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    It appears that you already have the doctrine in the writeup, it just needs to be organized. This is a format I like to use, borrowed from the 2ed Legacies thread:


    Parentage: Path and Order they are from

    Background: How they came to be, history

    Appearances: How do they normally dress ? How do they normally behave? What impression do they give?


    Prerequisites: You have this done, skill and Arcana needed to be initiated

    Initiation: What test, ritual or simular observance is required to become a full fledged member ?

    Organization: How is the Legacy structured in the present day ? How do they communicate ? Do they have any kind of leadership ? Are they lead by seniority or do they use a different system, if any ?

    Theory: An elevator pitch to tell a prospective member or an outsider what this Legacy is all about.

    The Magic part looks pretty solid. For yantras, it could be interesting to add one for having a terrified target, one for them being intoxicated (drunk, poisoned, groggy with sleep, etc) and one for them being unaware of your presence.

    For oblations, how about anonymously terrifying a target with their guilt ? For example, if they killed someone's wife for the Exarchs and buried the body in the woods, the Nizari would send her wedding ring by mail. Or they could make an accusatory call while masking their voice, or send a letter made of magazine clippings, or even something akin to the horse head scene from the Godfather. So long as it can be justified as requiring a scene to prepare or execute, it counts.

    If Attainment names are still open for suggestions, perhaps Ubral Roads could suit the teleportation one and maybe Garrote of the Heart for the one that alters sympathetic connections.

    I think it might also be worth adding to the first Attainment that the Nizari who created the writ does not commit an Act of Hubris when killing the specified target, that info is currently found in their history. If the Nizari kills any henchman, bystanders or the like, they will have to roll Wisdom. Sanctioned non-Legacy members roll Wisdom as normal for all kills, even the target (so the Nizari is incentivized to strike the finishing blow).

    For Theory, here is an idea, let me know if it matches the tone you are going for:

    It is the nature of the Diamond Wheel to advance, refining all souls while flattening the trail for the arrival the Hieromagus, who shall redeem all sins and reclaim the Imperium Mysteriorum for mankind. The Exarchs would chain its movements so this does not come to pass.

    But there is one Truth they forget: All things contain shatterpoints, precise locations that can be stricken to utterly destroy them. So too does destiny, for a simple phrase or speech can change the course of history or an army can be rendered ineffective by the death of few key figures. For the chosen few, even the fetters of the Tyrants can become evident. See the chains of the lie, become the blade that will sever its weakest link and allow the Diamond Wheel to turn unhindered.
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      Loved the Theory and added it already, also adde an apperance (sort of), expanded a bit more on their history and organization and added an initiation.

      Also my ST vetoed the Death 5 attainment, saying that the ability to cancel all supernatural effecfts is too much, trying to come up with a replacement, we could say it kills one single effect per activation I guess, or I came up with something.

      Weight of Souls or Death's Rejection
      Death 5
      The Nizari dedication carries them on even in the face of death, with this attaiment he prepares a ritual using a strong sympathy yantra to the target he creates a link with his victim, if the Nizari mage dies before killing his target his soul doens't depart inmediatly but lingers back to his body for a time (an hour maybe?) (if there is a body to return to and it isn't too damaged) if in that time he can reach his target he may kill him to make him trade his life with his own.

      that was inspired a bit from Deny the Reaper

      Also found some inspiration material from the Serenity Film, in particular The Operative and his quest.
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        Cool, glad you liked it. The writeup is looking pretty good.

        Did your GM think the last Death Attainment was able to cancel thing like other Attainments, Mage Armors or Werewolf Gift ? Because that would be insane. I meant more along the lines of leveraging the fact that Unmaking practices are "save or die" to say that any Unsactioned spells inside the area with Potency less than [Death] simply get dispelled.

        That being said, I like your new Attainment a lot more. How about making it so the Nizari can spend a point of mana when making the writ to imbue it with this ability? If they die, the sympathetic link is formed and they get the ghost form. Reach is spent on Advanced Duration, in other words, this lasts a year at most.

        The ghost is a Rank 2 ghost in Twilight, with max stats for this level and Numina determined when this Attainment is obtained and Influence 2: Killing.

        They spend mana instead of Essence and regain it close to the writ, just like normal ghosts. Everything else is per ghost rules, so they must also spend a point per day to remain active. But if the writ gets destroyed, so does the Nizari. If the target dies before it expires, the writ is consumed and the Nizari is revived where it was.

        This form could have 2 more peculiar abilities. The first is that it can jump to any sympathetically connection they have by spending a point of mana. The second is that the writ constantly whispers, in ghostly voices, everything the Nizari sees. Does this draw a very uncomfortable parallel to the Grigori? Yes it does. It also makes you question what actually happened in the Alamut and why they chose to break away from the old ways, which can be fun plot hooks for your GM to explore.
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        New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

        The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists


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          Got to ask, what are the Grigory? where can I find them to read about it?

          Also, what about something like this?
          • The Nizari dedication carries them on even in the face of death, with this attaiment he spends 1 mana while creating the writ, this creates a stronger connection between the Nizari and his target, if the Nizari mage dies before killing his target his soul doens't depart inmediatly but lingers back to the writ after a time (an hour maybe?) as a Rank 2 ghost in twilight with maximun stats for this level, numina determinated when this attainment is obtained, Influences: Killing, mana instead of essence and finally the ability to jump between sympathetic connections by spending 1 point of mana.

            The writ becomes the Nizari ghosts anchor to this world if it is destroyed the Nizari souls departs (He can also be destroyed like a normal ghost like this), but if the target dies before the writ expires or is destroyed the writ is consumed and Nizari revives where it is.

            The writ gains a peculiarity however, it starts to whisper in ghostly voices everything that the Nizari sees. (Reach is used for Advanced Duration)


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            The Grigori are the servitors of the Seers loyal to Panopticon. You can find them in the Seers book and probably have a brief mention in the 2e core.


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              That looks pretty spot on.

              So to explain it a bit, the Seers can access some exclusive Artifacts, which come from who knows where, yet show up disturbingly often, at least by Artifact standards. A signature one is the Profane Urim. Wrap it on a target and you get to posses them and have a Connected sympathetic link to them.

              But Panopticon get a special variation. You wrap it around a target and it forces them into Twilight as a ghost, with the Urim acting as an Anchor. This is a torturous existence, the shrowd bind and constrains them, eyes pop up all around them and they cannot return to their body, which the Artifact sustains. These beings are called Grigori.

              Mechanically, a Grigori is a Rank 2 ghost with Influence 2: Watching. It can move to any sympathetic connections they have, making that point a new "Anchor". They see all around them and the body is forced to report everything they perceive, they also cannot disobey the user. So if you combine that with Borrow Threads and the Prelacy of Vision, it becomes an amazing spying tool or an invisible hitman.

              So just remove the person from the Urim and they are fine, right ? Nope, that kills them, which might be better than the alternative. And that is the "nicest" transformation Seers use to create servants. The Seers book does an outstanding job of fleshing them out as villains, I highly recommend it.

              But anyway, the fifth Attainment could be seen as a result of a Seer infiltrator trying to replicate Grigori for their own Ministry, or even create their own improved version. Or it could be the result of the Guardians trying to copy such convenient abilities and crossing the Moral Event Horizon, causing the Diamond to interfere or the Legacy to split. Maybe its all the above. Its left open to leave the GM with a fun plot hook to explore.
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              New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

              The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists


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                So my GM liked the new attainment and approved the legacy for play, so Yay success! Also, I put a name for the modified Isolation attainment, now it's called Detached Presence.

                Thanks everybody for helping out!