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  • And now for something different.

    Sort of.

    I'm looking into building a Space/Prime legacy. It's the same kind of idea as crops up in many myths of their being places of power and that people in the know can claim them and tap into them for their power. Based on things like the fathers of the Abrahamic faiths having visions in a place and then giving them special names so they'll never be forgotten, or Harry Dresden bonding with Demonreach. I have a pretty strong feeling this is going to end up breaking away from being able to use more conventional spells to model the attainments, so I'd really appreciate input.

    That said, the first attainment is actually pretty simple and does model current spells as I have it now, but it's open for revision.

    First up I was thinking The Outward and Inward Eye paired with Sacred Geometry to get a wide range of vision that can detect things like ley lines, Hallows, Nodes, etc since those are the typical places of power in Mage. I think Space will be prominent for claiming these places, setting up Sympathetic links between the Mage and the location and allowing them to monitor, hide, fortify or tap into their power even when they're not there. The addition of Prime is going to be challenging though. I'm inclined to use it as a way to draw these places that are already close to the Supernal even closer, easing the summoning of Supernal entities and the like.

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    In the Mage 1ED, there is a Legacy called the Tellurian (also known as Mapmakers). They appear in the adventure "Lines of Power" and require Obrimos Path or Mysterium Order. They are focused on Space with Prime as a secondary Arcanum.

    In 1ED, a Legacy has only 3 Attainments (at Gnosis 3, 5, and 7), while there are 5 Attainments in a Legacy in 2ED (at Gnosis 3, 3, 4, 6, and 8). Here is my attempt to roughly adapt into 2ED their Attainments:

    - One Attainment combines The Outward and Inward Eye + Sacred Geometry (Space 1 + Prime 1). Basically what you were thinking of.

    - One Attainment mimicks Teleportation (Space 4) with the restrictions that the mage's current location is on a leyline, and that the destination is on a Node connected to the ley line. The mage must be the teleported subject. Tellurians describe this as "riding the ley line".

    I can see the mage regaining Mana from traveling in a ley line this way, so an option to mimick Channel Mana (Prime 3) if the mage enters the ley line or emerges from it at a Hallow could be included in this Attainment.

    - One Attainment mimicks Geomancy (Prime 3) with Advanced Duration.

    Since Space is the focus of the Legacy, Geomancy is better as an option to the main Attainment. The main Attainment could mimick Create Sympathy (Space 5), but could only be used to forge sympathy between you and a Node or a Hallow.

    Now, for the two missing Attainments:
    - One Attainment could mimick Scrying (Space 2), but only a location on a ley line, a Node, or a Hallow. As a Prime option, the Attainment could mimick Wards and Signs (Prime 3) cast on the scried location.
    - The other Attainment could have something to do with Supernal Summoning as you suggested, but I am out of ideas on this one.
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      Yeah, I'm passingly familiar with the Tellurians, and I don't remember being particularly impressed with them. The idea probably is similar though, and maybe I should be just updating that. Hmm...research time.


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        It could be created by mages that saw that Prelacies could create Verges and tried to replicate such abilities, but without binding oneself to the Exarchs. The answer they arrived at is to utilize Genius Loci and soul stones. You could also play with abilities that represent duality:

        Prime: soulfire, building
        Space: scouring, commanding, transgressing

        Here are some general ideas for the attainments, in no general order:

        - Being able to create up to [Prime] soul stones, these leave a temporary wound in their Gnosis. When they do a Legacy oblation, they can choose to have it restore that part of their soul instead of granting mana. By the time they hit 5, they can create a Verge keyed to Prime and Space in any Loci, manifesting effects and Supernal entities based on its nature. One soul stone must be designated as the keystone, which is the only one that can be used as a yantra. If its destroyed, the others cease working. But they otherwise keep the other pros and cons.

        - They can tap into the Veins of the Mountain. Think of the ley lines as a river of light, Genius Loci have the flow very close to the surface. Normally, the ruling intelligence is connected to the river by Prime "nerves" branching off from its depths. The Legacy mage can call those to the surface and wrap them around themselves, losing all defense yet becoming one with the Loci. While in this state, they know everything within and related to it (Intellectus). They can also command animals and the land itself. Should the Loci contest this, they gain the usual Legacy bonus to the Clash of Wills. The Mushishi episode "To Sleep in the Mountains" shows what this would look like.

        - They Attain a variant of the Demesne Ritual than can summon the spirit of the Loci within its boundaries, providing a chance for them to earn sovereignty of the area. At this point, they have two options. First one is to "lay him low" in the same broad sense of the Siskur-Dah to become the sovereign (Space). Or they can bargain for the right, which constitutes a binding magical contract as potent as a Duel Arcane one (Prime). When they are sovereign of an area, the Loci cannot contest their use of Attainments or use its powers directly against you (but he can help their enemies indirectly). If someone manages to destroy or steal the soul stones, the Loci regains sovereignty.

        - Their sovereignty now extends to the right of passage. Within any Loci in which they are sovereign, they can open or close any existing passages. For example, they can declare they have unobstructed passage so that all doors, windows and locked items will open for them. Or have them close for an enemy. So they can command Avernian Gates and Irises to open or lock, but can't command the Gauntlet to "open" or jump into the mind of a mage who enters the area by "opening" the Astral road. If the Loci has a Space resonance, they can even command doors and windows to vanish in a Call of Cthulu style.

