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  • monomyth legacy crafting help

    I have a player that wants a Fate-Space legacy and since I'm pretty rubbish with regards to Fate I could use some help. Right now we're discussing having the legacy be based on the symbolism of the Monomyth of the Hero's Journey.

    Any help and suggestions would be appreciated

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    The oldest account of the Hero's Journey is the Epic of Gilgamesh, so you could use that. Gilgamesh was the Shadow Name of a powerful mage, Enkidu was a badass normal Sleepwalker that was sent by the Exarchs to break his spirit, but ultimately defected. The whole conflict with Ishtar is a metaphor for an ancient war with Irem (somehow related to the fall of the city). The whole ending of the tale is nothing more than Seer propaganda, meant to dissuade any mages from becoming heroes. So what really happened ? I don't know, its a big Mystery which sends echoes even today. But what we do know is that Gilgamesh had apprentices, a very reclusive sort that are said to be behind every other instance of the Monomyth, a Legacy dedicated to repeating his tale throughout the ages.

    For the attainments, what is the preferred parent Path ? That could help color the nature of what they do. Remember that Space is also an Arcana of emotional links. For example, if A is connected to B by the link "tyrannical boss", then you can twist that with a Weaving spell into "inspiring leader". The 2 Reach ability of Interconnections can see more details about the person's destiny, this could allow them to see the archetypes they play in Fate's story. So they could be specialized in arranging the pieces of the play.

    Lastly, don't forget Fate is also the Arcana of oaths, so they could have a variation of Sworn Oaths that can be forced upon a person if they ever admit "they owe you one", no matter how small or inconsequential the reason may be, allowing them to do all sorts of cool things, such as borrow merits, force a destiny or even deflect damage from them to the person. Now the hero has all the improbably convenient boons he needs to attain victory.
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