turn to concentrate and activate this attainment. For the duration, Sleepers in their immediate vicinity count as Sleepwalkers for the purposes of spells cast using technocratic yantras or the Technocrat’s dedicated tool if it would provide a dice bonus. In especially large crowds, the Technocrat reflexively decides who benefits from this attainment. This is similar to the spell Stealing Fire. The Primary Factor is Duration, with Reach allotted for Advanced Scale and Instant Casting.
    Optional: Mind ****
    Provided that the Mage used a technocratic yantra or a Dedicated Tool that qualifies as a complex machine, at the end of a scene when a Sleeper is forced to confront the unreality of their experience, they do not suffer Tilts or Conditions as a result of breaking points, easily writing it off as some special technique or advanced device. This does not protect against the loss of Integrity.

    Fifth: No Truth But My Truth
    Prime *****
    The Technocrat takes a scene to prepare, often drawing diagrams or studying floorplans or examining psychological profiles of those in the targeted area. At the end, the Technocrat enters the targeted area, and usually with a vocal declaration or usage of a complex tool initiates this attainment. For a scene, all spellcasting within an area the size of a small warehouse is compromised, suffering a penalty to spellcasting pools equal to the Technocrat’s skill in the Prime Arcanum. This applies to the Technocrat as well.
    Optional: Mind *****
    The Technocrat asserts the primacy of his vision—or reinforces the power of his lie. When utilizing technocratic yantras or their Dedicated Tool in spellcasting, the Technocrat does not suffer from the spellcasting penalty. At storyteller discretion, this exemption may apply to other mages, should they manage to figure it out.

    Yo it's me ya boy Biston back with another Legacy. This time I touched up the Technocrat Legacy I wrote up for my "Ash Dies at the End" AP (which is never going to be finished here owing to time and effort, but was detailed on the Mage Discord server). A friend wanted to use it for an NPC in a game, so I decided it was worth finishing and throwing up here. The third attainment breaks some Reach and Factor rules, as does the fourth but I cannot remember in what way. I don't think either are harmful owing to their limited scope, and even the one corebook Legacy we have for 2E breaks a few of its own rules.

    Edit: added a bit to be clear on Bistesla. They've run some of what she said, but the whole aesthetic they've adopted is... not very much in line with what she likes, as depicted in the Free Council book.

    And added mana cost to the third attainment, something which was in but I pasted from the wrong doc.
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