        - They can consume parts of their soul (same as when creating a Legacy soul stone) or soul stones (not just the Legacy made ones or your own) to increase a spell factor on a 1 to 1 basis. Either method counts as 1 increase and they can only do it up to [Space] times before needing a recharge, which involves an oblation (that generates no mana) within a Loci when their soul has no temporary Gnosis damage.
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          Okay, I think first of all I'm going to futz with Advanced Scale a bit by using the ability to mark a place with your Signature Nimbus for a mana to bypass Advanced Scale for attainments. This accomplishes a few things, it effectively claims a place as yours because your Nimbus is all over it, it also establishes a Weak Sympathetic Link to it which will fade over time, but can keep being renewed.

          Anyway, a variant on Isolation might be a good bet for the 2nd attainment, this can "wall off" the claimed area, so that you have to pay a WP to enter or leave, and suffer a penalty equal to Potency in order to interact with anything inside the territory including crossing the boundary. The penalties would also affect the Mage, but the Mage would I think typically use it to enter their territory and then block access and hamper aggressors. Reach would be used for Instant and Advanced Duration, and then in their places of power they can set these defenses up and expect them to last for about a day.

          The Optional Prime Attainment, I think will be Pierce Deception. Those in their land cannot lie to them, the land itself cannot lie to them, they can use the attainment to CoW with Veils. With the prerequisite that this can only function in an area that they've marked and prepared with their Signature Nimbus I think it's permissible to give an extra Reach, so Reach will be for Instant, Sensory and the Reach clause on Pierce Deception that gives hints towards the actual truth.


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            I think the 3rd Attainment will be Break Boundary set to Instant and Advanced Duration. This allows them to get around their territory unencumbered, and for the Mage negates the effects of the 2nd attainment as well.

            The Prime Optional allows the Mage to employ Invisible Runes which allows them to do all sorts of things, one of the most important being that they can treat their territory as a +2 Environmental Yantra.

            4th Attainment: Web-Weaver, which moves the bond the Mage has with their territory from Weak via Nimbus Spreading to Strong. It also removes the dependence on Nimbus spreading. The Reach are for Advanced Duration and Advanced Scale and requires a ritual to enact.

            Prime allows the use of Geomancy so that the Mage can sculpt the metaphysical landscape of their territory to their choosing. Reach is spent on Instant and Advanced Duration.

            5th Attainment: Co-Location. Reach is spent for Instant, Advanced Duration and Sympathetic Range. It costs a mana to activate, but now the Mage is effectively never separate from their land.

            Prime: Okay, here we break from spells, the Mage is counted as having 5 automatic successes they can allocate toward summoning a Supernal Entity, and their rolls to summon such an entity receive the 8 again quality.


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              I'm gonna need a Doctrine, Yantras, Oblations, etc if I want this thing to take off. I'm all ears.


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                How about a Legacy inspired by the Fisher King? The Legate would enter a symbiosis with their chosen territory. They would take the responsibility for protecting and nurturing it, while being invested with power in return. Such a Legacy would hold most interest for the Silver Ladder and Adamantine Arrow.

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                  I second Teatime's idea, make their oblations be things like improving their domain, like a big project gives a point of mana per day and lets you quickly and exclusively tap into its once its finished. Same as a spirit, you can tap into its prosperity once a day. The better off your domain is, the better your mana supply will be.

                  Another idea is to have duties to any followers that live in the Loci. Fulfilling sworn duties to them acts as an oblation. For example, you swear to keep the people that inhabit a building in your domain safe. So every day you go over the security tapes and defenses of the place. If no one was attacked or robbed, you get mana.

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                    I'm open to ideas for how that could be modeled.


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                      You know how Dave mentioned the conspiracies in Deviant have their own stats based on whatever they can accomplish? You can treat a Loci the same way. The player's action could give "XP to the area" over time, such as the building buying dots of Safe Place. Moved more ley lines over or optimized the flow ? The Loci gaining more dots in its resonance, such as Demonreach being able to tap into more of its power safely. Pacified the spirits in your area ? Now it gained some Retainers. Made a thriving area for ghosts ? Maybe now they are using their Numen to move the economy and now the area has Luxury dots. Its like the mage became a mecenas of the area. Anything they added or perfected can be harnessed for mana once a day (just like spirits do), more dots means a greater bonus. In exchange, the Genius Loci grants all sorts of powers, perks, rights and other cool boons to the mage while inside the area. It all depends on how you approach the terms of service (which could come with a Ban for the mage and for the Loci).

                      As for theme, background and the like, this shares a lot of similarities with the Sons of Imhotep from The Broken Diamond. Dave never expanded on them mechanically, perhaps this would be a good chance to do so.
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                        Ephemeral stuff doesn’t really factor in by default to this legacy.


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                          Going to change the 2nd attainment. Instead of Isolation it will allow the PMS or the legacy Mage to ping when the subject of their LTN is subjected to anything that can trigger PMS. The Prime Optional stays the same, and in a neat twist of synergy entitles the Mage to a CoW on powers that normally wouldn’t trigger PMS.


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                            That sounds more like a Prime version of Oaths Fulfilled, but I can also see how the Space version can be justified via a strong sensitivity to that connection. Perhaps you could add a clause saying that with some degree of Fate you can also place specific triggers. For example, a mage crosses the area without taking your pre-approved routes. Or a werewolf pack that agreed not to hunt in your area enters without checking with you. It makes sense if the master of an area has a disturbingly quick awareness of anything that happens within it.

                            New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.


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                              This isn’t a legacy that has Fate.

                              Anyway, the 3rd attainment probably needs reworking now as well since part of its purpose was to modify the second attainment and I don’t really need it to do that anymore.