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    So lets review:

    1st Attainment: Mix of Outward and Inward Eye with Sacred Geometry for Space, mark an area with Prime
    2nd Attainment: PMS on any anything within the marked area for Space, Pierce Deception within the area with Prime
    3rd Attainment: ??
    4th Attainment : Nimbus Spreading now marks the area with Strong connection for Space, Geomancy on the area for Prime
    5th Attainment: Instant Co-Location for Space, Better Supernal Summoning within the area for Prime

    So you can find a good area, mark it as yours, make sure no magic or deception happens within it and you can setup an exceptionally powerful summoning area and mana source within it. So the only vulnerability now is someone uncovering the area. So perhaps Wards and Signs could be cast over the area, with advanced duration, scale and the CoW bonus against anyone using magic within or against it without being marked by your Nimbus. For Space it could be Locate Object with advanced duration, scale and the ability to keep track of targets that leave the area. So now you always know if someone took your grimmoires, rare yantras or where a cabal member was spirited away to.

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      Pretty good summary.

      So, 3rd attainment is going to be Web-Weaver taking a scene of meditation on a Sympathetic link the Mage has to bump it to strong. They can hold a number of points at Strog in this way equal to Space. One of the links is always to the place they used their Signature Nimbus on as the base of their power. It’ll have Advanced Duration.

      The Prime Optional will remain Invisible Runes. I keep thinking of neat tricks for that and can’t not use it at this point. Instant, Advanced Duration.

      The 4th attainment changes from Web-Weaver to Perfect Sympathy. This allows the normal effects. On the land it allows the Mage to have 8-again on any non-spell rolls related to knowing what’s going on in it. This takes a scene to activate, has Advanced Duration, and the Reach to allow Sympathetic magic to be redirected to a Strong Sympathetic connection. The usual practice is to ground harmful magic out into the land itself where it’s less likely to have any effect. Sympathetic magic is probably their greatest weakness considering their proclivity for smearing Weak to Strong links across entire landscapes.

      Everything else stays the same.


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        Ok, I think I’m ready to take a stab at Doctrine.

        Initiation: The prospective member is instructed to seek out an unclaimed place of power. Once they’ve found one suitable to their purpose they are to attempt to claim it via their Praxis. Their mentor will arrange an appropriate challenge to their claim, success will give insight into the intricacies of the place they claim as they leverage and/or defend it that shapes their Gnosis.

        Theory: By sublimating their power into a place it becomes a medium through which the the Mage can observe the Supernal and direct its power drawing the Fallen closer to the Supernal.


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          Sounds good. So now lets do a checklist of the next steps:
          - Expanding on the uses of the Invisible Runes
          - Naming the Legacy
          - Defining yantras beyond the marked area
          - Fleshing out its organization. How do they communicate? What happens when an area is in dispute over who claims it ? How is the mentor-student bond normally ? What traditions, if any, do they observe ?
          - Figuring out Oblations
          - Writing the Legacy's history
          - Creating a general profile of the students they typically accept
          - Setting the Legacy skills

          The attainments and theory are done (mostly,
          the marking runes are the last part left) , which is a big step. There are still those steps left, but its developing pretty well.
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          New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.


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            I don't see what needs fleshing out about Invisible Runes, it's just a highly flexible ability. Like you can use it to create a +2 Yantra as an Instant Action, create a Symbolic Sympathetic Yantra, to write warnings to other Mages that this is your turf, etc. Basically, whatever you can think to use Runes for, it's good for.

            As for the name and history, I'm considering just yanking the Tellurians and calling this the 2e update. The Tellurians in 1e specifically dealt with ley lines, but really they were concerned with places of power, creating and managing them. They were kind of junk, but I don't mind recycling the idea into something better.

            I imagine that as far as organization goes they're mostly Mentor to Student oriented, especially passing down places of power, though the student would be expected to expand the areas under the legacy's influence. Even if they used all 5 of their potential slots to make Strong connections to particular areas though they would by necessity be forced to keep increasing legacy membership in order to take over any truly vast territory. These Mages can keep in touch pretty easily, placing their Nimbus on things to give to other Mages in the legacy will provide Sympathetic links, and after the 3rd attainment these links could potentially be pretty potent. They likely respect claims from their own to particular territories, but considering their initiation they don't consider anyone outside the legacy to have much of a claim to anything else. Practicality in that case determines whether or not they'll make a move on a given area.

            Oblations could be taking a stroll in their particular patch of ground, caring for its metaphysical needs, studying maps and terrata information of a particular area, interacting with the metaphysics of their domain, etc. If it ties them to the places under their supervision it should probably count as an Oblation.

            Yantras are indeed trickier, especially since by the 3rd Attainment they're capable of creating a +2 Yantra basically on a whim so they would probably go in more for +3 or more Yantras. Yantras that are worth +2 generally come with a downside like a Condition, or are difficult to obtain, for instance being from one of the Invisible Realms. To get really potent stuff then it's probably in their best interests to make claims to areas that have something metaphysically significant inside their area, Verges, Aedes and the like.

            As for legacy skills, yeah I'm stumped there. I think I'd make a selection of Occult, Politics, Survival, Streetwise or Socialize and allow the Mage to choose which one is primary for them, but demand they build up secondary and tertiary skills in the other available options. The ST might choose for the individual choice to have repercussions since it kind of illustrates how a particular Mage goes about securing their domain.

            Students are probably collected from people with a special interest in particular places for any particular reason, be it because of historical significance of personal interest. This legacy isn't for Mages interested in places for mundane reasons though, it's specifically for those interested in them for the mythological or metaphysical importance and who are willing to run the risk of indelibly leaving their mark on a place (Or conversely, having the place leave marks on them) regardless of the consequences to the things that drew them there in the first place. Potentially good marks are Mages who are interested in being invested in the ephemeral arcana of Mind, Death, Spirit at 2 or higher, and/or who have the Mana Sensitivity Merit since these greatly broaden the potential applicant's ability to detect supernatural influence via PMS and deal with those influences according to their judgement from the 2nd attainment on.


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              Yantras that are worth a +2 normally come with a downside outside of Legacies, especially sacraments, +2 for a perfect mundane sacrifice, +3 for one you had to procure them from the supernatural.

              Looking at both the Eleventh Question writeup and the Even More Legacies thread, the pattern I saw was:

              * +1 from a generally useful environment (such as a field of maize for the Katsinam Suukya), +2 if the mage had to take some pains to prepare it (Invisible Runes covers that for this case).

              * +1 from a generally useful tool (using drugs to stay focused for the Eleventh Question), +2 if they cause a Condition. Alternatively, +2 from very Legacy specialized tools, such as the Walkers in the Mist having tools usable for both gambling and divining as a yantra.

              * +2 from a thematic extended actions, as the 11Q collecting samples or recording data relevant to a spell or explaining a mysterious topic to an associate. Or how the Walkers in the Mist use a game of chance divining the spell's outcome. In this case, the extended action gets a +2 to incentivize its use. Tool yantras also receive the same treatment so they receive regular use.

              Not sure if the same principle could be applied to sacrament yantras. What would be a thematically appropriate sacrifice?

              New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.